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About Elk Studios Slots Software: Elk Studios is still a relatively new slots developer based in Sweden. Elk Studios launched in 2012 and has been focusing on mobile slots machines. They still have a relatively low number of games in their portfolio, just 22 at the time of writing this article, which is pretty low when compared to some of the older software developers. Don't let that put you off though. You know what they say, that quality is normally better than quantity!

Elk Studios Slots Betting Strategies.

A nice unique feature in the games is something called bet levels which are part of the Elk Studios betting strategies feature.  The idea behind this is that some players might want to increase and decrease their bets based on the outcome of previous spin outcomes. Read on and it will become more clear!

There are four different bet strategies that you can pick from.

Optimizer Betting Strategy. 

When you activate this betting strategy you configure what percentage of your balance you want to bet on each spin. The amount you bet on each spin will change so that it is always the percentage of your balance that you have selected.  For example, you could opt to bet 1% of your balance every time you spin the reels or 2%, 5%, or 10%.

Leveller Betting Strategy.

In this betting strategy, you set the base bet amount and then it will increase the bet amount 2 levels after five consecutive losses. Repetition of another five losses increases the bet by 2 more levels which put your 10 times the base bet. The bets reset to the base bet after a win.

Booster Betting Strategy. 

You set the base level and then after each losing spin, your bet will automatically be increased by one level. Until it has been increased by four levels which is 10 times your base bet. The bet amount is reset to the base bet amount when there is a win.

Jumper Betting Strategy.

This strategy is a flip of the booster strategy. Instead of it increasing your bet by one after every loss, it increases your bet by one level after every win. When there is a losing spin your bet is set back to the base bet amount that you selected.

How to get started with Elk Studios Slots Machines?

For these games, you will want a modern mobile phone with up to date software and web browsers. As Elk Studios focus heavily on mobile slots, all their slots are great on mobile devices.

Top 5 Elk Studios Slots Machines.

Although the choice of slots is more limited, it's still pretty hard to pick just five of the top slots. They are all really good with great graphics and sounds effects. There is one nice feature that all of their games can have if the casino has opted for it. It's called Elk Compete and it is just for Elk Studios slots. Basically, it's slot tournaments where you can see a live leaderboard right from the game to see where you are in the tournament.

Wild Seas Slot Machine.

Wild Seas Slot GameMaybe this game stands out as I recently watched all the Pirates of the Caribean films. However, this game is great if you're into pirate themed slots machines. This is a five reel slot with four rows and has 178 ways to win. The lowest bet amount is 0.20Eur and the highest bet amount is 100Eur with a theoretical return to player of 96.3%.

It's a great looking slot with various pirate related symbols. There are three male captains which stand out by the colors they are wearing. One of them is dressed in green, one in blue, and the other is in red. There is one female pirate taking on all three captains. The other symbols include a gold pirate coin, silver pirate coin, and bronze pirate coin. There is also the black Wild Seas flag logo which is the wild bonus symbol. The ships symbol with the word "WILD" on is the sailing wilds symbol and the chest of gold with the word "WILD" on is the sticky wild.


The wild bonus symbol substitutes any other symbol on a payline. Two wild sea flags start the first bonus level which is called Break the Convoy. During the bonus game which is free spins, the other wild symbols come into play. The sailing wild ships move leftwards one reel for every free spin. Damaged ships stay sticky for one spin. When a sailing wild is hit three times it sinks and is replaced by the Sticky wild treasure chest. The sticky wild treasure chest substitutes all other symbols except the barrels. The pirate ship fires its cannons at any viable target on the same row as it. Targets are picked off from right to left. When there is a barrel on the reels if it gets hit by the pirate ship the bonus round ends.

Valkyrie Slot Machine.

Valkyrie Slot GameThe Valkyrie slot machine is clear from its name, it is based on the Nordic mythology. It's a five reel slot with four rows that hosts 1024 ways to win. At the time of writing, this is Elk Studios newest slot machine. It features an impressive maximum win of €500,000! That is based on a maximum bet amount of €100. The lowest bet amount is €0.20. The theoretical return to player is 96.3% and the bonus frequency is 1 in 90 spins. There is also a free spins bonus which has a frequency of 1 in 394 spins.

Valkyrie slot features many Valkyries including Freya the goddess of Love, Gane, Helena, Andora, and Tyrsa who all help you along the way with their weapons. Many of the symbols are 1x1 symbols, however, it also includes "EPIC" symbols that come in the sizes 2x2, 2x3, and 3x3.

Valkyrie Slot Machine Bonus Features.

Along with Valhalla free spins, there are three bonus features: The Shield of Chance, The Arrow of Fortune, and The Sword of Destiny.   The Valhalla free spins is activated by three free spins symbols and awards five free spins. Freya can also add up to two extra free spins. Four free spins symbols equal 7 free spins and five free spins symbols give 10 free spins. You are guaranteed at least one bonus spin during five free spins, two bonus spins during seven free spins, and three bonus spins in ten free spins.

The bonus spins light up the reels and you receive three to five bonus symbols. This will trigger any of Freya's three bonus features mentioned above.

Shield of Chance Bonus Round.

As Freya raises her shield she channels the power of Odin, lighting up the reels. Multiple wild shields land on the spinning reels. All shields sticking to the reels become wild, giving you a great chance of bigger payouts.

Sword of Destiny Bonus Round.

To activate this bonus round, Freya raises her sword and wields its mighty power. Magic charged swords fall down over reels 2, 3, and 4. A sword that lands on a reel will turn the whole reel wild. Landing all three swords on all three reels maximizes your win potential.

Arrow of Fortune Bonus Round. 

When activated, Freya raises her bow and shoots an arrow at the heavens of Asgard. She will shoot up to three arrows like this. When the arrows land on the reels they will reveal epic symbols either 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3 in size.

Ivanhoe Slot Machine.

Ivanhoe Slot GameAt first glance this looks like a classic slot machine, however, on closer inspection, it's far from it. It combines features and typical symbols of a classic slot machine with features of modern slot machines. The slot is named after and based on the historical novel by Sir Walter Scott that was first published in 1820. It's a story about Saxons vs Normans in the ara of Richard the Lion Heart. Knowing Elk Studios in a Swedish software company, this slot makes even more sense when you know the following Swedish tradition! On the 1st January, every year people in Sweden spend the day watching the movie Ivanhoe from 1982 eating pizza and recovering from the new year's celebrations.

The background to the slot has a real retro game look, think of games from the 90's with block type images.  On the reels, however, the images have a much more modern polished look. Although it sounds an odd combination, I think they have pulled it off pretty well.

On the reels, you will find typical classic slot machines symbols such as red seven, blue seven, Lemon, Watermelon, the classic "BAR" symbol, an Ivanhoe Bonus symbol., and a crown symbol that turns wild when in the free spins mode.

As I've just mentioned there is a free spins bonus feature. You activate the free spins by getting three Ivanhoe symbols. Within the spins, not only is the crown a wild symbol, another Ivanhoe bonus logo symbol will award an additional free spin. Also in the free spins bonus, there are different levels offering all wins between 2x and 6x. The wild substitutes all other symbols except the bonus symbol.

Bloopers Slot Machine.

Bloopers Slot GameYou could call this an entertainment slot. It is based on the movies theme. There is a male lead character along with a female lead character. To go with them there is a wooden film clapper board, roll of cinema film along with a roll of cinema film. Also, there are high value-playing cards 10, J, Q, K, A.

The special symbols include the gold symbol with the words "WILD BLOOPERS" which is the wild card. The wild card substitutes all other symbols except the bonus star symbols. Bonus star symbols are the main characters, each has their own WILD version, which is the same as the standard symbol but with the word "WILD" across the bottom. Star symbols are wild during the free spins bonus round and are sticky wilds when they land on reels 2, 3, and 4. The free spins bonus round ends when all three positions are covered with sticky wilds.  There is also a bonus symbol which is the star symbol with the word BONUS on them. The bonus symbol activates the free spins bonus round.

Introducing The Bloopers!

So why the name bloopers? Is it because it's a movie-themed slot machine and they are referring to bloopers in a movie? Probably, however, the slot also has some other little characters in it. They are a bit like Minions, however, they are all different colors. There is a blue one which is the stunt man that awards Expanding wilds. A green one that is called cutter (he does the star's hair) and he awards falling symbols. The Pink one is Make Up and awards extra free spins. Purple one is called FIX-IT and he awards symbols shuffles. Then there is the Yellow one who is the sound tech and he awards random wilds. These little characters are called the Bloopers! We see more of these little characters in the next slot.

Platooners Slot Machine.

Platooners Slot GamePlatooners slot machine also stars the bloopers characters and is also movie related. This time it is based on a movie set of a war movie taking its inspiration from the 1986 movie Platoon. The slot a great looking slot machine with five reels and four rows it has 178 connecting paylines.  Each bet is 100 coins and you can win a jackpot of 250,000 coins.

The standard symbols are themed related and include dog tags, a Rambo style knife, binoculars, and a medic bag. There are also some high-value playing card symbols J, Q, K, and A.

The wild symbol is simply the word "WILD" which substitutes any other symbol on a connecting payline except for the bonus scatter symbol.

The bonus scatter symbol is the snakes head in crosshairs, three or more of these symbols start the bonus game. Platooners vs Snakes of Fortune. Every additional bonus scatter adds an extra Platooner attack per round. You guessed it, Platooners are the Blooper characters from the previous game. However, this time they have different names! The Green one is called Rockets and covers reel 1 and 3 with identical symbols for one spin. Red Platooner is called Grenades and adds wild symbols to reel 3, 4, and 5 for one spin. Yellow Platooner is called Bullets and generates five of a kind paylines from one of the symbols on reel 1 for one spin.

Platooners - Snakes Of Fortune Bonus Round

When you get enough bonus symbols, you enter the Snakes of Fortune bonus round which starts with 15 rounds of ammunition. Your aim is to level up and collect the highest payouts possible.

Small coins award coin wins or small amounts of ammunition. Mystery coins award larger coin wins or activates additional Platooner attacks (up to 3). Large ammunition refills or bombs which destroy entire snake segments up to the next mystery coin. Weapon damage increases with every level up.

Are Elk Studios Slots Mobile Friendly?

Yes, in fact, they are great on mobiles! They use a development system called Mobile First! Just as it sounds, it means that when they make their games, they make them for mobile first of all. This is the opposite to how games used to be made. In the past games were made for desktops and then adapted to work on mobiles. However, games that are developed for mobile first still work on desktops with very little (if any at all) changes.

Do Elk Studios Slots have Progressive Jackpots?

Unfortunately, Elk Studios do not offer any progressive jackpot slots machines. However, as Elk Studios have so few slot machines, chances are they will be in a casino alongside other software types that do offer progressive jackpots.

Can I Play Elk Studio Slots Tournaments?

Yes, as mentioned before they ever have their own Elk Compete system that offers slots tournaments. However, it is likely that the casino you are playing the games in will have to have this enabled.

Does Elk Studios Offer Table and Speciality Games?

Currently, they do not offer any table games. All their games are slot machines. You will probably find these are provided by another software provider.

Does Elk Studios Offer Live Dealer Games?

Not at the minute! However, like progressive jackpots slots you will probably find a casino that has Elk Studios slots also have live dealer games but from another software provider.

Are Elk Studios Slots Safe?

Yes, as they are based in Sweden the casinos that offer Elk Studios games tend to be licensed by the Malta Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission.

We hope you found this guide to iSoftBet Software provider useful. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave a message below.

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