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Here you can see and play all our free slot games with bonus features, no download or no money required. Basically, any slot games with bonus features, meaning any types of bonus symbols or feature is listed on this page.

This selection of our free games online offer a wide range of different bonus games. Each makes a real difference to the games. From the simple pick an item type games commonly found in Las Vegas casinos too much more sophisticated and entertaining games. Some of the bonus games are mini-games in their own right! Some of our online slots even have skill-based bonus rounds where the player may have to use speed or accuracy to win more credits.

Free Slot Games With Bonus Features For Mobiles & Desktops

Alien Invaders
Free Ancient Egypt Slot Game
Free Ancient Zeus Slots Game
Free Android Slot Game
Free Aussie Pokie Slot Game
Free Balloon Pop Slot Game
Free Basketball Slot Game
Free Big 5 Gamble Slot Game
Free Bingo slot game
Free Blackbeards Bounty Slot Game
Free Boxing Slot Game
Free Bunny Money Slot Game
Free Canada Slot Game
Free Candy Slot Game
Free Casino Cruise Slot Game
Free Charming Frog Prince Slot Game
Free Chinese New Year Slot Game
Free Chit Chat Gossip slot Game
Free Christmas Fruity Fruit Machine
Free Christmas Slot Game
Free Cleopatra Slot Game
Free Coffee Slot Game
Free Cool Wheels Slot Game
Free Cops N Robbers Slot Game
Free Cowboy Slot Game
Free Creature Lagoon Slot Game
Free Cunning Fox Slot Game
Free Cupid Slot Game
Free Diva Viva  Slot Game
Free Easter Slot Game
Free Emperor Caesar Slot Game
Free Fairy Tale Slot Game
Free Famous hollywood  Slot Game
Free Fat Cats Slot Game
Free Fast Slot Game
Free Filthy Rich Billionaire  Slot Game
Free Fireworks Slot Game
Free Flash Cash Slot Game
Free Football Fever Slot Game
Free Fruit Slots Game
Free Gangster Slot Game
Free Girls Best Friend Slot Game
Free Greek Gods Slot Game
Grey Wolf
Free Greek Gods Slot Game
Free Halloween Party Slot Game
Free Horse Racing Slot Game
Free Horror Movie Slot Game
Free ignite Slots Game
Free Leprechaun Loot Slot Game
Free Little House of Fun Slot Game
Free Liberty Slots Slot Game
Free Football Fever Slot Game
Free Lottery Slot Game
Free Lucky 8s Slot Game
Free Mad Buffalo Slot Game
Free Mega Infinity  Slot Game
Free Mega Ruby Slot Game
Free Merlins Cave Slot Game
Free Monopoly Slot Game
Free Mr Green Slot Game
Free New Year Party Slot Game
Free Oh My Cod Slot Game
Free Pirates Slot Game
Free Premium Deluxe Slot Game
Free Pokie Gold Slot Game
Free Raging Inferno Slot Game
Free Rapid River Slot Game
Free Rapid Quick Hits Slot Game
Free Regal Royal Slot Game
Free Robin Hood Slot Game
Free Roman Slot Game
Free Romeo Juliet Slot Game
Free Slotastic Slot Game
Free 7 Reel Slot Game
Free UK Slot Game
Free USA Slot Game
Free SlotoCash Slot Game
Free Slots Of Vegas Slot Game
Free Snowball Slot Game
Free Soldier Slot Game
Free Spooky Fruity Fruit Machine
Free Football Fever Slot Game
Free Snakes and ladders Slot Game
Free Sporty Slot Game
Free St Patricks Slot Game
Free Summer Holiday Slot Game
Free Summer Spins Slot Game
Free Super Fruits Slot Game
Free Super Scatter Slot Game
Free Superhero Slot Game
Free Surf Slot Game
Free Tennis Slot Game
Free Thunder & Lightning Slot Game
Free Top Dogs Slot Game
Free Totally Epic Slot Game
Free Treasure Temple Aztec Slot Game
Free Triple Diamonds Slot Game
Free Triple Red 7s Slot Game
Free Fruit Machine Slot Game
Free Valentiens Slot Game
Free Vampire Slot Game
Free Vegas Ice Slot Game
Free Vegas Slots Slot Game
Free Video Poker Slot Game
Free Viking Gods Slot Game
Free Wine Slot Game
Free Winter Wonderland Slot Game
Free Zombie Slot Game

Desktop Only Slots

Free 7Red Slot Game
Free Blackjack Slot Game
Free Casino Slots Slot Game
Free Comeon Slot Game
Free Craps Slots Slot Game
Free Crazy Slots Slot Game
Free Crazy Vegas Slot Game
Free Domgame Slot Game
Free Enchanted Garden Slot Game
Free Riches of Wonderland Slot Game
Free Roulette Slot Game
Free Royal Vegas Slot Game
Free Roxy Palace Slot Game
Free Santas Super Slot Game
Free Slots Jungle Slot Game
Free Slotsjam Slot Game
Free Summer Games Slot Game
Free Super Slots Slot Game
Free Superior Slot Game
Free Treasure Mile Slot Game
Free Treasure Atlantis Slot Game

Our free slot games with bonus features are both Flash and HTML5 powered. So can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. All of our slots online are free to play and you can play instantly in your web browser with no deposit and no download required. Although none of our slots are real money slots, you can win real money playing our slot machines. Data charges may apply if playing on your mobile over mobile data. Therefore, it is best to make sure you are playing on a free wifi connection.

In our games, you will find a great selection of bonus features. Some of them are completely unique, to our knowledge they have never been used in an online casinos slot game. Others are the same as the features you would find in popular slots games in a casino.

Free Spins Bonus

Football Fever Slot Free Spins ScreenshotThis bonus feature is in many free casinos slots games. Both in our own games and in the slots you will find in casinos. It is pretty much what it says it is. You get a number of free spins awarded to you.

Normally to active free spins mode you have to get a specified symbol to land on the reels a certain number of times. The number of times the symbol displays on the screen at the same time normally dictates how many free spins you're awarded. For example in our Football Fever Slot, 3 stopwatch symbols or more wins you free spins. 3 wins you 3 free spins, 4 wins you 5 free spins and 5 wins you 8 free spins.

When the free spins mode is activated there is normally nothing for the player to do. They just sit back and watch as the free spins are automatically played for them.

In some free spins modes, wins can be multiplied and sometimes more free spins can be won inside the free spins mode. This is known as retriggering free spins. There are many slight variations of the free spins modes.

Pick An Item Bonus

Monopoly Slots Pick An Item Bonus Round Screenshot Pick an item bonus rounds are also pretty common in our free slot games with bonus features. They are also pretty common in slots machines in casinos. You're shown a selection of images to pick from.

Depending on the game, you get to pick one or more of the items. Each item has a prize hidden in or behind them, clicking the item makes the prize credit amount to appear.

Each time you activate the pick an item round. The prizes behind each item change so they are not the same each time. Depending on the game, the items may stay in the same position or switch locations.

Many of our games have a pick an item round. Including Monopoly Slots, Girls Best Friend Slot, Cleopatra Slots, and Pirates Slots to name just a few.

Gamble 50/50 Bonus

Flash Cash Gamble Bonus Round Screenshot Another common type of bonus. The gamble round or 50/50 feature has a few variations. You can also find this bonus round in our free slot games with bonus features. The aim is to gamble the credits won by the spin that activated the bonus game. You can either keep your winnings or gamble them all for a 50/50 chance of doubling them.

In our 50/50 gamble games. There is a card face down, you have to select if it's a black or red card. You can also select which suite you think the card is. If you select correctly you double your winnings and get the chance to guess again on another card. If you guess incorrectly you lose all your winnings and return to the reels.

We have several games that feature this type of bonus feature that gets activated after every winning spin. Some of the games that have this are Flash Cash, Halloween Party, and Summer Spins

Shooting Bonus Round

Snowball Fight Bonus Game Screenshot Although this type of bonus round is pretty common on our site. They are not so common if at all on slots games in casinos.

We have several different types of shooting bonus games. Each requiring slightly different skill levels. Some are shooting type of games where you have to throw or shoot something at an object. Others are where you just have to click on moving items.

One of the highest skill level shooting bonus games is our Archery game in Summer Games Slot. You have to aim, judge the power of the shot. Taking into account the wind speed to try and hit the center of the target. Like reel Archery, the closer to the target you get the higher your winning credits.

Our snowball fight bonus game is unique to our Snowball slot. Once activated you get to take part in a snowball fight. You're represented by a little person with a red top, your opponents wear blue tops. You move your little person around on the screen and click on them to prepare to throw a snowball. When you let go you throw a snowball at the opponent. There are many rounds in the bonus game, each round getting progressively harder.

Racing Bonus

Summer Games Swimming Race Bonus Game ScreenshotA race game is where you bet on the winner of a race. Like horse racing or greyhound racing. This is another unique feature that is common on our site. However, not so common in slots games at casinos. At casinos, these types of games tend to be betting games in their own right. They don't tend to be part of a slot as a bonus round.

In our Summer Games Slot, you bet on a swimmer by selecting which country you think will win the race. The position your selected swimmer finishes in determines the amount you win.

In Santa's Super Slots you bet on which toy you think will win the race. You get to place different bet amounts on different toys. When the race ends the positions that the toys come and the amount that you have bet determines the amount you win.

Fireworks Bonus

Fireworks Slot Fireworks Display Bonus Game Screenshot This is another game that is unique to Free Slots 4U. Our fireworks round features in Fireworks slot and New Year Party slot.

We have two versions of the Fireworks game. One version is based on the river Thames in London. While the other lets, you pick from London, New York, Paris, and Sydney. Each location features iconic landmarks as the backdrop to your fireworks display.

In the fireworks round, you get to build a fireworks display. By buying fireworks with credits from a fireworks fund. You place each firework on a timeline at the bottom of the game. When you're happy with the positioning of the rockets, simply hit Start Show. Then sit back and watch your very own fireworks display. The more fans you please with your fireworks display, the more credits you win.

Photograph the Reels

Shoot the Reels Bonus Game Screenshot The Photograph the Reels or Shoot the Reels bonus game is pretty unique and fun type of bonus game. In this bonus game, the reels will spin up and down randomly both fast and slow. The aim is to click on a specific image as it whizzes past on the reels. The more you manage to click the more points you earn in the bonus round. This game is very much so a skill based game. It relies heavily on a keen eye and quick reaction time.

As you can see from the screenshot to the left you can play this game on our Slots of Vegas Slot. However, it is also featured in our Crazy Vegas slot. Even though all our games that have this type of bonus game each feature the word "Vegas" in their names. This is just a coincidence. Although, we have not been to Vegas to check we are pretty sure the chances of finding this type of bonus game in Vegas is pretty slim.

Stop Flashing Light

Stop Flashing Light Bonus Game Screenshot This bonus game is similar to ones found in fruit machines. In the form of a Cash Ladder and Bonus Trail or Bonus Board. The stop the flashing light type bonus game is pretty much what it sounds like. There is a set of images that are darkened out and flash bright one at a time randomly. As they are flashing you have to click on a stop button to stop them on the correct image. Some bonus games such as the one pictured to the left show you which image you need to stop the light on. In other games, each position has a different bonus amount. Where the image you stop the light on dictates the bonus amount you win.

Our Slots of Vegas Slot slot have the type of bonus game shown in the image. Our fruit machines games have the type where the image you stop on shows the bonus you win.

Bingo Bonus

Bingo Slot Speed Bingo Bonus Game Screenshot Bingo is very popular, although we don't know of any slots games at casinos that have a bingo round. So we made one! Casinos do have bingo games but they are not part of a free slot machine.

The Bingo Bonus is what it says it is. You get to play Bingo in a bonus round. This round can be found in our Bingo Slot. When playing the speed bingo round you can manually daub numbers on your bingo card, or you can select auto-daub. Look out for three bingo bonus symbols on the reels as this activates the feature in the game.

Tip: Selecting manual mode will have higher prize amounts, plus, we think, its more fun!

Video Poker Bonus

Video Poker Slot Jacks or Better Bonus Game Screenshot There are many video poker games in casinos. But again to our knowledge, none feature as a bonus round in a slots game.

Two of our slots, Casino Slots Slot and also Video Poker Slot feature video poker feature.

Video poker slot includes Deuces Wild Multi-Hand and Jacks or Better.

Casino Slots features Aces Faces video poker as one of its many bonus features. All the poker games are games from our Free Video Poker 4U sister site.

Roulette Bonus

Roulette Slot French Roulette Bonus Game Screenshot Like video poker, roulette is another game that tends to be a game in its own right. So in true FreeSlots4U style, we have made it a bonus game in our slots machines.

Our Roulette Slot and Casino Slots Slot. Roulette slot features three versions of Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette. Casino Slots Slot features European Roulette.

All the Roulette games are from our sister site Roulette 4U where you can play more Roulette games.

Blackjack Bonus

Blackjack Slot BLackjack Switch Bonus Game Screenshot Blackjack Bonus rounds can be found in our Blackjack Slot and also our Casino Slots Slot.

The Blackjack games are from our sites site Free Blackjack 4U. where you can play more Blackjack games. Spanish Blackjack is featured in casino slots slot.

Our Blackjack Slots game features Hi Streak Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and European Blackjack.

Spin The Wheel Bonus

Royal Vegas Slot Spin The Wheel Bonus Game Screenshot This game is very much like the Wheel of Fortune. Simply spin the wheel and watch to see where it lands to show what you've won. Our Royal Vegas Slot features this type of game.

We are continually coming up with new bonus game ideas. If you have an idea for a bonus game that you would like us to create in one of our games. Simply let us know (using our Contact Us page) and we will see what we can do!

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