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Types Of Slot Machines

On this page, we have an overview of the types of slot machines you can expect to find in casinos. Online and even right here at Free Slots 4U. If you're new to slots and are unsure about exactly what's out there. Then this page has all the key information you need to get up to speed!

Classic Slots

Free Slots 4U Classic Slots Slot Game Screenshot For the first types of slot machines, we kick things off with classic slots machines. With their 3 reels and one payline classic slots is the simplest types of slot machines. So they are a perfect choice if you're a total beginner.

Lots of classic slots hark back to the early days of one arm bandits and fruit machines. So you will find plenty of classic slots games with the traditional Fruit, Bell and BAR type symbols you are probably familiar with. However, classic slots can have any theme.

Classic slots tend not to have bonus games and many classic slots do not feature special symbols. Such as Wilds and Scatters which does keep play simple. But with the possible downside that they may be less exciting than more advanced and feature-rich slots. That said if you're a complete newbie, a very simple, no thrills classic slot game can be a great way to start playing.

Despite the fact they have been overshadowed by video slots in recent years. Slots machine developers do continue to release classic slots for both desktop and mobile. As they still remain a popular option for slots players. If you'd like to play a classic slot game right now then give our very own Classic slot machine a spin!

Video Slots

Fruit Slots Video Slot Screenshot Having evolved from the classic slots machines. Video slots machines represent the latest and most popular version of the slot machine format. Video slots take obvious inspiration from the arcade and computer games. With their advanced graphics, gameplay, and features. The idea is all about attracting players with dazzling themes, slick animations, and eye-catching designs.

If you've ever been to a casino you'll probably have seen banks of the latest video slots, blinking and flashing away. You can now find video slots machines all over the world in various locations. Such as shopping malls, pubs, bars and even on the high streets of the UK and Australia, amongst other places. Also, of course, we now all enjoy having instant access to them online. On desktops, laptops as well as on our phones and tablets too.

All of the major slots developers are involved in producing video slots. With companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming and Rival releasing new video slots games on a regular basis. At the best online casinos, you'll find an ever-expanding selection of video slots. Including slots that have amazing 3D animations and in-game footage from blockbuster movies.Along with exciting themes such as Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider, Batman, Marvel superheroes, Hollywood legends and much more!

Here at Free Slots 4U, we are unique amongst the slots machines players websites. In that, we have our very own team of developers working to create exclusive video slots machines for our visitors to play for free. Check out our ever-expanding selection of video slots machines for mobile and desktop devices. Which you can play right here, no download required!

Bonus Slots

Robin Hood Bonus Game Screenshot Bonus slots are any slots that feature a bonus symbol. This is one of our favorite types of slot machines. What the bonus symbol does varies from game to game. But typically in a video slot, it will. When it makes up part of a winning payline. Trigger a special feature or bonus round.

Bonus slots are certainly one of the most popular types of slots. As bonus games and special features help keep play interesting. They can reward the players with more opportunities to win. As well as offer a bit of a change from just spinning some reels.

Bonus features vary from game to game. So you might find that after a bonus is triggered. Symbols shuffle position on the reels. Multipliers are awarded, free spins are triggered etc. Often, especially in the more advanced video slots machines. You will be taken to a new screen to play a bonus round.

These bonus games come in many different guises. Including the most common pick-an-item type game. eg you are presented with 4 mystery parcels and you must choose which one to open/reveal a prize.

Check out our very own exclusive bonus slots. We've got numerous bonus slots machines to play. Many of them with brilliant bonus rounds that are totally unique and exclusive to Free Slots 4U!

3D slots

Fast Slots 3D Slot Screenshot With their amazing animated graphics. The latest 3D slots machines are some of the most visually attractive slots machines around. In terms of actual gameplay, 3D slots don't tend to be any different to 2D video slots. The only real difference being the enhanced graphics and animations. That 3D slots developers such as BetSoft use to make their slots machines look incredible!

3D slots obviously take inspiration from the likes of animated cartoons and video games. In terms of themes, you'll find a huge selection of fun "stories" and characters to choose from. Including Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction types of slot machines.

We've got a small selection of games with 3D slots features here. Including our Fast Slots machine which features fighter jets zooming out of the screen!


Superior Slots iSlots Screenshot I-slots or Interactive Slots were first introduced by slots developer Rival. The unique thing about these popular slots is that they are based around a story. Such as a murder mystery or romance and as you play the game you will be given options to choose which path to take next. Like an interactive adventure. I-Slots provide an entertaining twist on the standard slots machine as each time you play you can discover new things.

Here at Free Slots 4U, we've got our very own exclusive I-slot style game called Superior Slots. Which is themed around the story of a Mafia boss and your role in his organization!

Progressive Slots

Casino Cruise Progressive Slot Screenshot Progressive slots are slots machines that have jackpots which increase every time someone makes a wager. As you can imagine these types of slot machines are very popular. Jackpots can rise into multi-million dollar prize amounts as players around the world wager on a slot and add to the prize pool.

Some games have random progressive jackpots. Which means absolutely any player can take the entire pot, at any time. while other games have specific requirements to trigger a progressive jackpot win. Such as hitting 5 of the same symbol while betting the maximum amount as possible.

We have our very own selection of free to play progressive slots machine right here at Free Slots 4U. While we can't promise the multi-million-pound jackpots of the big casinos. We do give away a $20 cash prize at random to anyone who manages to win one of our progressive jackpots.

Penny Slots

Free Slots 4U Penny Slots Screenshot With a penny not worth very much. Slots machine manufacturers and developers have designed penny slots machines to help you part with your spare change! These slots cost 1 penny to spin but watch out because if you're betting on more than one payline then those pennies can soon add up. The Penny Slots types of slot machines can have lots of different themes. They can also still have bonus features and special symbols.

Tip: Penny slots with their minimal wager requirements are a good way to test out a slot game when you're ready to step up from free play mode.

For an example of a penny slot, you can try out our very own penny slot machine.


'Pokies' is the slang name Australians use for slots and fruit machines. The term itself is believed to derive from "Poker Machine". They were first legalized in 1956 in New South Wales. Following the arrival of the first Pokie game called Clubman. Pokies are now found all across Australia in Casinos, bars & clubs etc. Despite the different name, the games are exactly the same as the slots games you will find elsewhere. Pokies are incredibly popular in Australia with both the online and mobile pokies markets expanding at a phenomenal pace.

High Roller Slots

Do you have money burning a hole in your pocket? Feeling flush after a win? If so then these types of slot machines are for you!

The High Roller slots machines might be just the thing! When you're ready to up the stakes. High Roller slots let you make the biggest wagers for the chance to reap the biggest rewards. Be warned, however, High Roller games are not for everyone. While High Rollers do tend to pay out a bit more than normal limits slots machines. Which you can use that to advantage, and can provide you with a "buzz" of several impressive wins in a short space of time. You must keep an eye on your funds as it might only take a few losing spins to see you wiped out! Remember to always gamble responsibly and only risk money you can afford to lose!

Multi Payline Slots

Pirates Slot Multi Payline Slot A multi-payline slot game (also known as a multi-line slot) is simply any slot machine with more than one payline. Therefore these types of slot machines cover everything other than a classic slot machine. The average amount of paylines in a slot machine is probably around the 15 - 25 payline mark. However, you can find slots machines with many more paylines.

When you gamble on more than one payline. You increase the possibility of getting a winning line but your bets tend to cost more, of course.

Here at Free Slots 4U most of our games are multi-payline games. Ranging from 3 up to 30 paylines. Visit our Slots by Paylines page which is handy if you want to find a slot with a specific number of paylines.

Multi-reel Slots

Multi Reel Extreme Jackpot Slot Screenshot Multi-reel slots are not actually that common. Many online casinos do not actually have any at all. But the principle is easy enough to understand. Instead of spinning one game's set of reels. You spin multiple game's reels at once. Just as if you were playing three, four, five or more slots machines at once. So if you've ever thought "I wish I could play 9 slots machines at once but I've only got one pair of hands". Then multi-reel slots are the types of slot machines you've been looking for and are the answer to your prayers!

No one here amongst the Free Slots 4U is a big fan of Multi-reel slots. To be honest we prefer to spin one set of reels at a time. The scarcer nature of the Multi-reel slots machines means there are fewer slots to choose from.

Play Slots Right Here!

Now you're up to speed on all the different types of slot machines. You can play our own versions right here at Free Slots 4U. With nothing to download and even the chance to win real cash prizes. There's no need to go looking for a casino just yet! Check out all free slots we have to offer listed A-Z. Or jump straight to our selection of multi-payline slots machines, free 3 reel slots, free bonus slots, 3D slots, 5 Reels slots, or Progressive Jackpot slots.

See when it comes to great slots machines, We have you covered!

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