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About Ganapati Slots Software: Ganapati is an international company established in 2013. They have offices in London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Malta, Estonia, Taiwan, and Curacao. Within their relatively short life span, they have quickly risen the ranks. Not only nominated for multiple industry awards but actually winning awards such as the Starlet Awards Game Innovation of the Year in 2018.

Top 5 Ganapati Slots Machines.

Ganapati slots software splits its games into two groups, the first is exclusive Ganapati slots and the second is a group of games called CQ9 Slots.

Both groups of games draw heavily on the companies ties to Japan with the aesthetics and cultural heritage of Japan shinning through. Their in-house development team and designers use anime and manga graphics design principles throughout the games.

Neo Tokyo Slot Machine.

Neo Tokyo Slot Game At the time of writing, early 2019, Neo Tokyo slot machine is the newest Ganapati slot machine. Set in a futuristic city, where there are robotic Samurai's, flying cars, flying bikes, flying droids, and holograms. All of these feature as symbols on the reels with the city as the backdrop.

The graphics and the sound effects are great and add to the look and feel of the game. However, the reels are not your standard set of reels! There are five columns of Hexagons. Columns one, three and five have four hexagons in them while columns two and four have three hexagons.  Wins are made by getting three or more matching symbols land on the adjacent reels, starting from the left reel and going right.  This arrangement gives you massive up to 12348 ways to win!

Neo Tokyo features a wild symbol which is the Neo Tokyo 12348 logo. The wild symbol lands on reels two, three, and four as any other normal symbol. It substitutes all other symbols except scatter symbols. There are three scatter symbols which are Jin, Hana, and Deadspin.

Neo Tokyo Bonus Features.

Each of the scatter symbols their own bonus feature attached to them.

All three scatter symbols landing on the reels at the same time trigger free spins. The free spins contain three levels to them. At the start of each level, you get 10 free spins. The next level is activated randomly and an additional horizontal row added to the top of the reels. This gives you the chance to win a grand prize after the third level where your winnings from the bonus games are multiplied.

Neo Tokyo has a theoretical return of 96.09%. You can play for 2.50€, 5.00€, 12.50€, or 25.00€ per spin.

Samurai Girl Slot Machine.

Samurai Girl Slot Game Samurai Girl slot has normal slot reels with the typical five by three grid of symbols and twenty paylines. Standing to the left of the reels is the Samurai girl herself holding her Katana, looking like she is could have been in the street fighter games.

The game is a video slot machine. Packed with bonus features and includes a wild symbol, a bonus loyalty symbol, scatter symbol, multipliers, boss battle bonus round, and free spins.

Samurai Girl Bonus Features.

The wild symbol is a standard wild symbol that substitutes any other symbol except the scatter symbol and the zombie soul symbol. It is an image of the word "WILD".

The Zombie soul symbol is the image of a Zombies hand holding a gold gem with fire around it. It adds one section to the Katana loyalty gauge at the bottom of the screen.

The scatter symbol is an image of red light. Three or more scatter symbols activate one of two games. The free game round is triggered if the Katana gauge is not yet full and the boss battle round if the Katana gauge is full.

During the main game, you can enter the Zombie slash multiplier feature. The Samurai girl attacks a zombie and each time she slashes him with her Katana your multiplier increases. You can win up to 4x multiplier in this bonus game.

In the free spins mode, if you have a no-win situation, you have a random chance of the Pandemic bonus feature to occur. In the Pandemic free game round, green virus symbols appear on the reels. You get three tries to kill the virus by touching it. With each touch, parts of the virus replicate and cover adjacent symbols and other parts die. Dead parts reveal a number which adds to the total additional free spins won.  All additional free spins are added up at the end of the bonus game.

Samurai Girl Loyalty Feature.

Each time you get a Zombie soul symbol land anywhere on the reels the Katana gauge is filled up by 1 section. When it is full the Katana lights up with fire. It stays lit until three or more scatter symbols land on the reels and trigger the boss battle bonus game.

Within the boss battle, both the Samurai Girl and the Shogun have three life points. You hit the boss and either hi and win extra free spins and, sometimes, extra cash or miss and win extra free spins.  Each successful hit, Shogun loses 1 life point and with each miss, 1 point is taken from the Samurai Girl. Once either of the two has lost all their life points the free spins bonus round starts with the total amount of free spins won in the game.

In the additional free spins mode, there are even more bonus features. These allow you to win up to 10x multiplier and also sticky wilds until the end of the bonus round.

The theoretical return to the player amount for Samurai Girl slot is 95% and can be played with as little as 0.20€ and as much as 50.00€ per spin.

Onmyoji Slot Machine.

Onmyoji Slot Game The Onmyoji slot machine is a bit of an odd slot with strange characters for its symbols. However, despite the odd-looking characters, the rest of the slot does look normal.  It has five reels each with three symbols and it has twenty-five paylines.

The slot features a wild symbol "Seimei" that substitutes all other symbols except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the "fox mask" symbol. Three of them anywhere on the reels trigger 10 free spins. Other symbols in the game feature three goblins, Goblin A, Goblin B, and Goblin C. Along with Da-Ji, Enma, Gozu, and Mezu.

As well as the free spins, there is also a cascading multiplier feature. Every time there is a winning payline, the symbols creating the win drop down off the bottom of the reels. Symbols above fall down to replace them and they are replaced by new symbols. Each time this happens the multiplier increases and resets only when the are no more winning combinations. In the base game you can win up to 6x multiplier and in the free spins game, you can win an 8x multiplier.

The theoretical return to the player amount for Onmyoji slot is 97.22%. You can play from 0.30€ to  15.00€ per spin.

Ukiyo-e Slot Machine.

Ukiyo-e Slot Game The Ukiyo-e slot machine has a more traditional style of Japanese images. It is a five reel slot with thirty paylines. It features standard 1x1 symbols and also colossal symbols which are 2x2 and 3x3 symbols. In the base game, all the symbols except the wild and bonus symbols may appear as colossal symbols.

The bonus symbol is a standard wild and substitutes all symbols except the bonus symbols. The bonus symbol triggers the Yabusame tournament gamble feature when 3 - 5 of them land on the reels.

Free spins are also won by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols. Within the free spins, the only colossal symbol is wild.  The number of free spins is linked to the gamble amounts in the tournament game. You have to hit a target with a bow and arrow from horse back. Each hit or miss adds or subtracts from the total amount of free spins. You can win up to 90 free spins!

The theoretical return to player is 96.50%. You can play with as little as 0.30€ or as much as 15.00€ per spin.

Sushicade Slot Machine.

Sushicade Slot Game Let's face it, it wouldn't be Japanese without mentioning Sushi and as you probably guessed by the name Sushicade is themed 100% after Sushi!

It is pretty much the same game as Onmyoji slot. With five reels and twenty-five paylines. Featuring a wild symbol, bonus symbol along with the same type of multiplier from Onmyoji slot.

It also has the same RTP at 97.22% and can be played for the same bet amounts. Ultimately, it looks like this is a reskin of the Onmyoji game. However, as it is themed on Sushi I felt it rude not to include it!

Are Ganapati Slots Mobile Friendly?

All the slots are mobile friendly and also work on desktops. You just need an up to date browser and a modern smartphone or tablet.

Do Ganapati Slots have Progressive Jackpots?

No, so far I have not seen any progressive jackpots in Ganapati slots.

Can I Play Ganapati Slots Tournaments?

These are not offered directly by Ganapati gaming. However, it doesn't mean to say that the casinos that feature these games don't offer slots tournaments.

Does Ganapati Offer Table and Speciality Games?

Ganapati gaming only offers slots games. They do list Poker Reb Bull as a table game on their website, however, it appears to be an old game that is no longer available.

Does Ganapati Offer Live Dealer Games?

As a slots-only software provider, they do not offer live dealer games.

Are Ganapati Slots Safe?

Yes, Ganapati slots are safe, they are licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. As always, make sure you check the casino that you are playing at is licensed for the country that you are in.

We hope you found this guide to Ganapati Software provider useful. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave a message below.

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