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Is Lotto Betting Better Than Slots?

Lotto Betting

Who says slots and Lotto don't go together? Let's face it; slots go with just about anything, and lotto is no exception. Lotto and slots "Lotto Slots" work well together especially if you're a fan of progressive jackpots.

You could think of a slot machines progressive jackpot as being similar to a lottery jackpot. Each time you place a wager by spinning the reels you have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. This is similar to placing a bet on a lottery draw. Although, Lotto jackpots tend to be a lot bigger.

In this article, we are going to take a look at lotto betting to see what it's all about.

Where Can You Play Slots and Bet on Lotteries?

Lottoland has a great selection of Net Entertainment powered slots such as Gonzo's Quest, Jackhammer, Steam tower, and Jack and the Beanstalk to name a few to choose from alongside the chance to bet on many different lotteries. (Not suitable for USA players.)

What's the Biggest Lottery Jackpot you Could Win?

Like slots progressive jackpots, each Lottery jackpot amount tends to be different; it is down to the number of people that are taking part in the Lottery, the minimum jackpot and maximum jackpot amount set by the operator of the draw.

What is Lottery Betting and How Does it Differ From Playing a Lottery?

When you play the lottery, you're buying a ticket for the lottery draw. In purchasing a lottery ticket, you guess what the numbers will be in the draw. However, when you place a lottery bet, you guess the numbers of the draw, but you don't purchase a ticket for the draw. Your bet doesn't affect the jackpot, and the prize is not limited by the jackpot.

What's so Great About a Lottery Bet?

To buy a lottery ticket generally, you will need to be in the same country as the lottery draw. When betting on a lottery, your country of residence doesn't matter.

Who Pays out the Jackpot?

Lottoland acts as a bookmaker and pays out the jackpot, matching the prize amount of the lottery that the bet is placed, This means you get the same jackpot amount as you would if you played the lottery.

Because you're placing a bet and not buying a lottery ticket, this means that Lottoland can and do, run promotions such as the first bet placed is free!

Is Lottery Betting Licensed and Regulated?

Yes, although lotteries fall under a different licensing to regular gambling. Lottery betting comes under the same licensing and regulations as any other form of betting, such as sports betting. All slots games at bookmakers such as Lottoland along with other games commonly found at an online casino are licensed and regulated under normal online casino laws.

Do You Have To Wait a Long Time For Lottery Draws?

When it comes to Lottery draws they only happen on certain days of the week, generally once or twice per week. However, as you can bet on lotteries across the world, this doesn't mean that you have to wait a long time to bet on a Lottery draw. The EuroMillions Lottery is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays; the Irish lottery is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday; the US Powerball Lottery is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday local time which is Thursday and Sunday in Europe.

Whatever day of the week it is, the next draw shouldn't be too far away. If you can't wait that long though, you could always bet on Keno 24/7 which is the New York Keno quick draw. The Keno 24/7 gives you the chance to win up to £10 million every 4 minutes! That's all day every day of the week. You would struggle to find a progressive jackpot or slots tournament that pays out that amount or at that frequency.

So to sum things up, lottos have the possibility of paying out higher jackpot amounts at a much higher frequency rate. However, let's face it; they aren't as much fun as a slots game with all their bonus games, sounds effects, etc. That is why we suggest a combination of the two.

Have you tried lotto betting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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