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Free Slots Chrome App & Browser Extension

We currently have one Chrome App and one browser extension that runs on all modern web browsers.

Free Slots 4U Browser Extension

We currently have one Chrome App and one browser extension that runs on all modern web browsers.

Free Slots 4U Browser Extension

Our browser extension/plugin works on multiple browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The plugin allows you to log in and gives you access to the latest members-only games on These games are not available to none members and on some occasions are not accessible directly from the website. You will also be able to see the latest competitions that are running on the site.

Browser Extension Screenshot

You can install the extension from the browsers official plugin store or you can download them using the links below and manually install add them to your browser.

Download Chrome Extension | Download Firefox Extension

Free Slots 4U Chrome App

We are pleased to announce the launch of our very own Free Slots 4U Chrome App.

Free Slots 4U Chrome App - Girls Best Friend Slot

Free Slots 4U App Overview

We wanted to create the best chrome slots app. Unlike most slots app on the Chrome store our app is more than just a shortcut from your desktop - our easy to launch app allows you to play all of our slots games outside of our site.

Quick direct access to all our free slots.
Free sponsored tournaments details listed in the main lobby.
Filters to find the games with the features you like.
Random order of games to help you see games you might miss on the site.
Looks just like a Casino lobby but it's 100% Free!

The app has some great features that are not available on our site, such as filters that allow you to filter the list of games, enabling you to quickly find the games with features you want to play. The list automatically updates straight away as you select different options, for example you can choose to only see the games that have 5 reels and 25 paylines and 3 bonus rounds.

The app was created to look and feel just like a real casino lobby, on the main screen when you open the app you'll see the current slots tournaments that are running on the site, and our special monthly slots competitions that have real money prizes are shown in the slider on the left hand side.

3 Steps Install Overview

Locate FreeSlots4U App in the Chrome store



Step 1

To install the app simply Click this link. You will then see the FreeSlots4U Lobby chrome app in the Chrome Store which will look like the image below.

Free Slots4U Chrome App Store Listing >

Step 2

Next click on the blue button at the top right that says "ADD TO CHROME"

free Slots 4U Chrome App Add To Chrome Button

You will then see a small box asking you to confirm you want to install the app.

Click on Add and the app will be installed to your Chrome browser.

free Slots 4U Confirm App Screen

Step 3

Once the app is installed click on the "Apps" button Chrome Apps Icon near the refresh button and then look for the Free slots 4U icon.

How To Use Free Slots 4U App

To use the Free Slots 4U app simply open Chrome - make sure you're logged in so that your Chrome profile is loaded - and then repeat step 3 from above. Within the app itself there are 2 screens, the lobby screen and the game screen, both are shown below.

Lobby Screen

Free Slots 4U Chrome App Lobby

The Slider displays the latest free promotions currently running on
The Tournaments table showing free slots tournaments that are currently running on, sponsored and non sponsored

Full list of games from, their order changes so you get to see different slots each time you open the app

Game Screens

Free Slots 4U Chrome App Filters

Clicking the "Back to Lobby" button will take you back to the lobby screen
"Filter Games" allows you to filter games to see all the games with the features that you're looking for
The "Previous" and "Next" buttons allow you to cycle through all available games. Between these buttons is the page number that you're on and the number of pages that are available.

You can still login and save your scores, while playing in the app. Unfortunately in order for this to work, it means you still need an internet connection so the app will not work in offline mode.

Other Chrome Benefits

Chrome is a fast web browser that is updated regularly and supports all the latest web development features so you will always see websites at their very best.

By logging into Chrome on your desktop and mobile device you get the benefit of being able to access tabs, bookmarks and browser history across your devices. This is handy whenever you're reading a web page on your desktop but have to leave your desktop - you can carry on reading the very same page on your mobile device with no need to remember the sites URL or search for it again, simply reopen the tab on your mobile!

Apps that you install in Chrome will automatically be available on all machines that you login to, although they appear like they are apps installed on the local machine they are actually installed to your Chrome configuration, which is saved on the web, at Google, and loaded each time you login.

Chrome is developed by Google so as you would expect it also works best with all their other services such as Gmail, Drive, Maps, Calendar and Youtube etc. The list goes on and they are adding to it all the time.