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Members Snow Ball Fight Game

Overview: This Snow Ball Fight Game is going to be used as the bonus game for ourupcoming Snow ball slots game.

This is a Beta version of the game and is not yet 100% finished, as such we are awre there are a number of bugs and glitches so at this stage please do not report any issues.

Some of the known issues are listed below.

  • Once you complete the game you get the same score very time.
  • The fire ball is not currently making the smoke come out of enemies heads and their life is not yet decreasing down.

There are other issues and improvements we still need to make, but this is just to give you a taster of whats to come, we hope you have fun playing it.

Note: we hope to have the full version of this game finished along with our snow ball slots game so that we can launched a Big Snow Fight Slots Tournament that will run over the winter months and will have 100 real money prizes, we have already agreed sponsorship for this tournament and can tell you it will be our biggest yet with a prize fund of $1600!