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About Kalamba Games Slots Software: Kalamba Games slots is a relatively new software provider. They launched in 2016 and have been releasing one game per month since. Their studios are based in Malta and Krakow. Kalamba Games was founded by two guys that have been in the industry for over 30 years experience. Experience which includes former COO of GameDesire, head of Poker at Unibet, Chief Product Officer at Tangelo Games, Head of Game Design at Quickspin, and a senior game designer on premium slot games at IGT to name a few.

In their relatively short time operating, Kalamba Games have partnered with a number of top casinos in the industry including Comeon! Casino, and Mr. Green Casino.

Top 5 Kalamba Games Slots Machines.

Kalamba games slots machines have some great features. With their release schedule of one game per month, they are building up quite a collection. Their games have some great bonus features that are rarely seen anywhere else.

Doctor Electron Slot Machine.

Doctor Electron Slot Game At the time of writing, this slot is Kalamba Games newest slot. It was released last month on 15th May 2019. The slot is a five reel slot that varies in the number rows. Its grid has anything between 4 and 7 rows depending on the progress within the game. To go with this adaptive reel set up, there is also up to 16807 ways to win. That's a lot of paylines! Obviously, the number of ways to win depends on the number of rows that are visible/active at the time of the spin.

So, how does the slot work? I hear you ask. Well, it starts off as a 5x4 slot and with each spin you get the chance to land the expansion symbol on the reels. When an expansion symbol lands no the reels, it turns and shoots the locked cells at the top of the column. There are three rows locked about the starting rows. The first row requires just one shot. The second row requires two shots and the third row requires four shots to unlock it. All of this can lead to some very odd looking reels and the reason why the game has so many paylines.

If you get three of the expansion symbols on the reels at the same time. You get awarded five hyper spins (free spins). During the hyper spins, any column increases persist until the hyper spins are complete. Then the column heights all reset to their starting height.

During the main game, the expansion symbols still shot the items at the top of the column and light them up one at a time. This is like a loyalty feature. When you win hyper spins, all the locked positions that are already highlighted get removed so that you start your hyper spins with more paylines from the start. You could start your hyper spins with all the locked symbols removed and have the maximum number of paylines active for all of your hyper spins.

There is also a bonus scatter symbol. Three of these give you 2x your bet and also 8 free spins.

However, if you're bored of waiting for hyper spins, you can buy them. The number of hyper spins and how much they cost depend on your selection. You can buy 8, 15, 20, or 25 at a cost of 12.65, 30.30, 46.35, and 64.20 respectively. Be warned though, when you buy hyper spins, any locked positions that are highlighted are not removed for the purchased hyper spins. They all get un-highlighted and re-highlighted when the purchased hyper spins are complete.

There is also a wild symbol that substitutes all other symbols except the bonus symbol and the expansion symbol. The wild symbol along with the doctor electro symbol also win the two jackpots. There is a platinum jackpot as well as a gold jackpot.

You can play this game for as little as 0.30 per spin and as much as 300.00 per spin. The return to player 96.23 to 97.55.

Mermaids Galore Slot Machine.

Mermaids Galore Slot Game As the name suggests this is a Mermaid theme slot machine. It has five reels however each reel is not the same! Reels 1 and five have five rows, reels 2 and 4 have 4 rows, and reel 3 has 3 rows. This arrangement makes 1200 paylines. It also makes for a bit of an odd looking slot machine. Although, the graphics and animations make it look like a very nice slot machine indeed.

There are five Mermaids, each has two symbols to represent them. Both a silver version and a gold version. The gold versions pay more than the silver versions. One of them is always gold, and you can choose how many of the others are also the gold version. However, the more gold symbols that you have, the more it costs you per spin.

In Mermaids Galore, there are three wild symbols. They are all clamshells with different numbers of pearls in them, one, two and three pearls. The clamshell with one pearl in is the main wild symbol. It substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus trigger symbols and the other two wild symbols. The clamshell with one pearl in it counts as one matching symbol in a winning combination.

The other two clamshell wild symbols are a little bit more special. One is a 2x wild symbol and has 2 pearls while the other is a 3x wild symbol that has 3 pearls in it. These two wild symbols substitute all other symbols except the bonus symbol and each other. The 2x wild counts as 2 matching symbols and the 3x wild counts as 3 matching symbols in winning combinations.

As mentioned above, there is a bonus symbol. Three bonus symbols award 2x bet and 10 free spins. Within the free spins, the standard wild symbol is replaced by one of the other special wild symbols. Also, if you get two bonus symbols in the free spins, they award three extra spins.

When it comes to jackpots, there are three jackpots in the Mermaids Galore slot. They consist of a silver jackpot, gold jackpot, and a platinum jackpot. Collect 15, 17, 19 gold symbols to win the jackpots respectively.

At any point of the game, apart from in the free spins, you can purchase hyper spins. Hyper spins are essentially free spins, however, they have gold symbols in them. You can buy 10 free spins and choose how many gold symbols are active within them. The more gold symbols you choose the more they free spins cost.

You can play this slot machine starting from 0.38 per spin up to 1800.00 per spin. The theoretical return to player ranges from 94.53% to 97.16%.

Monkey God Slot Machine

Monkey God Slot Game The Monkey God slot from Kalamba Games makes a great addition to the Monkey themed slots out there. It also fits into the Chinese theme, as it appears to be based on the Chinese Monkey King Sun Wukong dating back to the Song Dynasty. The slot machine is a more typical 5x3 slot machine with 243 ways to win.

Like the Mermaids Galore slot, the Monkey God slot has symbols that have both a silver version and a gold version. One of them is always gold and you can select how many more are gold. In total there are four symbols that can be turned gold to make them higher paying symbols. Also, like Mermaids Galore, there are three wild symbols. A standard wild symbol and a 2x wild and a 3x wild. All the wild symbols act the same as they do in Mermaids Galore.

There is a bonus symbol which is the Monkey God himself. When you get three of them on the reels you win 2x bet and also 10 free spins. Within the free spins, if you get 2 of them, you win an extra 3 spins. Just like the bonus symbol in the Mermaids Galore game.  However, there is also an extra spin symbol in the free spins round as well.

Any combination of 15 or more gold symbols wins the jackpot. Of which there is only one in this game.  Throughout the game, collect Green KOI symbols. These symbols add to the bonus bar at the right-hand side of the reels. The more you fill of this bonus bar the more you win in the bonus spins. There are four levels which include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

You can play this game from as little as 0.38 per spin and as much as 880.00 per spin. The more you bet, the higher the jackpot which starts at 1000.00 and goes up to 1000000.00. The theoretical return to player (RTP) ranges from 94.84% to 97.45%.

Ruby Hunter Slot Machine.

Ruby Hunter Slot Game To get an idea of the theme of this slot. Take Indiana Jones Jones and change the lead character from a male to a female and you're done! The slot has great graphics, animations, music, and sound effects.  When it comes to the reels, it does have a slightly strange reels arrangement. Instead of 5 reels, it has 6 reels. Each of them varies in terms of the number of rows. Reels one and six have 3 symbols, reels two and five have four symbols, and reels three and four has five symbols.

Three or more bonus symbols activate the free spins bonus. You can win up to 20 free spins. During the free spins bonus, three or more jackpot symbols trigger the respins feature with the jackpot symbols locked. At the end of the respins feature wins are paid. The more jackpot symbols collected, the more you win. Fifteen or more jackpot symbols collected wins one of the jackpots. There are three jackpots including a Sliver Jackpot, Gold Jackpot, and a Platinum jackpot. Collect 15 - 19 jackpot symbols to win the silver jackpot, 20- 23 jackpot symbols wins the gold jackpot, and collecting 24 jackpot symbols wins the platinum jackpot.

Along with the ability to win free spins, you also have the option to buy up to 20 hyper spins with wild multiplier.

You can play Ruby Hunter from 0.60 per spins up to 600.00 per spin and the theoretical return to player is 96.65%.

Age of Ice Dragons Slot Machine.

Age of Ice Dragons Slot Game The Age of Ice Dragons slot is another interesting slot machine from Kalamba Games. This game has a cool Dragon theme. It has five reels, however, they don't look like normal reels. Reels one, three, and five there are three symbols. On reels two and four there are four symbols.  Upon this odd reel configuration, there are 40 paylines.

Three or more bonus symbols activate 10 free spins plus 2x bet.  Within the free spins, there is an extra spins symbol. It gives you an extra spin every time it appears on the reels.

The game has two wild symbols. A standard wild symbol and a wild collection symbol. Both substitute all other symbols except for the bonus symbols, extra spins symbol and each other.  The wild collection symbol has another trick up its sleeve. It only appears on reels one, three and five. To start off with, above these reels, there are three empty positions for gems. When a wild collection symbol lands on one of these reels, the gem from the symbol jumps up and fills one of the empty positions. When you have filled all the empty positions above a reel that reel gets a wild overlay over it. If this happens within the free spins feature, the column stays wild for the rest of the free spins. However, if this happens during the normal gameplay, each spin after uses one of the gems from above the reel. Once all the gems are used, the reel is no longer wild.

You can play Age of Ice Dragons from 0.40 per spin up to 400.00 per spin. The theoretical return to player is 95.87% to 96.76%.

Are Kalamba Games Slots Mobile Friendly?

All of the games from Kalamba are mobile friendly.

Do Kalamba Games Slots have Progressive Jackpots?

Kalamba Games slots do have jackpots in them and some have personal progressive jackpots in them.

Can I Play Kalamba Games Slots Tournaments?

Kalamba Games is a third party slots provider, they don't have slots tournaments. However, that doesn't mean that their games can't be used in slots tournaments when used on other software providers systems.

Does Kalamba Games Offer Table and Speciality Games?

Currently, Kalamba Games only have slots machines in their library of games. Table and specialty games would be offered by other third-party providers.

Does Kalamba Games Offer Live Dealer Games?

No, they only offer slots machines. Live dealer games would be provided by another third-party provider.

Are Kalamba Games Slots Safe?

Kalamba Games has partnership deals with various casinos that are licensed and safe. It is important that you check that the casino has a license that covers the country that you are in.

We hope you found this guide to Kalamba Games Software provider useful. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave a message below.

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