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Free 3 Reel Slots

On this page, you can find all of our exclusive, free to play 3 reel slots machines. Perfect if you prefer playing classic 3 reel slots online.

Some of these slots were among the very first slots to feature on our site. Along with our 7 reel slots machine. They remain a popular choice with our visitors and that's why our 3 reel slots have been upgraded. They now work on mobile devices with modern browsers - no Flash or other plugins required!

Free Slot Games With Bonus Features For Mobiles & Desktops

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3 Reel Slots Paylines

Slot Machine 3 Paylines Based on the original 3 reel slots machines found in land-based casinos, 3 reels doesn't mean boring!

The first 3 reel slots in casinos only had 1 payline. As such many people today probably still associate 3 reel slots with 1 payline. However, this is not always necessarily the case. Some of our 3 reel slots games do actually have more than just the one payline.

3 reel slots are a great choice for new slots players. The lower number of paylines lets you see clearly what is going on. When there is a win and also when there isn't a win. Unlike the more complicated 5 reel slots that can have many more paylines. The 5 reel slots with more paylines can get a bit overwhelming for a new slots player when there are lots of winning paylines.

3 Reel Slots Bonus Games

Slot Machine Classic Gamble Bonus GameUnlike most 3 reel slot machines, many of our 3 reel slots do have a bonus round.

The bonus round that they have is a gamble bonus round. It is activated every time you have a winning line on a payline.

In the bonus round, you get the chance to collect the winnings from the spin or gamble the winnings which allow you to double or triple the winnings.

During the bonus round, there is a playing card face down on the screen.

The aim is to double or triple your previous spin winnings by selecting the correct color of the card, black or red. Correctly selecting the correct color of the card will double your winnings. Guessing the correct suite of the card - Clubs, Spades, Diamonds or Hearts - will triple your winnings.

After each successful round, you get the chance to collect your new winnings or gamble again. If you guess incorrectly then you will lose all the credits you have been gambling and you are returned to the reels with a win of 0 credits.

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