Slot Machine Paylines

Slot Machine Paylines can be found in All slot machines must have at least one single payline, without paylines slots would not be slots machines. Slots on our site have a different number of paylines. To make it easier for you to find slots with the number of paylines you're looking for. We have grouped our slots by their slot machine paylines.

Simply click on the number of paylines that you would like your next slot machine to have.

New Slots For Mobiles & Desktops

1 Payline

Fruit Machines - 1 Payline Slots

On free slots 4u, we have 4 fun fruit machines that all have just 1 payline. Fewer paylines doesn't mean fewer features. All of our fruit machines have other bonus features.

Play 1 Payline Slots

3 Paylines

Sporty Slot

If you're looking for slots with 3 paylines. We have 3 free slots with 3 paylines, all are 3 reel slots.

Play 3 Payline Slots

5 Paylines

Free 5 paylines Slot

We have 5 free slots that have 5 paylines and all have 3 reels. Some of them have bonus features.

Play 5 Payline Slots

9 Paylines

Free Mobile Slots

9 of our slots have 9 paylines many of which have bonus features/games. All of them have 5 reels.

Play 9 Payline Slots

12 Paylines

Sporty Slot

If you're looking for slots with 12 paylines. We have 7 free slots that have 12 paylines. All have 5 reels and bonus games.

Play 12 Payline Slots

15 Paylines

Free Hot Slot

We have a selection of 10 free slots machines to choose from if you're looking for slots with 15 paylines. All have 5 reels and bonus games.

Play 15 Payline Slots

20 Paylines

Free Mobile Slots

We have 23 free slots games that have 20 paylines. All have 5 reels and unique onus games not found anywhere else.

Play 20 Payline Slots

25 Paylines

Play Love Slots Game

25 paylines is by far the most popular number of paylines. As such we have 22 free slots that have 25 paylines. They all have 5 reels and unique bonus games.

Play 25 Payline Slots

30 Paylines

Free Gamble Slot

We have 2 free slots machines that have 30 paylines. These slots also feature unique bonus games and have 5 reels.

Play 30 Payline Slots

What Are Paylines In Slots

Slot Machine Paylines Slot Machine Paylines are a very important part of a slot. They're used to determine if a spin has won or not. When the reels stop spinning the symbols on the reels land in set positions. Normally forming three rows across the reels: a top row, middle row, and a bottom row.

If you draw a line across the symbols along the middle row. That is normally payline number 1. This is the first payline that the old slot machines (also known as classic slots) had.

A single payline slot is commonly found to be a classic slot or a fruit machine. As these types of slots generally only have 1 payline.

Over time, more slot machine paylines were added as slot machines became more sophisticated. Payline 2 and 3 came about by drawing a line across all the symbols on the top row and another line on the bottom row.

There are also diagonal lines, and lines that are not in a straight line at all. With paylines that form various different shapes on the reels; some look like the letters W, V, and M as well as other odd patterns. Including some that look like a heartbeat monitor.

As you can see from above, our games come in different variations of 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 20, 25, and 30 paylines.

Slots Payline Options

Slot Machine Options on Vegas Slots Slot Machine The slot machine paylines positions are set in specific positions and can not be changed. Generally, all slots games tend to use similar payline patterns with some small variations. Typically you will find all slots by a certain software provider all use the same payline patterns and changes occur when you change software provider.

Although you can't pick which pattern is assigned to which payline number. In some slots. You can say how many paylines that you would like activated. However, you must always have at least 1 payline activated. Then you can choose how many extra paylines you want activating. All the way up to the maximum within the game.

Each payline you select will increase your bet amount for the next spin. Based on the number of coins that you have selected. If you select 2 coins, for example. Then that is 2 coins for each payline. So if you have 20 paylines activated then your total bet amount would be 40 coins. The number of credits that is depends on the coin to credit value. If 1 coin equals 1 credit then it's 40 credits that you're betting. However, if the game values 1 coin as 2 credits then your credit bet amount is 80 credits. The value of a coin will be stated on the game page.

The games have a way for you to increase and decrease both the coin amount and the number of paylines. This is normally done with a plus and minus button for each. Once you have selected the amount you would like for both. You can then click on spin and the slot will use the values you selected.

If you just want to play the maximum number of coins and the maximum number of paylines. Simply click on the Bet Max button. Clicking the Bet Max button will automatically increase both the number of coins and the number of paylines to their maximum values. However, they will be limited to how many credits you have. If you only have 100 credits left, for example. The game will adjust the coins and paylines so that the bet amount is 100 as that is all you can afford.

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