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Member Only Games

That's right, not all our games our available on our site, some of our games are members only games before they are released onto the site. Details of the members only games are only sent out to members via our newsletter.

There are also some special games that never get released to the site, these games let you play the bonus games from within the games, meaning you can get practice in without having to activate them on the slot machine.

Leaderboard Based Tournaments

Creating an account lets you save your scores in the games, your username showing on the slots leaderboard, not only does this give you bragging rights and a sense of achievement, you also gain the ability to take part in free monthly tournaments that are based on the leaderboards.

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Monthly Competitions

Members of the also get to take part in our free monthly competitions, which are announced in our weekly newsletters and also listed on the home page. Not only is there cash to be won, so far the items we have given away are iPad Mini's, Nexus 7's, Luxury Handbags and Luxury Chocolates to name just a few.

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Special Bonuses

Regularly we get very time specific offers that don't last long, some are also special offers that we have arranged just for our members, therefore these offers are sent out in our weekly newsletter. These types of bonuses will either just be available that weekend after the newsletter is sent out (Always on a Friday!), or for the folowing week.

Special Tournaments

As well as the member only bonuses we also arrange member only tournaments, these are tournaments within the casinos, generaly they are free to enter with a real cash prize pool attached. Details of these are also sent out on our newsletter, as the tournaments are exclusive to our members you must have signed up to the casino using a link from our site to be eligible to enter.

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