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General Questions

Question 1. Can I win real money or prizes by playing your free slots games? Are the credits worth anything?

Answer 1. The credits within the games are just for fun, However you can take part in tournaments and competitions that allow you to win real money prizes, the tournaments and competitions results are based on the games leader boards, currently we run two types of tournaments:-

  1. Our Free Slots Tournaments allow you to play for free and win real money prizes.
  2. Each month we have one or two featured games that have prizes keep an eye on our newsletters for more information.

Also if you join our email club you will receive emails that will show you the various ways that you can win real money and prizes by playing free slots.

Question 2. Do your games keep a track of the scores?

Answer 2. All of our games have two modes, guest mode and member mode. In guest mode your scores are not recorded at all, if you close you leave the page and come back to it your scores will start from the default starting amount. To record your scores and appear on the leader board you must create a login, logins work on all of our games, you don't need to create one for each game. To take part in our tournaments and competitions you will need to be logged in to the games so your scores are saved.

Question 3. How do I take part in your Free Slots Tournaments?

Answer 3. Follow the steps shown on our How to Join a Slots Tournament page.

Technical Issues

Question 1. I can not see your games on my computer.

Answer 1. There are a number of possible causes, please read through the possible issues and solutions below to solve the problem.

Issue 1. You are using an old version of a browser such as version 4 of FireFox / Mozilla.

Solution 1. Update to a newer version of Firefox / Mozilla. Or simply try visiting our site using Google Chrome.

Issue 2. Your 'flash player' is too old and can not handle the flash code in our games.

Solution 2. This is simply a matter of updating your flash player which is free and safe just visit and click on the right hand side where it says Download Flash Player 10 now  then follow the steps.

Issue 3. Your internet connection is too slow. Although this is a very unlikely problem as we have designed our games to be fast loading, there is still a chance if you have a slow internet connection that you will have to wait before the game appears.

Solution 3.  Please allow up to 2 minutes for a page to load (if it takes longer than that there is probably a different fault).

Issue 4. Your security settings are too strict and are blocking the games.

Solution 4. Adjust your security settings in your security software and or browser to allow our games to load.

Still having problems viewing the games. If you still can not see the games you should read through

Tournament Issues

Question 1. I have won and claimed in a tournament but not received my winnings.

Answer 1. It normally takes about 3 working days for your prize to be processed, if you haven't received your prize within 7 days please contact our support.

NOTE: It is very important that you sign up to the casino using a link from our site, players who have signed up not using a link from our site will not be able to claim their prize. We are unable to credit players that have not signed up using our links.

If you cannot find a link on our site for a casino you wish to play at please contact us and we will provide you with a link for that casino. This will then enable you to claim prizes in future tournaments sponsored by that casino.

Question 2. I keep getting logged out of the games and need to reconnect.

Answer 2. This is caused by your internet connection slowing down. In order that our system can keep track of players scores it needs to be connected to your computer. You can test your internet connection speed at if your speed is of a reasonable speed (say over 3mbps) then you should not be having this problem. If you have a very slow internet connection is is very likely that it is dropping out and causing the reconnect issue.

Please note even if you have a good internet connection it can still drop out occasionally so if you are not seeing this reconnect issue very often that is probably all it is and there is no need for you to report it to us.

Question 3. I believe I have ranked high enough in one of your slots tournaments to win one of the prizes, how do I check and claim?

Answer 3. We have created a page which explains the steps required to check and claim a prize.

Question 4. I was in first place (or had a very high score) and now it has dropped.

Answer 4. There are a number of possible causes. If your high score was abnormally high we may have looked into it and if it was caused by a glitch in a game your score would be corrected to reflect what you should have won (we then fix the glitch in the game to prevent it happening again).

If your score has not changed but someone else has jumped ahead of you that could simply be that they have scored more, there is no need to report this to us as if they have an abnormally high score will will review it anyway and adjust if we find it to be incorrect.

Question 5. I have claimed my prize in your system but I have not yet recieved the prize in the casino account what should I do?

Answer 5. The first thing you should do is wait 5 working days as outlined on our "How to Claim a Prize" page If after 5 working days fo claiming your prize it has still not been credited to your casino account please contact us to let us know, telling us your casino username or account number and what tournament you claimed for as well as you freeslots4u username.

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