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Top TV Free Game Show Slots

We love slots and we love game shows, quizzes and reality TV too. Therefore, in this article we combine the best of both worlds. With our ultimate guide to the best free Game Show slots machines! We kick off the action with...

Game Show Slot - Jeopardy.

Overview: First broadcast in March 1964, the award winning Jeopardy! Is one of the most famous games shows in America! This is IGT's version of the game and it's a 5 reel, 40 payline slot with three main features. Wild Rush, Free Spins and Jeopardy! Bonus Board.

The Wild Rush feature means that any time a Wild Jeopardy! symbol appears in a column, the symbol position immediately below that Wild is more likely to turn into an additional Wild symbol. so you can win stacks of Wilds.

Land two or more bonus scatter symbols in the center column and it will start the Jeopardy! board bonus round.

The Jeopardy! Board Bonus round is triggered by landing two or more of the Bonus scatter symbols in the center column.

You start with three picks from the Jeopardy! board. Making one pick from each column in order, starting with the left-most column. Each Daily Double selected awards an additional pick.The columns you pick from are, from left to right.

Just Spin Baby awards free spins.

X Marks the Spot awards a multiplier to be applied to all wins during the free spins.

Potpourri adds more free spins or increases the multiplier and contains two Daily Doubles.

Wild About You determines which symbols will be wild on columns 2, 3, 4, and 5 during the free spins round

Really Wild determines which column or columns will be entirely wild during the free spins.

One last thing to note: this game gives you the Jeopardy! music which might drive you up the wall eventually! And look out also for the Jeopardy! presenters on the reels.

Where to play Jeopardy! Slot? Try it out free game show slots at Mr Geen Casino

Not suitable for US players

Game Show Slots - Top Pick for U.S. Players

Overview: On this page we take a look at the official, licensed TV game show slots games.

However, none of these games are available to US players. So for our USA visitors we've picked Rival's Wheel of Cash slot, which obviously takes its inspiration from game shows in general and Wheel of Fortune in particular.

This is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with game show style prizes on the reels (gold watch, luxury boat, sports car, Champagne etc).

Hitting 3 or more of the Wheel of Cash icons triggers the bonus feature. You get to spin the wheel of cash. Three times and each time you win the winning cash segment is replaced with a 'bust' segment.

If you are unlucky enough to hit one of these segments on the wheel in your subsequent spins, then your bonus win is lost. You can cash out of the bonus game after a spin if you want to guarantee your winnings.

Where to play Wheel of Cash Slot? We can recommend playing Wheel of Cash at Superior Casino.

Not suitable for UK or Canadian players

Free Game Show Slots - Deal or no Deal Slot.

Overview: Presented by Noel Edmonds, the U.K.'s Deal or no Deal was a smash hit with daytime TV audiences thanks to its ultra-simple premise.

A lone contestant must keep or discard boxes containing unknown amounts of cash. Or they can accept an offer from the mysterious banker when he phones in an offer. As each box is discarded so the prize contained is revealed, lucky players could walk away with tens of thousands pounds. If they chose the wrong box they could see the big cash prizes being removed from play and expect a phone call from the banker offering them much smaller cash amounts!

In this 5 reel, 20 payline version of the game. The tension of the show is captured nicely with 3 special features that could see you walking away with big wins, including a progressive jackpot!

Deal or No Deal Slot Bonuses

In this game you'll want to trigger the Banker's Offer Feature. During the base game play a ringing phone can stop the reels from spinning and you're guaranteed a win but the banker will still test your nerve. He will make a guaranteed cash offer in exchange for the amount you would win on the reels. You must Choose 'Deal' to accept the offer or 'No Deal' to return to the reels.

Watch out also for the Mystery Box Bonus Game Feature. Landing three of the Mystery Bonus symbols on any payline will activate this bonus game. Players are presented with 15 sealed boxes. 11 of which contain cash prizes. Three are empty and one is a Win All box that will open all the awarding prizes. If you select one of the three empty boxes the bonus game ends.

This game also has a Deal or No Deal Bonus Game Feature. Bet on all 20 lines and land three Deal or No Deal Bonus symbols on reels 1,3 & 5 and the bonus game will begin. In this bonus game you will have a chance to win a Progressive jackpot!

The computer will randomly select a box that could contain anything between a penny and the jackpot.

The banker will make you a series of offers throughout this bonus game. Each time you refuse an offer more boxes will be opened to reveal their contents.

Only two boxes will remain at the end of the game. You must then choose whether you would like to accept the banker's final offer or not.

Last but not least, this game's Progressive Jackpot grows with every ??1.00 wagered, until one lucky player scoops the lot.

Not suitable for US players

Free Game Show Slots The Million Pound Drop

Overview: Based on the U.K. quiz show of the same name, The Million Pound Drop is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game developed by Endemol games.

Three or more Security Pass symbols will trigger the Security Pass Bonus while three or more Million Pound Drop Scatters triggers The Million Pound Drop Bonus.

Watch out for The Golden Wild symbol. When it appears on Reel an Expanding Wilds feature is triggered. 4 other random symbols on the screen will fall through the trapdoor and will be replaced with a regular wild and wins awarded where suitable.

In the Security Pass Bonus game. Cash bundles fall down the Million Pound Drop cylinder and you must move the case and click to collect 9 cash bundles. As each bundle is collected they'll turn into a free spin or free multiplier prizes. Once all bundles are collected the accumulated free spins will play out. Any Scatter combinations during free spins pay double except for the Security Pass bonus Scatters which result in 12 additional free spins.

The Million Pound Drop Bonus Game

In The Million Pound Drop bonus game you get up to 8 rounds to play. You're presented with a top prize at the beginning of each round, which is represented as ten bundles of cash to be placed on trapdoors.

For the first 4 rounds, you have the choice of 4 trapdoors (the player can only place cash on 3 trapdoors). The following 3 rounds you get the choice of 3 trapdoors (the player can only place cash on 2 trapdoors). For round 8 you have the choice of 2 trapdoors (the player can only place cash on 1 trapdoor).

Once the cash is placed, press the 'Drop' button and all but one of the available trapdoors will open. Any cash that remains after the trap doors open in a particular round is accumulated and banked by the player. The aim of the game is obviously to keep as much of the cash as possible at the end of each round. Lose all your cash down the trapdoors and the bonus game is over. You get all cash accumulated so far plus an extra 'round completion' award and return to the base game.

We think they've done a good job of capturing the high stakes tension of the original TV show so if you like this show, play it in free mode and see what you think!

Where to play The Million Pound Drop Slot? Try The Million Pound Drop for free at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play at Paddy Power

Not suitable for US players

Game Show Slots - Bullseye Slot.

Overview: For those of you have never seen it. Bullseye was an incredibly popular 1980s to early 1990s game show in the U.K. combining as it did two of the nation's favorite pastimes: darts and quizzes!

The show is now considered something of a cult classic and is famous for several catch phrases. Including "Take a look at what you could have won" which unlucky participants got to hear host Jim Bowen say as he revealed the star prize (typically a car, caravan or boat) they had just failed to win! No one went home empty handed though as everyone got a toy "Bendy Bully". Something we're sure still takes pride of place in many homes around the U.K. today!

This Microgaming powered 5 reel slot game is pretty faithful to the TV original game show. With the Bullseye logo on the reels acting as a wild alongside other symbols including cash, star prizes, darts, dartboards and a tankard.

A special bonus round is activated by landing the prize dart board symbols on reels 1 and 5. During this game you throw darts at the board with 1980s quality game show prizes such as ghetto blaster, video recorder and carriage clock offering up cash prizes.

Land three or more dart board scatter symbols on the reels to start re-trigger-able free spins with 15 free games with all winnings doubled.

Where to play Bullseye Slot? Play free game show slots at Microgaming powered Golden Tiger Casino

Not suitable for US players

Free Game Show Slots - X Factor Jackpot Slot.

Overview: Ok so it's not strictly a game show but we felt X Factor games were worthy of mention on our round up, if only because we love the show!

The fan base is well catered for with several X Factor themed slots of which X Factor: Jackpot slot is our pick of the bunch.

This is a 20 payline, 5 reel game. This game has free spins, sticky wilds, bonus round and a progressive jackpots too!

During play, a Microphone symbol appears on the middle reel only and when it does you get to play the Microphone Pick Me bonus round. Three Pick Me symbols will appear. Just click on a symbol to reveal an X Factor contestant and a cash prize.

Watch out because if you get two yes votes then it's a deadlock which means you will need to get the public vote to progress to the next round.

If you get a single or zero 'yes' votes then you are out of the bonus game (and are awarded any current bonus cash amount accumulated).

At the end of each round watch out for the mobile phone symbols. 4 phone symbols award the bronze progressive jackpot. 5 phone symbols award the silver progressive jackpot. 6 phone symbols award the gold progressive jackpot.

X Factor Slot Free Spins Mode

Last but not least, this game also has a free spins feature triggered by hitting 3 CD symbols that appear on the reels 2,4 and 5. Each CD symbol will reveal a number, which are totaled to tell you how many free spins you've won. Once the total number of free spins is awarded the X Factor logo will fly across the reels and touch symbols to turn them into wilds.

These wild symbols will remain in position until the end of the Free spins. During this Free spins mode an enhanced reel set is used so you have more chance of winning than with the base set of symbols, although you can not trigger bonus round during this feature.

Where to Play X Factor Jackpot Slot? Play X Factor Jackpot for free at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play at Paddy Power

Not suitable for US players

Game Show Slots Blankety Blank Slot.

Overview: Another hugely popular British television show. Blankety Blank (actually based on an Australian game show called Blankety Blanks) was a light hearted show featuring two contestants and 6 celebrities.

The host would read out a short statement with a word missing (example: "I met a woman at the post office and she was moaning that it cost a fortune to send her ___ through the post") and the celebrity panel would each write down their answer.

As the 6 panelists were, more often than not, established comedians, many of the answers given were funny, nonsensical or, typically, double entendres! The two contestants would compete to give the answer that most celebrities had written down.

Blankety Blank the slot game itself is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot. On the reels you get some traditional slots icons such as bars and sevens alongside symbols that reflect the game show such as a prize hamper, Blankety Blank logo and the infamous Blankety Blank cheque book and pen (a consolation prize to players who had been eliminated from the game).

You'll also find B, L, A,N and K symbols which are the scatter bonus symbols and trigger the game's Blankety Blank bonus feature when you land 5 ob the reels at the same time.

Blankety Blank Slot Bonus Round

In the bonus game six celebrities will appear on the screen and as a result you must choose a word from the card in front of you. Each celeb' who reveals the same word on their card will win you five free spins. Your free spins ( up to thirty) then take place followed by the Supermatch game starts and the celebrities are involved again, trying to match a multiplier of either 2x, 3x or 5x for you. Your free spins total prize is then multiplied by that amount.

The bonus feature in this game is actually pretty cool as it features the same kind of quiz as contestants had in the original TV show. Each time you play it you'll need to come up with a different answer which keeps things interesting and will appeal to fans of the original game show.

Where to play Blankety Blank Slot? Play free game show slots at Betfair Casino UK players only can play at Paddy Power

Not suitable For US players only

Top Wheel of Fortune Slot Games

The bonus feature in this game is actually pretty cool as it features the same kind of quiz as contestants had in the original TV show. Each time you play it you'll need to come up with a different answer which keeps things interesting and will appeal to fans of the original game show.

The appetite for Wheel of Fortune inspired slots games must be huge. Xecause developers IGT have developed a large number of games based on this massively popular game show. Well over 20 different versions exist in real world casinos! We won't mention every single Wheel of Fortune on this page. As most are not available to play online anyway. But instead will focus on three of the latest and greatest that can be played online.

Game Show Slots Wheel of Fortune on Tour

Overview: Wheel of Fortune On Tour is a 5 reels and 30 paylines game. This game mixes a touring theme to the Wheels of Fortune format. So as you play, a big yellow coach drives you along a United States map route offering up special features and bonuses when you make it to certain landmarks. Such a Mount Rushmore and Hollywood.

The game's symbols are a nice but unspectacular mixture of US "road trip" style imagery complete with a Route 66 sign, coach keys, a map etc.

At the bottom left of the reels is a fuel gage meter. When you hit a yellow bus the gage moves a step higher. When it hits full you move up one level.

Hit 3 of the yellow buses on reels 1, 3 and 5 and a bus on a map trail moves forwards whatever level you are on.

As you journey along the route you'll be able to pick up a free spins bonus game, jackpot prize increases, a letter picker game based on the game show, multiplier wedges, a 'spin to win' bonus feature and finally you can unlock mystery features which will trigger in the base game.

The Wheel of Fortune touring theme does add replay value as you attempt to move your coach along the game map and trigger the different features.

Where to play Wheel of Fortune on Tour? Play free game show slots at Betfair Casino.

Not suitable for US players.

Game Show Slots Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme

Overview: Wheel of Fortune: Triple Extreme Spin. Is a 5 reel slot with MultiWay Xtra feature. Meaning you get 720 ways to win on every spin. With more than one matching symbol in the same column multiplies the award (Betting is fixed at 720 ways which costs 50 coins.)

On the reels you'll find classic slot machine symbols in the form of various fruits such as cherry, plum and banana alongside a Wheel of Fortune logo, Wheels A Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the base game and substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols.

When 3 or more of the scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels this triggers the mini wheel bonus round. The symbols that triggered the bonus immediately turn into spinning wheels and then the wheels stop in order from left to right.

The values on the wheels get added together when they stop spinning. Then multiplied by the total triggering bet to determine the total win of the bonus. All mini Wheel Bonus wins are independent from MultiWay wins and are added to the total amount paid.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Bonus

This game also has a Triple Extreme Spin Bonus triggered by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols anywhere reels 2, 3, and 4. At the start of this round you'll see 12 envelopes displayed and you must select a number of envelopes equal to the number of triggering symbols for the bonus. Each selected envelope will award a pointer for either the blue, red, or yellow wheel.

Each wheel has 3 pointers and any selected pointers after the first 3 for a particular wheel pay a predetermined amount.

If no pointers for the red or blue wheels are selected, the center pointer on the red wheel is awarded.

When all the awarded selections have been exhausted, the wheels are spun.

The blue and red wheel contains pay values while the yellow wheel contains multiplier values.

The bonus pays the sum of all values on slices aligned with active pointers on the blue and red wheels. Plus any overflow values awarded during the pick bonus. Multiplied by the sum of multiplier values on the yellow wheel aligned with active pointers, times the triggering coin value.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Slot? Play free game show slots at Betfair Casino

Not suitable for US players.

Game Show Slots Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Reels

Overview: Launched in 2016, Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Reels is a 5 reel slot with 30 paylines. Multiplying scatter symbols, Multiplying wilds and an Ultra wheel bonus game.

Land 3 or more Scatter Wheel symbols to trigger their own miniature wheel spins for each triggering symbol

Landing 3 ultra wheel bonus symbols on reels 2,3, and 4 starts the ultra wheel bonus round.

During the first part of this bonus feature a set of 3 special Bonus reels are spun. Each Bonus reel can show a blank, a wheel symbol, or a wheel with multiplier symbol.

The wheel symbol and the wheel with a multiplier symbol activate particular wheels. The bonus feature then shifts to a new screen with 3 wheels. All of your activated wheels spin, and if any wheel is awarded a multiplier. A final wheel is spun which determines the multiplier value for each eligible wheel. There's the potential for huge wins in this bonus feature.

Where to play Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Reels Slot? Play free game show slots at Betfair Casino

Not suitable for US players.

Free Game Show Slots Who Wants to be a Millionaire Slot

Overview: One of the biggest game shows of recent years. The game show 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' has been a smash hit all over the world. This 5 reel, 50 payline slot game does a pretty good job of converting the show to a slots game format.

The format of the TV show perhaps doesn't really help this game's visuals. As we get a number of bland symbols representing key aspects of the show. Which include 50/50, phone a friend, chair, cash symbols etc. On the plus side the music is better than the visuals. Being as they are exactly the same as the TV show.

During play a wild will substitute for any of the symbols, except for the three scatter symbols. While landing 3 or more of the prize pick scatter symbols on an active payline will trigger the Prize Pick In-Reel Bonu feature.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Jackpot Ladder.

Watch out for the Jackpot Ladder. 3 or more of these symbols on an active payline will trigger the Progressive Jackpot Ladder Bonus round. In this round the slots are removed to reveal an image of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? TV studio and a jackpot ladder with its cash values. You have to press play to answer the question at the bottom of the screen. This will randomly select one of the answers which will have one of the following results. Advance - step up one on the ladder. Advance X - step up as many rungs as it allows. Collect -the bonus round will end and you will collect any winnings. Mystery - you will be awarded with a random answer. One neat touch is that you can use your lifelines to increase your chances.

It's a bit of a shame this round doesn't give you real quiz questions to answer. But you need to remember this is a slots game. Not the actual Who Wants to be a Millionaire pub quiz style machines that you can find.

There's also a simple 'pick item' type bonus triggered when three or more of the prize pick scatter symbols appear. In this round the symbols that won the feature turn into question answers A, B and C. You just have to click one to reveal a cash prize of up to 1000 times your total bet

Last but not least the game offers the chance to win the free spins. They are triggered by hitting three or more free spin symbols on an active payline during the main game. The number of free spin symbols that appear during the win determine how many free spins you will get with the maximum being 20.

Where to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire Slot? Play free game show slots at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play at Paddy Power

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Slot is not suitable for US players.

That's it for our round up of the best TV Game Show themed slots games. Although that's not all - we'll be covering more game show and TV related slots in future articles! We hope you have found this overview useful. If you have any comments or questions then you can leave a comment below.

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