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Spooky Fruity Fruit Machine

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Overview: Our free Halloween fruit machine, called Spooky Fruity Fruit Machine, is feature packed. Fun but not too frightening!

Based on classic British fruit machine games, our 3 reel, one payline s Spooky fruity fruit machine has wilds, scatter, free spins. A bonus board feature, cash ladder, cash pot, hold and nudge buttons, gamble feature and a repeat feature.

On the reels you'll find suitably spooky Halloween symbols including a ghost, mummy, Dracula, witch, bubbling cauldron, a pumpkin, trick or treat sweets and the grim reaper with his scythe!

This is a great game to play during Halloween and, of course, you can play it at anytime of the year ... if you dare!

Mobile Compatible! Spooky Fruity fruit machine can be played, with no app download, on your iPhone / iPad / Android phones and tablets. Perfect for playing our free mobile slots on your portable devices.

No sign up or downloads are required to play our Spooky Fruity fruit machine. However, you can register and login to save your scores on the leaderboard. You can also win real prizes for free and take part in free slots tournaments that have cash prizes

Spooky Fruity Fruit Machine Youtube Video

Spooky Fruity Slot Machine by on Youtube.

Spooky Fruity Game Features

fruit machine nudge buttons

Spooky Fruity Nudge & Hold Buttons:

Nudge and Hold buttons are an integral part of fruit machines.

How to use the Hold Feature: When the Hold buttons are flashing you can select a reel or reels to "Hold" on the next spin. This means that when you hit the Spin button, the held reels do not spin. You might want to hold two Dracula symbols, for example, in the hope of landing the third Dracula on your next spin.

How to use the Nudge Feature: Nudge a reel or reels to create a winning result or perhaps increase your chances of winning on the next spin.

Hint: You can use the handy green "Peek" buttons above the reels to catch a glimpse of what's coming next on a reel!

Spooky Fruity Bonus Board Feature:

Bonus board Game

Like all the best fruit machines, our Spooky Fruity Fruit machine has a bonus board where you can pick up goodies. Including bonus cash, extra nudges and holds, Cash Pot multipliers and cash wins.

The Bonus Board is randomly activated during play and offers you up to 3 chances to win cash pot money, free spins, holds and nudges. This feature really tests your reflexes!

Press the "Stop" button whenever you want to stop the flashing red light on a square. You'll win the prize on whatever square you stop the light. Try to avoid the "Game Over" square as that will wipe out your Cash Pot.

Spooky Fruit Hi Lo Feature:

HI LO Game

This is a gamble type feature with the chance to double your last win. A random number will appear on the first reel. Use the hi/lo buttons below the reels to predict if the next number to appear will be higher or lower.

Spooky Fruit Cash Ladder:


Getting 3 Dracula or cauldron symbols on a payline activates the cash ladder. The cash ladder numbers from £1 up to £200 will light up rapidly one after the other. You must attempt press the "Stop" button. When as high a number as possible is lit up, to win that cash amount.

Spooky Fruit CashPot:


At the top left of the game you will find your Cash Pot. When the bonus board is activated you can win cash for your cash pot. Try to build up your cash pot to the maximum of 300 credits to get a 100 credits bonus (at which point the Cash Pot resets back to zero). During play, you can bank your cash pot whenever the Bank button is flashing.

Note: You can lose your Cash Pot during the bonus board game so you might wish to bank your Cash Pot rather than building it up for the 100 credit bonus.

Repeat Feature:

Repeat Feature

Repeat Feature is activated at random after a win. You get the chance to play the last feature again. Hit the "Stop" button (below the reels) when the "Yes" icon is showing in the Repeat Feature box to win the last feature again. If you hit "Stop" when "No" is showing, you will not win the feature again and play continues as normal.

Play to Win Real Cash Prizes! Login and save your scores on the leaderboard for the chance to win real cash. Every Friday one lucky player wins our "Player of the week" prize. See our free prizes page for more details of how you can win real money by playing our free slots games.

Spooky Fruity Slot Machine Paytables

Spooky Fruit Machine Paytable Screenshot Spooky Fruit Machine Paytable Screenshot

Spooky Fruity Slot Game Symbols Guide


Spooky Fruity Wild Symbol - Halloween Sweets Spooky Fruity Wild Symbol - Halloween Sweets Wild Symbol: The Grim Reaper is the first of Spooky Fruity's two Wild symbols & substitutes for all other symbols to make winnning combinations.

Spooky Fruity Wild Symbol - Halloween Sweets Spooky Fruity Wild Symbol - Halloween Sweets Wild Symbol 2: The Trick ot Treat sweets symbol is the second Wild symbol.

Spooky Fruity Bonus Symbol - Dracula Spooky Fruity Bonus Symbol - Dracula Bonus Symbol 1: Dracula is a bonus symbol - hit 3 to on a row to activate the cash ladder.

Spooky Fruity Bonus Symbol - Witches Cauldron Spooky Fruity Bonus Symbol - Witches Cauldron Bonus Symbol 2: The Cauldron is the second bonus symbol - hit 3 to on a row to activate the cash ladder.

Spooky Fruity Scatter Symbol - Ghost Spooky Fruity Scatter Symbol - Ghost Free Spins Scatter Symbol: The Ghost is the free spins scatter symbol. Hit 2 anywhere to win 1 free spins. Hitting 3 anywere on the reels wins 5 free spins.

Spooky Fruity Scatter Symbol - Mummy Spooky Fruity Scatter Symbol - Mummy Bonus Scatter Symbol 1: The Mummy is a bonus scatter symbol. Hit two anywhere to win 2 nudges. Hit 3 anywhere to win 3 nudges.

Spooky Fruity Scatter Symbol - Pumpkin Spooky Fruity Scatter Symbol - Pumpkin Bonus Scatter Symbol 2: The pumpkin is Spooky Fruity's second bonus scatter symbol. Hitting 3 pumpkins anywhere on the reels will earn you two nudges.

Halloween Fun Fact: The word "witch" comes from the Old English wicce, meaning "wise woman.".

What is a vampires favorite holiday?

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