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Free Mobile Slots vs Free Desktop Slots

Casino Cruise Mobile Slot Game on iPhoneWith mobile device sales through the roof, many online casinos are going mobile. Here at Free Slots 4U, we're no exception to this trend.

Slots on a desktop are still lots of fun, however, they are restrictive. They don't allow you to play your favorite slot while sat in a waiting room, sitting on a train on your way to work or waiting for that bus that's never on time.

Playing slots on your mobile gives you this freedom. You can play anywhere you want as long as you have a good internet connection. Which in today's world is pretty much everywhere, with 4G and free wifi available in most places.

Mobile slots also feels interactive, more like a real slots machine. You're actually using your finger to press the spin button, rather than pointing and clicking with a mouse. Have you ever seen a mouse attached to a slot machine in a casino?

Free Slots 4U mobile slots have the same great bonus features as their desktop versions. They're in fact the same slots games, just a with few extra touches here and there. Making them the best mobile slots online.

As they're the same game, our mobile slots are hosted on the same game pages as the desktop version. The game pages will detect if you're on a mobile device and will load the correct version of the game for you automatically.

Tip: If you want to play the mobile version on your desktop, simply disable the Flash plugin in your browser.

Mobile Slots Bonus Features

The mobile and desktop version of the same game, both use the same leaderboard. Which means you can take part in our competitions and be in with a chance of winning a real money prize.

Both versions have the same bonus features such as progressive jackpots, free spins and gamble higher or lower etc. They even include our unique bonus features such as shoot the reels, video poker, roulette and blackjack bonus games.

As they use the same leaderboards, both versions use the same login. This allows you to move from desktop to mobile without losing your scores or needing to remember two different logins.

Our mobile games also work in our sponsored slots tournaments. So now you can check and make sure your still in that top winning position even when you're out and about.

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HTML5 Slots vs Flash Slots

HTML5 and Flash Logos All our mobile slots are powered by HTML5 which has been around a while now. Only recently has it been supported by enough browsers to make it an excellent choice for mobile games.Flash is great but it had a lot of flaws. As such Google stopped supporting it on their Android devices. Apple stopped supporting it on their iOS devices (iPhones & iPads). Both companies now work hard to support HTML5 as the replacement of Flash.

Chances are unless your mobile devices are extremely old and unable to browse the internet, you will already have a browser that supports HTML5.

Being a technology that is built into the web browser, HTML5 allows us to make our mobile games responsive. This means they resize to fit your device's screen. You can play them in both portrait or landscape.

When your web browser has the HTML5 support built in, that also means there is no need for you to download any 3rd party apps. Not having to download a 3rd party app means you don't get all them annoying notifications when you're trying to sleep! And you don't have to use up your valuable memory on your mobile device.

As our games all run in the web browser they are 100% secure and do not have access to anything else on your mobile device that they shouldn't have access to. So you don't have to worry about our games accessing your email, monitoring your phone calls, or looking at your contacts etc.

Free Android Slots

Super Fruits Slot Game on Android Android is a great platform for mobile slots, created by Google who also make the Chrome web browser which is at the forefront of HTML5 support. Google is very focused on mobile which means it keeps its products compatible with the latest mobile developments and trends.

Chrome has great support for HTML5. In the newest versions of Android, Google has made it the default web browser for Android. Removing the old web browser that was falling behind.

If you have an older Android device that still has the old Android web browser, there's no need to go out and buy a new Android device. Just install Chrome on your Android device, visit the Android app store and search from "Google Chrome".

There are many casinos that fully support Android devices they can be found on our android casinos page.

Free iOS Slots

Mr Green Slot Game on Apple iOS iPhones and iPads always have great hardware and the retina displays really show off our slots games at their best. iPad's in portrait mode offer the best experience for our slots games.

If playing on an iPhone we would recommend using Chrome. This is because Safari on the iPhone has an address bar at the top and a shortcut bar at the bottom, that appears every time you touch the screen. This reduces the screen size and makes our games resize every time you click spin. With Chrome, you should'nt have this problem. If you have an iPad you will not have this problem as their versions of Safari works differently.

As you would expect there are many iOS casinos to choose from.

Free Windows Phone Slots

Football Fever Slot Game on Windows MobileInternet Explorer has generally been left way behind when it comes to supporting new technologies. However, recently Microsoft has made a big push to catch up. Forcing users to update to newer versions of Internet Explorer. They have also replaced it with Microsoft Edge which has much better support for HTML5.

This is great news as this means that if you have a new Windows Phone, you should be able to enjoy our slots games also.

Top Web Browser For Free Mobile Slots

Free Slots Games on All BrowsersAs our mobile slots all use HTML5 it makes sense to use the browsers that has the best HTML5 support. This will allow you to experience the slots games at their very best.

Although our games and the casinos slots games should work on all browsers we would recommend you use Google Chrome.

When logged into Chrome on your desktop and mobile device with the same login, Chrome will synchronise your open tabs between devices. This means you can start playing our slots on your desktop and then continue playing on your mobile device. Without needing to type in a URL or do any searches. Simply re-open the same page that you had open on your desktop and play.

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