Slot Machine Symbols & Features

On this page we take a look at the main types of symbols and features you can expect to find in slots games. If you're new to slots, our handy guide below will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Wild Symbol

Football Fever Wild Symbols Win A Wild symbol is one of the most common types of symbol and can be found in the vast majority of modern 5 reel video slots type games. A Wild simply substitutes for any other symbol. Rules vary depending on the game so you may find a Wild does not substitute for certain symbols, such as the Scatter symbol.

Exactly what happens when you get a winning line with the help of a Wild will also depend upon the rules of the game you are playing, for example landing a winning line with the help of one or more Wilds may trigger bonus games, free spins, jackpots or other rewards. As well as the standard Wilds, in some of the latest video slots you can find Expanding Wilds which expand, vertically or horizontally to helpfully cover more spaces on the reels, and there are also Sticky Wilds which will stay in their position when you next spins the reels.

Scatter Symbol

Merlins Cave Scatter Symbol The Scatter symbol is another very common symbol in slots games. Scatters are really useful symbols as they can help you create wins regardless of where they land on the reels.

Depending on the game you are playing, Scatter symbols wins may trigger special features such as free spins, or bonus games (in which case they may also be known as Bonus Scatters).

Pictured is a Scatter symbol from our Merlin's Cave slot game - getting 3 or more anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins feature.

Bonus Symbol

Robin Hood Slot Archery Game Bonus Symbols are symbols with the specific task of triggering bonus features when they are part of a winning payline. The look of Bonus Symbols varies from game to game.

Please note that many games do not have a specific Bonus Symbol, offering instead Wild and or Scatter symbols which may trigger bonus features when they are part of a winning payline. These can be thought of as Bonus Wilds and Bonus Scatters (and will often be described as such in a game's paytable).

Pictured is a bonus symbol from our brilliant Robin Hood slot game - getting 3 or more anywhere on a payline triggers the Archery bonus game feature.

Free Spins Symbol

Slots Of Vegas Free spins Free Spins Symbols are found in many 5 reel and video slots games. Offering as they do the chance to spin the reels without spending any of your credits, games with Free Spins symbols are well worth keeping an eye out for. The nature of Free Spins symbols and Free Spins rules varies from game to game. You can find slot games in which the Free Spins symbol only appears in a bonus game.

Typically a Free Spins feature has predefined limits such as rewarding you with 3 free spins, before normal play resumes, however you can find games in which Free Spins can be re-triggered during your Free Spins feature which means that, in theory, and if you're lucky, you can spin for free many times, repeatedly winning more free spins rounds!

The majority of our slots games have a free spins feature - the screen shot shows the free spins symbol in our Slots of Vegas game.

Multiplier Symbol

Multiplier symbols appear in many video slots machines and are well worth looking out for. A multiplier symbol will multipy a win so, for example, if you win 300 credits with a x2 Multiplier symbol on your winning payline then you will win 600 credits. Multipliers can appear in the base game and/or bonus games or sometimes during special modes such as during Free Spins rounds. You can find slots where your multiplier increases with the idea being you try to build up your multiplier to the maximum amount.

Gamble Feature

Halloween Party Gamble Game Many slots games have what is known as a Gamble feature. Typically this is triggered after a win and is a game of chance in which you can opt to gamble on the outcome of a random event such as the value or suite of the next playing card to be dealt, or the result of a dice throw (eg if it will be Odd or Even.

Usually, the gamble feature odds are 50/50 and if you guess correctly you'll double your winnings. Beware though - guess incorrectly and you'll lose your win. If you gamble and win, some gamble features may give you further chances to win even more with subsequent gambles, continuing until you opt to quit and return to the main game, or predict incorrectly and so lose any accumulated gamble game winnings.

The gamble feature screen shot is from our Halloween Party slot game which gives you the option of gambling on the playing card colour or playing card suite.

Slot Themes

Cleopatra Slots Theme All slots games have their own individual theme. Themes are varied and cover things such as sports, holiday seasons, adventure and exploration, Halloween, animals and wildlife, Science Fiction, ancient history and legends etc. Such themes will determine the overall look of the game, of course, be it a game that's set in the Wild West or a game with a glamorous and girly look set in a shopping mall or city location.

One of the most popular themes with slots players both online and in real-world casinos is the Cleopatra type slot game with games set in ancient Egypt. We even have our very own Cleopatra themed slot with many of the features described on this page including a Pyramid bonus game, scatter symbol, wild symbol and free spins feature.

Some of the big slots developers have attractive big budget slots games with themes based on popular franchises such as famous Superhero and comic book characters such as Spider Man & Judge Dredd, TV shows such as the X Factor, Hollywood stars and even video game characters. Playtech, for example, have a famous selection of Marvel Superheroes slots games while developer Microgaming has video slots themed around Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Batman, Hell Boy, Terminator and more.

If you take a look at our main slots page you can see we have plenty of themes to choose from including sports, shopping, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and many more.

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