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How to Claim a Prize from a Slot Tournament

If you believe you have ranked high enough in one of our slots tournaments to be due a prize this page explains how you can check and also how you can claim any prizes due to you.

Don't Miss the Claim Deadline: It is very important that you understand that there is a time limit in which you must claim any prizes due. Generally the time frame we allow players to claim prizes are 14 days after the prizes have been released, however this can vary and the specific deadline date for claiming a prize will be shown in an email that will be sent to you upon prizes for the tournament being released.

Note: We usually release prizes within 2 days of a tournament ending. The reason we do not release prizes automatically is to allow us to verify that tournament standings have been fair.

Important Note: You only need to do these 3 steps once and you will be able to enter as many of our slots tournaments as you want to.

Step 1: Put your username and password in the boxes on the claim page, as explained in the image below.

Login on the claim page

Step 2: Next you will be taken to a page that shows you all of the tournaments you have won, so if you have won more than one tournament you will see a list of tournaments. For the tournament you wish to make a claim you simply click on the Claim Prize button as shown in the image below. You can then carry out step 1 detailed above again to claim for any other tournaments you are due prizes from.

Confirm which prize you want to claim

Step 3: Now you need to enter your username that you use at the casino that has sponsored the tournament. It is important that you use a link from to sign up to the tournament, if you sign up to the casino by any other method you will NOT BE ABLE TO CLAIM THE PRIZE. If you have not already signed up to the casino this page gives you a link which you can use to visit the casino and register your account. You will then need to come back to this page and enter your 'Casino Username or Account Number'. Note it is important that you do not enter your username into this box as this sends a message tot he casino and they need to know which account at the casino they should credit. As shown in the image below.

Enter your Casino username or account number

Wait 5 Days
Now that you have submited to claim your prize your casino account should be credited within 5 working days. Then login to your casino account (at the casino that sponsored the tournament you won & claimed a prize in) and you should see your account has been credited.

If it is not then please feel free to Contact us letting us know your casino username as well as your username and what tournament you have claimed for and provided you have followed the procedure above we will do our best to ensure you get your prize.

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