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About Playson Slots Software: Is a relatively new. They formed as recently as 2012. Playson slots have great graphics, music, and sound effects. Although their portfolio doesn't have as many as other software types, they have 50+ omnichannel games and counting.

Based in Malta, Ukraine, UK, and Greece. Playson operates in and regulated in markets such as Malta, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

How to get started with Playson Slots Machines?

To start off with, you need to be in a country that Playson casinos have license for. The next thing that you need, to get started with Playson slots machines, is an up to date web browser.  We recommend Firefox or Chrome as these web browsers have better support for HTML5. HMTL5 is the technology used to create slots machines for mobile devices. It's safe to say that Flash has been knocked from its top spot as the technology of choice for creating games online.

Top 5 Playson Slots Machines.

Yet again, you're spoilt for choice with Playson Slots. They have so many great slots to pick from, however, I have to limit the number of games highlight on this page. Therefore, I've selected my top 5 Playson slots games.

Crystal Crush Slot Machine.

Crystal Crush Slot GameWhen you see this slot it should be extremely obvious as to why I've picked this game. Although the music and sound effects of this game are not much to sing about. This game really is a rare type of slot machine. Think of the popular Candy Crush game crossed with a slot machine and you will have an idea of what this game is

The symbols and reels of this slot are not like any other. There are no reels as such. The symbols are different colored gems with various images in them. There are 61 positions that the gems can occupy. Compared to the 15 positions for symbols on a standard 5 reel slot machine. The symbol area is a hexagon instead of a rectangle.

When you press the spin button, all the gems fall out the bottom of the hexagon. More then drop down from the top to replace and refill the hexagon with gems. There are no paylines either. Similar to Candy Crush, location and grouping of the different colored gems determined the wins. When there are five or more alike gems adjacent to each other's sides, this forms a win. It can be any pattern, the symbols just need to be touching each other.

There are a total of 13 gem symbols. Six of them are the main colored ones. The colors are Orange, Red, Greed, Turquoise, Blue, and Purple. There are then six crystallized symbols. The Crystallized symbols are mainly blue with a color inside them. There is a crystallized symbol for each color of the main symbols. Then there is a Gold symbol with a W on it. This gold symbol is the wild symbol that substitutes all symbols except crystallized symbols.

Crystal Crush Bonus Features.

The crystallized symbols are special. They do not count towards wins, however, they help fill up a power bar for the gem of their corresponding color. Called the Crystal bonus, each power meter has six levels.

1st Level is an x2 multiplier for subsequent wins for symbols of the same color, active until the end of the current round.

2nd Level means up to 3 random symbols of the same color, except the crystallized symbols turn into wild symbols.

3rd Level is x3 multiplier for subsequent wins for symbols of the same color, active until the end of the current round.

4th Level up to 6 random symbols of the same color, expect the crystallized symbols, turn into wild symbols. Active only when level obtained.

5th Level x4 multiplier for subsequent wins for symbols of the same color, active until the end of the current round.

6th Level All crystallized and ordinary symbols of the same color turn into wild symbols. Active only when the level is obtained.

All bonuses can be activated once per round. If there are no winning combinations in the spin/round then the round ends and each progress results.

Mighty Africa Slots Machine.

Mighty Africa Slot GameThis is more of a normal slot machine. Although it has six reels and 4096 ways wins paying left to right without a gap in the reels. In free spins mode, there are 31104 ways to win.

As an African themed slot, the symbols include various animals from Africa. Including an Elephant, a Rhino,  a Crocodile, a Buffalo, and a Cheater. The other symbols include high-value playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The wild symbol is a symbol with the word "WILD" on it that substitutes all except the scatter symbol. During the free spins the wild symbol triggers the wild split feature and appears on reels 2-6 only.

The Scatter symbol is the symbol with three Elephants on and the word "SCATTER". Three or more scatter symbols during the main game trigger free spins. Two or more scatter symbols during the free spins trigger additional free spins. The maximum number of free spins rounds is limited to 100 rounds.

Chicago Gangsters Slots Machine.

Chicago Gangsters Slot GameIn other articles, we've covered the eighties slots machines and sixties slots. However, this slot takes us all the way back to the thirties! It's 1930's in Chicago and gangsters are making their own rules. This is a standard video slot machine with five reels and three rows. As you would expect and as you can see from the screenshot the graphics are great. The sound effects are also good.

The slot machine has twenty paylines that are fixed. Meaning all twenty paylines are active all the time. The only option you have is to change your bet value which ranges from 0.20 to 100.00 per spin.

The symbols include a gangster with a Tommy gun, a 1930's female dressed up to party, a 1930's car, a glass of Whisky with a cigar on and some poker chips. Other symbols include high-valued playing cards J, Q, K, and A. The wild symbol is the Chicago skyline with the words "WILD CHICAGO" on it. As with other wild symbols, it substitutes all symbols except the bonus symbol.

The bonus symbol is the poker chip with the word "BONUS" on it. Six or more trigger the bonus game. All bonus symbols stick on the reels during the bonus game. Only bonus symbols land on the reels during the bonus game. Three re-spins are granted at the beginning of the bonus game. The bonus game continues until re-spins are finished, or all cells on the reels are filled with bonus symbols. When the bonus game ends the values of all bonus symbols are summed up, and Total Win is paid.

There are two more bonus symbols, these only show within the bonus game. They are the Major bonus poker chip symbol and the Mini bonus poker chip symbol. Each of these bonus chip symbols appears at random and trigger the win of a corresponding jackpot that is shown above the reels. The larger your bet amount the larger the jackpots are!

Claws vs Paws Slot.

Claws Vs Paws Slot GameThis one should appeal to both cat lovers and dog lovers alike. As the name suggests it has both cats and dogs all in the one slot machine. Although, there are more cats than dogs. The cats play the thieves while the dog plays the role of the police dog trying to catch them. It's the classic cops and robbers theme but with cats and dogs.  The slot is a great looking app with nice graphics and some nice sound effects. The screen is set in an alleyway with a house with a door the shape of a cat on the left and on the right is a bank with pillars in the shape of a dogs bone.

This is another standard video slot machine that has five reels with twenty fixed paylines. The symbols are various themed related images including a bone with gold rings with rubies on them around it on a red pillow, a police dogs hat, a bunch of keys with a gold cats head keyring. There is also a symbol with the Claws vs Paws logo on it. Other non-special symbols include the high-value playing card symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A.

The special symbols include a wild symbol that is a big diamond with the word  "WILD" on it. The wild symbol substitutes all symbols except the scatter symbols and the bonus related symbols.

The scatter symbol is the Vault symbol with the word "SCATTER" on it. Vault scatter symbols appears on the reels one and three during the main game. Special scatter symbols appear on the 5th reel during the main game. There are three special scatter symbols, each special scatter symbol features the same thief cat but holding different items. The first special scatter symbol is the cat holding lots of cash, second is the cat holding pearl necklaces and wearing a gold necklace, third is the cat holding hold bars.

Claws Vs Paws Bonus Features.

The Claws vs Paws slot has some fantastic bonus features.  To start off with the three re-spins featuring top symbols only are awarded randomly. During this bonus feature, the police dog comes out and uses his remote to explode all the high-value playing card symbols on the reels. More non-high-value playing card symbols drop down to replace them. This creates some great wins.

Big win hacking is where the cat substitute landed symbols to form a big win combination. The cat might nudge the reel and pull the third scatter symbol from the reels boundary, to trigger free spins. If you're lucky the cat can trigger 2-4 guaranteed winning re-spins which are awarded randomly.

Two scatter symbols plus the scatter cat with cash is the sliding wild free spins. Land two scatter symbols plus the scatter cat with the pearls and trigger the progressive multiplier free spins. Finally, two scatter symbols plus the scatter cat symbol holding the gold bars triggers the 10 sticky wild free spins bonus round.

Throughout the game you collect tokens which count towards the achievements meter, this can be found at the top left of the reels. Tokens appear randomly during the main game. The more coins you collect the more features you unlock.

Fireworks Master Slot Machine.

Fireworks Master Slot GameFireworks Master slots machine starts off looking like a normalish slot machine with five reels and three columns it's a 243 ways slot. However, when you click spin, all the symbols fall down and then are replaced with ones falling from the top. After a few spins, you may also notice that boxes behind the symbols are also falling and being replaced. On a winning spin, the winning symbols explode and then the boxes behind open up to create a new layout. Any winning symbols also explode and it repeats until there are no boxes behind.  It took us a couple of spins to realize that this game seems to be a cross between a slot machine and the Chinese game Mahjong!

This truly is an interesting game and is nothing at all what I expected! The slot has a Chinese theme and the Fireworks name is represented in the form of Chinese fireworks. The Master is the Panda bear that is dressed up in traditional Chinese attire. For the most part, he doesn't really do anything apart from when you enter the free spins mode.

When the free spins feature has activated by seven or more unblocked bonus symbols the layout of the reels changes and there are 3125 ways to win. Each unblocked bonus symbol during the free spins mode adds an additional free spin. During the free spins, the Chinese Panda Fireworks Master is manning the fortune wheel which activates when you open the bonus layer of the game.

Are Playson Slots Mobile Friendly?

Yes, they are. Normally we advise you use Google Chrome as Safari on iOS tends to pop up its navigation bars every time you tap the screen. However, with Playson they have optimized their games for Safari on iOS and I can confirm they have done a great job!  The games appear full screen and is like a native app game.

Do Playson Slots Casinos Have Progressive Jackpots Slots?

Unfortunately, Playson does not offer progressive jackpots slots machines. They do offer other types of jackpots such as multilevel jackpots, mystery jackpots, and daily jackpots.

Can I play Playson Slots Tournaments?

Playson software does offer tournaments so Playson casinos can offer slots tournaments.

Does Playson Slots Offer Table Games and Speciality Games?

Playson does offer some table games, however, with pretty limited options. At the time of writing this article, they have three versions of Blackjack and three versions of Roulette but that is all they have.  This is not a problem though. They work with lots of other software providers so a casino offering Playson slots will probably have another software provider that offers the table games.

Does Playson Offer Live Dealer Games?

Playson doesn't offer live dealer games. However, they partner with lots of other software providers so chances are a casino that has Playson games will have a software provider that offers live dealer games.

Is Playson Slots Software Safe?

You bet it is! Playson is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. It is also certified by internationally accredited testing laboratory Quinel M.Ltd.

We hope you found this guide to Playson Software provider useful. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave a message below.

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