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How to enter: Create your Free Slots 4U player account. Just fill in a few details on our join page & once you've done that you'll be able to log into our slots, save your scores and enter our competitions!

5 Ways to Win!

For many people, playing free slots for fun is a popular past time. However, we believe it can be even more exciting if you have the chance to play free slots & win real money with no deposit required. Every month we run free prize competitions that feature no deposit slots with free money prizes! There are no restrictions on how many times you can enter and you can even win multiple times!

Most months we have 5 or more ways you can play our slots for free for the chance to win real prizes: Monthly Slots competitions, month long $50 freeroll tournament, sponsored slots tournaments with casino bonus prizes, seasonal competitions, progressive jackpot games & our $20 Lucky Player of the Week prize!

1. Monthly Play & Win Slots Competitions

Our latest games have real cash prizes so you can play free slots & win real money! See below for the current slots competitions.

Drunken Panda slots competition

New! Play our Drunken Panda Slots game during January for the chance to win $50.

Winter Wonderland slots competition

Play our Winter Wonderland Slots game during January for the chance to win $50.

2. Seasonal Competitions

At certain times of the year we run seasonal and themed competitions such as Easter Egg hunts! Watch out for competitions around St Patrick's Day, Christmas, Halloween, the 4th of July & more!

2021 New Year Quiz!

Free Slots 4U New Year Quiz 2021

Think you know our games? If so there's the chance to win $50 in our New Year quiz!. For your chance to win just answer these 7 questions to work out the names of 7 different slots we launched in 2020. To refresh your memory you can find links to many our latest slots listed on the New Slots page and links to all our games on our Free Slots listings .

1. Which of our slots is fit for a King and features a Game of Scones bonus round?

2. Rita Swayworth and Ava Gardens star in which Oscar worthy game set in the Golden Age of Hollywood?

3. Name the Roman Emperor who acts as the Scatter Symbol in one of our 5 payline games.

4. Which of our slots game stars a Werewolf who loves to pose for the camera?

5. Which of our slots games features a Secret Agent Badge Wild and Top Secret Dossier Scatter symbols?

6. Mike Monkey is a WILD DJ in which of our slots?

7. Which Epic slot features a Dungeon Crawl bonus feature?

How to enter: When you think you have worked out the name of all 7 slots contact us with the answers and your Free Slots 4U username/email address.

On the 1st February 2021 We'll pick one winner at random from all the correct entries. Winner will be listed in the first Friday newsletter of February.

3. $50 Monthly Freerolls!

Our monthly Freeroll slots tournaments start on the 1st of every month. The goal in these tournaments is simple: Score enough points to get onto the top ten leader board and you could win the $50 prize.

January Ultimate Party Freeroll Tournament

January 1st saw the launch of our new Ultimate Slots Party slot. To celebrate the launch we're giving all our members the chance to win $50 in the January Ultimate PartyFreeroll

Free Slots 4U January Ultimate party  Freeroll Slots Tournament

Win $50 in the Free Slots 4U January Ultimate Party Freeroll tournament.

January New Year 2021 $50 Freeroll Tournament

Free Slots 4U Freeroll Slots Tournament

Win $50 in the Free Slots 4U January New Year 2021 featuring our New Year Party slot game.

4. Lucky Player of the Week - Win $20!

Entry is automatic and free when you play any of our slots games and save your scores on the leaderboards. Each week we pick one player at random from all players with scores saved on active leaderboards. The winner is announced in our Friday newsletter and wins $20.

Top Tip: The more scores you have saved across our slots leaderboards, the greater your chance of being picked at random and winning the prize cash! It really does pay to play more slots games at freeslots4u.

How to check if you have won. For the competitions featured above be sure to check your Friday newsletter on the first Friday of the month. If you are a winner your username will feature in the newsletter and you can then  Contact us to claim your prize!

5. Progressive Jackpot Slots Competitions

Play our exclusive Progressive Jackpot games and every time you (or someone else) spins the reels the Progressive Jackpot prize fund increases. If you win one of our Progressive Jackpot slots you could  win $20 cash!

A Progressive Jackpot game will alert you when you win the jackpot. You must then visit the Progressive Jackpot games page where you can see all the progressive jackpot prize winners. If you see your name listed as a winner, click the claim button to claim your prize. There is a deadline for prize claims so act fast!

6. Sponsored Slots Tournaments

In partnership with some of the biggest casinos, we run exclusive slots tournaments. This type of competition has been running the longest on our site and every tournament is sponsored by a casino. Prizes from these tournaments are paid into your player account within the sponsoring casino. For more information about these please see our tournaments page. Winners of sponsored slots tournaments are contacted via email once the tournament has ended and scores have been checked.

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