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Mr Green - 20 Free Spins - Risk Free Profit

How to win playing slots

It's one of the questions we are asked most often, "How can I win playing slots? Is it possible?"

Well we are here to tell you that, yes, you can profit from playing slots and right here we show you how easy it is, step by step. Not only can you profit, but you can possibly win big! We can prove that too!

To show you how easy it is we have below outlined a clearly worked example of how you can take advantage of our exclusive online casino no deposit and free spins offers. Step by step, we show you literally from signing up to to the chosen online casino to cashing out a profit at the end. All the way through completing the wagering with big free slots wins along the way and finishing up cashing out a profit! In addition, we then also show you another players massive risk free slots win from the same offer.

As we are based in the UK we chose Mr Green Casino. However, a similar process applies to any of our risk free offers, whether it be a no deposit bonus or a set number of free spins. You just have to choose the ones suitable for your country (we try our best to only show casinos to geographical regions in which they can be played, hence why if you're outside the UK you may not see links to Mr Green casino), but there will be plenty more other opportunities.

All the risk free offers vary slightly, but using Mr Green Casino as an example will give you a good idea on how best to approach these RISK FREE offers. With x35 wagering, which is quite high, it was not even the best value offer we could have chosen.

Let's get started!

Choose an A Risk Free Offer

Firstly, choose an offer from our selection of risk free no deposit offers. All offers on display should be suitable for your geographical location.

In our case, being based in the UK we chose the following Mr Green 20 Free spins and upon clicking the link were presented with:

Award Winning online casino Mr Green 20 Free Spins Offer
"The award-winning online casino Try Mr Green for Free & get 20 Free Spin "on the house".

Understand the risk free slots offer

In this instance the terms of the offer were clearly displayed on the front page of the online casino web site:

"Offer available to new players upon sign up for a UK Mr Green account only. UK customers only. No deposit is required to claim the 20 Free Spins. Free Spins are on the slot game 'Mr Green: Moonlight'. You must wager all winnings from bonuses 35x before withdrawal."

So from that we know this is how the offer will work: When you sign up, you will get 20 free spins. Whatever amount you win in those 20 free spins will need to be wagered x35 times.

This basically means if you win £10 on the free spins, you will need to wager it £350 (£10 x £350).

This is generally quite a high wagering amount and it is quite likely you will bust out. However, there is also the opportunity for a big win. As slot players we all know any one spin can payout hundreds of pounds or dollars.

On this occasion with this offer, our 20 free spins will be played on the slot game "Mr Green Moonlight".

However, when it comes to wagering, we can choose to play any slot game we like. So with our totally free bonus cash, we get the opportunity to try out some of the best slots around and at the same time knowing any spin gives us the opportunity for a potentially big win which we can turn into real money.

Basic Slots Strategy To Win real Money For Free

Quite often the big wins come in the bonus rounds of slot games, so our advice would be to play the slot game at maximum lines and minimum stakes. Therefore giving you more opportunity to hit a big payout on the reels or trigger a lucrative bonus game.

When it comes to wagering, if you play low stakes on low variance slots you are much more likely to be closer to the return to player average for the slot game.

An alternative strategy is to gamble and play higher value spins and hope you get lucky with a very big win. With this method, your bonus money could be gone in a few spins and you miss out on the enjoyment of trying a few slots and triggering some fun bonus games.

Register at the Online Casino

Mr Green Sign Up Form

Registering at an online casino is a very straightforward and quick process. Simply enter your email, decide on a password, retype the password and click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Enter Mobile Phone Number

Next, enter your mobile number. You will often be asked for your mobile number. In this case, it is part of the activation process. This is understandable as it makes it more difficult for the same person to take advantage of a generous offer and keep opening multiple accounts.

Mr Green Enter Phone Number Screen

Simply enter your mobile phone number and click "Request Validation code

Validate Your Account

Online casinos will often request some form of account validation. Usually via email or mobile sms, (text message). If via email, you usually just have to click a link to the casino. In this case, the casino sends a code to our mobile and we will need to input the verification code into the web site in order to proceed with the sign up for the free spins.

Mr Green Account Validation Screen
Mr Green Welcome SMS Message

Within 10 seconds you will be sent an SMS text message "Welcome to Mr Green you validation code is: (blocked out in the image to avoid confusion)". Once you have entered the validation code your account will be active and you can continue the sign up process.

Complete Personal Details

At this stage, you will need to fill in your personal details. Your full name, address, date of birth and gender. Click "Save my details".

On the next screen you will be asked: "Would you like to deposit" Here you click "no thanks!" For this offer you don't even need to register a bank card. (For some offers you may be required to, although your account will not be debited).

Start Playing the Free Spins Slot Game

Once you have completed the sign up process you can commence the offer. In this instance, you have to use the 20 free spins on a specific slot game "Mr Green Moonlight". Look for the search box and icon and just type in "Moonlight". You will see the icon for the game, as in the image below. Click the Moonlight game icon and your Net Entertainment slot game will load.

Mr Green Moonlight Search

Confirmation of 20 Free Spins

Once the slot game has loaded, you will be presented with a confirmation of your free 20 rounds. Click "Continue"

Mr Green Start of 20 Free Spins Round

At the very base of the slot game image above you can see "Free Rounds 20 Total Win £0.00. Let's see if we can turn this offer into some real withdrawable cash!

Start Spinning

Now just start clicking the spin button and hope for the best. As these are free rounds, you can't control the coin value, or max bet etc. You're basically spinning 20 rounds of free spins at 20p. So effectively you have been given £4 to play with.

Mr Green Moonlight is one of those slot games where you can click the spin button to stop the spins mid spin. The choice is yours whether you let the reels settle or click them to stop.

Free spins Complete - Now Start Wagering

Mr Green End of 20 Free Spins Round

Once your 20 free rounds are over you will see the pop over informing you "Free Rounds Finished" .

"Future rounds use your account money. Good luck. Please reload the game" Click Reload.

In this instance, you can see at the base of the image the player has won £1.38 from 20 free spins. This now needs to be wagered x35, so we would need to wager £48.30 worth of spins before this money would become real money that theoretically could be withdrawn to your bank account.

£1.38 may not seem like much, but smaller values have the advantage of requiring less wagering overall. So if you hit a big win in the 6-7spins at 20p you are almost guaranteed a profit.

If however you had hit a big win in the free spin rounds, you still be in the same position, ie if won £40, you would need to wager £1400. So other big wins of £40 are less likely to have an impact because you have so much wagering to do overall.

Of course with such high wagering, and a bigger starting pot, you could try and increase your stakes.

Ultimately it kind of depends on what you personally want from the offer. Whether you are just looking to put in as little time as possible to cash out a profit. Or if you're a recreational slots players who's just making the most of a bonus offer. Happy to play with bonus money win or lose.

The Fun Slots Wagering Journey

So from starting wagering at £1.38, wagering at 20 spins our player soon found themselves up £3.80 and hit "10 free spins", as you can see, activated WILDS and Multiplier's special effects on the reels.

Mr Green Moonlight Bonus Win Screen

Wilds & Multiples Activated ? Great Special Effects in this slot game.

Mr Green 10 Free Spins Win
Yes hit free spins. Bonus rounds are where big payouts can be won.

The first 10 free spins won a total free spins won £5.69, bringing total funds up to £9.49

Before long our player triggered another round of free spins, this time winning £12.45. Not bad for a 20 pence spin. Total funds were up to £17.45, giving the player a good chance of at least cashing out some risk free profit!

Mr Green 1245 Coins Won
Mr Green My Account Icon
Account Link

At any time if you are interested in seeing where you stand on wagering, go to the homepage, click the account "Mr Green" icon, highlighted below. Looking at your account balance, you can see the balance is £16.42 and that it's all bonus money.

Mr Green Account Balance

Click "Active bonuses" and it will show you your "Active Bonus" and % wagered so far. It also shows £20.8 wagered of £48.30 which means you'd have to wager £27.50 from your current balance of £16.42. Which is much better from where we started from, needing to wager £40.80 from £1.38!

Mr Green Active Bonus Overview

The final image is just to prove our player made a guaranteed profit. There's £15.53 in bonus cash with only 30p, well effectively 40p at 20p per spin to go to complete wagering.

Mr Green Active Bonus Overview

Risk Profit From Slots

Mr Green Active Bonus Overview

Now when it comes to making a withdrawal there was a £30 minimum limit. Our player can simply deposit £20 and withdraw the total balance. Or they could choose to leave the money in the account and play the slots another time.

Now £15.13 might not seem much, but at least its a profit. The best thing about playing slots is that from small stakes, you can win big. Even from free slots offers you can win big. Do you want some proof with this very offer?

Just look how much this player won from 20 free spins. £353.06. For those of you who play in dollars, that's a win of over $500!

Mr Green Active Bonus Overview

This player won £29.44 with the 20 free spins. This meant they would have had to wager a total of £1030.

The player continued playing the "Moonlight" slot with some success. They then switched between other slots such as "Drive Multiplier Mayhem" and won £170, and then a win of £160 with 90% of wagering completed. They made the most of the wagering trying out a range of quality slots such as "Aloha Cluster Pays", "Mega Moolah", "Cleopatra", "Blood Suckers", "Dazzle Me", "Starmania", "Zombies" and a few more.

Finishing with a win of £352.76!!! At exchange rate £ of 1.42 that's $500!

So with all this information, all you need now is a good no deposit offer from a reputable casino.

Now it's your turn. Good luck!

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