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With blockbuster movies such as Batman vs Superman and exciting TV shows such as Legion delighting fans around the world. Superheroes have never been more popular. So it's no surprise that these colorful characters - and their supervillain counterparts - feature in many exciting slots games. On this page we take a look at the current best free superhero slots games around. So if you're looking for slots with plenty of Kerpow! Then this is the page for you!

We kick off the action with Saucify Software's Alpha Squad. Starring Captain Shockwave before taking a look at some of the big blockbuster Superhero slots from the likes of Playtech and Microgaming.

US Players: Alpha Squad

One for US players is Alpha Squad from developers Saucify. Captain Shockwave has enlisted you into Alpha Squad. Your mission is to bring down the evil Omega Syndicate. It's a 5 reel, 30 Payline video slot which features wild, scatter, multiplier and free spins.

You can win up to 120,000 coins in this game and also up to 24 free spins. There is also a bonus wild random feature.

Watch out for the Alpha Squad Base symbol which triggers the "Hero Attack" free spin feature. At the start of this round, you have to choose one Alpha Squad character. Then your character will attack one symbol and change it into wild

Unfortunately, US players can not play any of the other superhero games on this page at the moment. Therefore, Alpha Squad is your best bet if you're in the U.S.A.

You can try Alpha Squad for free at Saucify powered casinos such as Lucky Creek casino and Lucky Creek casino. These casinos welcome players from the USA/Canada/Australia etc but are not suitable for U.K. players.

Super Heroes Slot

From top developer Yggdrasil, we have Super Heroes slot. As you can see from the video below. This exciting slot kicks off with an awesome animated video intro. Introducing you to the characters, before the game puts you in front of 5x3 reels. With well-designed sci-fi style symbols which animate when you get winning lines.

Super Heroes Slot Machine Intro on Youtube.

This game features 6 distinct and pretty cool superheroes. Both appear in the base game and in Free Spin mode. Including Mirage, Raven, Hopper, Tesla, Trance and Knox.

All the superheroes perform their own unique animations and award the player with various features. Such as wild reels, multipliers, & extra Free Spins. The action heats up when a spin randomly activates Hero mode. Where any two features are activated at once to give a magnificent mix of bonuses.

Hitting 3 or more of the free spins icon triggers free spins. Each free spin activates Superhero mode during which all superheroes start at level 1 and then "level up" each time they are summoned, up to level 4. The higher the level, the more powerful the superhero powers and thus the greater the rewards on offer!

Overall this is a superbly presented, fast-paced, slick slot game. That is going to appeal especially if you're a fan of fan of sci-fi and/or video games.

play Super Heroes Slot for free at Mr Green Casino Not suitable for USA players.

Where Have Marvel Slot Machines Gone?

Until recently - April 2017 - players had a choice of both Marvel slots and DC Comics slots. Like comics and films, these were the leading two superhero companies that dominated the superhero slots scene.

However, on 31st March 2017 all official Marvel slots licenses expired. For this, we have Disney to thank. Disney has owned Marvel since 2009. Introducing a family friendly policy, they decided to not renew the license agreements with software providers for all the Marvel slot machines. As Disney also acquired Lucas Films Ltd in October 2012, this policy also affects all Star Wars slot machines as well.

It is not the first time and almost definitely will not be the last time that great slots get pulled due to companies policies and licensing issues. In November 2012, JRR Tolkien estate sued Warner Bros over Warner Bros providing Microgaming with a license for the Lord of The Rings Slot machine. Due to these legal problems, Microgaming was forced to pull the game and replace it with The Dark Knight slot machine (which has itself been removed from casinos!).

What Happened to The Marvel Slot Machines?

Playtech was the software provider behind some of the big Marvel slots games. As you can imagine, slots games take a lot of time and hard work to design, develop, test and deploy. It comes as no surprise that Playtech didn't want to lose these fantastic games that they had worked so hard to produce. The great news is this means you can still play the slots games. How? Well, all of the slots games have been renamed, re-skinned with new graphics and sound effects and are still live and playable today!

The games are all the same games with the same bonus features, payout rates, and the same fantastic linked progressive jackpots.

Here are the new free superhero slots names for the old Marvel slots games:-

Although they are no more Superhero slots, they are another prevalent theme of Greek Mythology slots.

What Free Superhero Slots Are Still Available?

Disney's family-friendly policy only affects the companies that it owns. Therefore, DC Comics slots are safe for the time being. Keep your fingers crossed, that Warner Brothers doesn't decide to implement a similar policy.

Although not as many DC Comics superheroes have made it to the big screen "yet". There is a decent amount of DC Comics superhero slots machines.

DC Comic Superhero Slots to The Rescue!

Here is a list of all the DC Comic Superheroes that have a slot machine based on them:-

We're not going to cover all those slots on this page as we have a dedicated page of reviews of DC Comic slots games already. So you can check that page out if you would like to read more about the latest Batman/Superman etc slots. Batman has his very own page of Batman themed slots games too. We wouldn't be surprised if as more DC Comics characters hit the big screen, they too get a slot machine based on them. Watch this space!

Exclusive Free Superhero slot game

Our exclusive Superhero Slot game launched in Novemver 2018. It's an action packed game with 5 reels and 15 paylines. This awesome slot sees you leading a team of three Superheroes - Wild Fire, Tornado and Quantum - who are defending the world from a trio of three supervillians with special powers of Wild substitutions, Scatters and Free Spins!

Trigger the bonus features to take part in 3 Battle Bonus games and a 'Pick Item' feature sees you attempting to defuse a powerful energy bomb.

Superhero slot game is one of our HTML5 mobile friendly games so you can play on both desktop computers and on suitable mobile devices.

Microgaming Free Superheroes Slots Games: Hellboy Slot

Microgaming had two big hits with their Batman: Dark Knight and Batman: Dark Knight Rises slots games in 2015. However, both games were withdrawn in June 2016. Leaving Microgaming in the position of having no superhero games in their casino suite. That said Microgaming do have their Hellboy slot.

Is Hellboy a superhero? We were in two minds here at Free Slots 4U - according to Wikipedia he is, although we know many comic book fans disagree. In the end, we decided that while he might not be a classic tights and leotard wearing superhero hero. He certainly fits into the same league as comic book mutants and oddballs such as Wolverine, so he's worthy of a mention here.

Play Hellboy Slot at our recommended Mirogaming casinos including Luxury Casino. Non-UK players can play at Royal Vegas and JackpotCity slot. As this is a Microgaming game it is not suitable for USA players.

What Other Free Superhero Slots Are There?

As well as the recommnded games listed above you can also check out the following:

Reel Force Five Slot

Join the superheroes Telektra, Magnetron, Celcia, Fireblade, and Titan as they attempt to stop the evil Baron Lightfinger. In this 5 reel 25 paylines slot game from developers Core Gaming.

The game comes with no less than five Super Hero Bonus rounds for you to choose from and there are 5 wild symbols (one for each Super Hero) that are dedicated to each of the 5 reels.

The game is a fun take on the superhero theme. Kicking off with a comic strip style intro complete with Austin Powers-style music!

This game has a neat feature in the form of random wins - during play the superheroes stand at the side of the reels and will randomly swap out every so often. Then, at random, the superhero will use their powers to modify the reels:

Telektra - Uses her powers to change current symbols to wild or bonus symbols. Can also nudge the reels around to give more wild or bonus symbols.

Magnetron - Uses his special powers to lock wild or bonus symbols in place while the reels re-spin to give more wild or bonus symbols.

Celcia - freezes wild or bonus symbols in place while the reels re-spin to give more wild symbols or bonus symbols.

Fireblade - Burns off symbols to reveal wild or bonus symbols.

Titan - Will demolish existing symbols to reveal wild or bonus symbols.

The Reel Hero Bonus feature is triggered when you hit three or more of the Reel Hero scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. A selection screen allows you to choose what bonus feature you would like to play. Each of the 5 features holds different rewards and with differing risks associated. Telektra's feature on the left of the screen is the easiest option, with lowest rewards. While the far right Titan is the most lucrative feature. However, it comes with the greatest risk.

Natural Powers Slot

From developer IGT, we have Natural Powers slot game. It's a 5 reel 40 payline slot starring 4 sassy superheroines: Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice. Each of the Superheroines brings her special superpower to the reels:

FIRE - burns all Wind and Earth symbols from the reels (Wind, Earth, and WindEarth Logo symbols).
WIND - blows all Fire and Ice symbols from the reels (Fire, Ice, and FireIce Logo symbols).
ICE - Ice freezes away a random pattern of symbols.
EARTH - makes a random pattern of symbols leave the reels.

Watch out for the Super Team feature. The ladies may appear together when there are two Bonus symbols on the reels to cause a third Bonus symbol to cascade, triggering the Free Spins Bonus!

You can trigger free spins with three scattered Bonus symbols. Choose the number of free spins and the range of multipliers by selecting one of the Superheroines:

Fire - 5 free spins with 8x-10x multipliers
Wind - 8 free spins with 4x-10x multipliers
Ice - 12 free spins with 3x-5x multipliers
Earth - 15 free spins with 2x-4x multipliers

Regarding design, this is a bit of a quirky game. The reel symbols themselves are nothing special, and border on being naff. But the game does feature some nice cartoon animations featuring the superheroes when you manage to trigger one of the features.

It doesn't hold a candle to the more sophisticated Playtech DC comics slots or Super Lady Luck, mentioned above. However, the superheroes special powers are an engaging way of injecting some originality into the game. It's worth trying out in demo mode first.

Play Natural Powers free Superhero Slots machine at Mr Green Casino Not suitable for USA players.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best free Superhero slots. If you think we've missed out a great game please mention it in the comments below. You can also find links to related slots articles below. Until next time, cape crusaders...

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