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All information on is created by Atelm Ltd, free for informational and entertainment purposes. will not collect any personal information from any individual without the individuals prior knowledge.

By using you accept and give full permission to the collecting of all information outlined on this page.

Do we use cookies?

Yes we use some cookies for statistics and tracking purposes, casinos linked to may also use cookies.

Cookies are also used to keep track of your preferences on various things throughout the site. also uses social media widgets from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, when you used they will also place cookies onto your computer.

Other cookies may be used for Google Analytics and StatCounter all of which are only used for monitoring traffic stats.

What information do we look at or collect?

As part of operating the site there are a number of bits of information that we need to look at / collect in order for the site to operate. The information in question, is as follows:-

What is the information used for?

IP Address
When you visit any page on the site or use our Chrome app, your ip address is looked at by our system, it is used to work out what country your in and then make sure that the information shown to you is relevant to you.

When you click on a link that goes to a casino our system does another check on your ip address to make sure that the casino your going to accepts players from the country that your ip address is located in.

Stats system such as Google Analytics and StatCounter, used by will also look at your ip address.

If you have created a login to our games we ask for your your name, this is so we can address you by name when contacting you for any reason, also it helps to verify / identify you within the casino if you win in a sponsored tournament.

Sometimes we run competitions that have physical prizes. In order to get your prize to you we require your address so we can have it delivered to you. Username & Password
This is the username and password that you will use to login to our games, these should not be the same as any other system that you login to.

Email Address
Your email address is used to notify you when you have won in a tournament on the site. If you have signed up to the newsletter, we will send it to you every Friday via email.

Paypal Email Address
If you win in one of our competitions that has a cash prize, we send your prize to you using Paypal, in order to send money through Paypal we must know your email address or username at Paypal.

Facebook Profile
If you enter our cash prize competitions, we check your Facebook profile as a way to check your age.

Passport or ID Card
We may need more confirmation of your age, this information is not stored or kept, it is not always required.

Casino Username
When you win in a casino sponsored tournament, we will ask you for your casino username, this is so we can send it to our contact at the casino, they will then know which account to credit.

Where is your data stored?

When you sign up to our site your name, email address and ip address is stored by Aweber who we use for our mailing list. Your name, email address, username and password are stored in our database on our server to allow you to login to our games and take part in our tournaments.

If you win in a sponsored tournament we ask you for your username at the casino that sponsored the tournament. We then send some of your information to our contact at the sponsoring casino. This information lets them check your claim and process your claim.

If you take part in our competitions we store your Facebook profile name, this is so we know who you are for when you claim your prize via Facebook. All the information that we use for our competition is stored in Google drive and only accessed by the employees that run the competitions.

Is your information shared?

No we do not share, sell or buy information. The only time we will send another company information about you is when you win in a sponsored tournament and they need that information in order to process your prize.

Are clicks tracked to third party sites?

Links from to casinos are affiliate links, this means that when you click a link to a casino on the click is tracked, if you then create a new account at the casino, your account at the casino is associated with the affiliate account in the casino.

Will this privacy policy change?

Yes probably, any changes to the privacy policy will be published to this page, this page was last updated September 2015.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. To find out more follow this link

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