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In 2016 slots developers Playtech signed a deal with Warner Bros. to license a whole range of DC comic book characters for use in their slots games including iconic super heroes Superman and Batman. Playtech have launched several of these games already, with more titles in the pipeline and here we'll take a look at the first of their Batman games which are based around the classic 1960s Batman TV show starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

There are currently 7 of these Batman TV show themed slots games in total and we cover each one indepth below, in no particular order. While all 7 share the same theme these are 6 different games in their own right so we've covered each games special or unique feature to help you decide which game best suits your style of play. Or you could be like us and just play the slot game with your favorite Batman villain: The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin, Mr Freeze or maybe the alluring Catwoman!

Batman & The Joker Jewels Slot.

Batman Joker Slot

Overview: This video slot features the most famous villain of them all as The Joker jostles with Batman and brings chaos to the reels in a 5 reel, 25 payline game.

On the reels , as well as The Joker, Batman and Robin you'll also find well designed Batman themed symbols including the iconic Batmobile, Batplane, the Joker's comedy gun, some false teeth, Batman's utility belt and the Batarang.

Batman vs The Joker Free Spins round is won by landing three bonus symbols anywhere on reels one, three and five. You then have to pick a side: Batman if you're feeling like a hero or Joker if you lean towards more towards being a villain!

A split Wild featuring half of Batman and half of the Joker then appears on reel 3 and where it lands will move a Win Multiplier towards either Batman or Joker on the Multiplier Meter!

Joker might be a bad guy but he does bring you something good on the reels as on any spin in the base the Joker can appear and add up to nine Joker wild symbols to any position.

Where to play Batman & The Joker Jewels Slot You can play for free at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play at Paddy Power Casino.

Batman & The Penguin Prize Slot.

Batman penguin Slot

Overview: This game features the King Pin of crime, The Penguin in an innovative game that gives you 3 reels in the main game (but don't confuse this game for a classic slot).

All spins on the main 3 reels are played with 64 ways to win and after any win The Penguin Respins feature will trigger an move you to a new screen to play in a 3 level Respin feature:

The Penguin Respin 1 occurs on a set of 3 reels with The Penguin symbol appearing as a 1, 2 or 3-high stacked symbol.

Any wins with a Penguin symbol during The Penguin Respin 1 triggers The Penguin Respin 2 which gives you 4096 ways to win on 3 reels that are each 2 symbol positions wide. Standard symbols appear in 2x1 blocks. Batman, Robin and The Penguin symbols appear as 2x2 super symbols.

Any win with The Penguin symbol during The Penguin Respin 2 triggers The Penguin Respin 3 with 4096 ways to win on 2 reels that are each 3 symbols wide. Standard symbols appear in 3x1 blocks. Batman, Robin and The Penguin symbols appear as 3x3 mega symbols.

After The Penguin Respin 3 (or any losing respin) the next spin will occur on the main reels like normal.

Where to play Batman & The Penguin Prize Slot? Test them out for free at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play at Paddy Power Casino

Not suitable for US players

Batman & Catwoman Cash

Batman catwoman Slot

Overview: This 5 reel, 25 paylines slot game features Batman and Robin attempting to track down the infamous Catwoman and the diamonds that she has stolen.

Bonus scatters landing on reels 1 and 3 symbols triggered the Cat Burglar Bonus - pick a scatter to win a prize or increase your win multiplier. As your win multiplier increases, Diamond symbols will replace some of the scatters on the reels. Diamonds award a cash prize whenever they land.

Landing scatters on reels 1 and 3 and 5 triggers Batman vs Catwoman free Games feature. First up you select a Batman Pick Me icon to reveal your free games then a Catwoman Pick Me icon to reveal your super stacked symbol. Spin the reel and any wins are multiplied by your free games multiplier. At the end of free games extra symbols are added to the reels.

Where to play Batman Catwoman Cash Slot? Test them out for free at Betfair Casino UK players only can play at Paddy Power Casino

Not suitable for US players

Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza Slot.

Batman batgirl Slot

Overview: In this 5 reel, 60 payline game Batman teams up with Batgirl. This slot has a unique look with standard 3 reels of 4 symbols height on the right of the screen joined to 2 reels on the left that are only two symbols high.

This game features Stacked Wilds; Batman, Batgirl and Robin symbols appear as single symbols on all reels but can appear in 2/3 symbol high stacks on reels 3, 4 and 5 only during both the main game and Batman Team-Up Free Games.

This game has an innovative "Co-op" symbol. These symbols in the game are Batman/Robin, Batman/Batgirl, and Batgirl/Robin. Each Co-Op symbol can stand for either, or both, of the two Super heroes it displays to create the maximum number of winning combinations.

Hit 4 matching symbols (including Wild & Co-Op symbols) on the first 2 reels to win 5 Batgirl Locked Respins. During respin only the 3 large reels on the right spin with the other reels being locked in place.

Hit 3 bonus symbols on reels 3,4,5 to trigger the Batman Team-Up Free Games round. At the start of the round you get to click Pick Me cards to reveal characters. Each PICK ME card will contribute to a character collection area at the top of the screen: Robin, Batgirl or Batman. The first of these character collection areas to fill will reveal the number of free games won, either: 12, 17 or 25.

During this Batman Team-Up Free Games round reels 1 and 2 merge to form a single reel filled with large 2x2 symbols.

Where to Play Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza Slot? Test them out for free at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play w at Paddy Power Casino

Not suitable for US players

Batman & The Riddler Riches Slot.

Batman riddler Slot

Overview: This is a 5 reel, 243 (fixed) Ways to Win slot game with stacked symbols, Wild, Sticky Wilds, Scatter, Bonus Wheel and Riddler's Box Bonus round.

This game is a collapsing Symbols style game - the reels spin and a new Wave of symbols lands on the reels. The symbols in any winning combinations will explode after wins and the remaining symbols on the reels will then fall into place. If you get lucky you can trigger multiple waves of collapsing symbols.

A Bat Wild symbol is the Wild symbol in the main game and the Mystery Spins feature and Multiplier Free Games mode. This symbol substitutes for all others except the scatter. Wilds appear only on reels 2- 5. Mystery symbols can appear at the start of any main game spin. Mystery symbols will transform into the same type of random symbol.

Bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. Land 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on reels 1, 2 and 3 in the main game to win the Batman vs The Riddler Bonus Wheel feature. In this round you get a mini-clip from the TV show and the chance to play a "wheel of fortune" style game - spin the arrow on the reel to win Multiplier Free Games (up to 10 free games), Sticky Wild Free Games or The Riddler Box Bonus.

Multiplier Free Games mode features a win multiplier which increases with each wave of winning reel collapses :
1st Wave wins are multiplied by x1.
2nd Wave wins are multiplied by x2.
3rd Wave wins are multiplied by x3.
4th Wave wins (and any successive Waves) are multiplied by x5.

If you have a losing wave, the multiplier resets to 1.

In Sticky Wild Free Games Multiplier Free Games features the Wilds do not collapse for two reel collapses. After two successful collapses the Wilds will explode as normal.

The Riddler Box Bonus feature is a "pick item" type feature. You have 12 boxes to choose from & clicking on a box will reveal a cash prize. You can continue clicking on boxes until you reveal 3 matching cash prizes. A new set of 12 boxes appears & clicking on a box will reveal a multiplier value. You click on boxes until you have revealed 3 matching multiplier values and then your final win is your cash prize times the multiplier value.

Batman & The Riddle Riches Slot? Test them out for free at Betfair Casino. UK players only can play at Paddy Power Casino

Not suitable for US players

Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slot.

batman mr freeze Slot

Overview: In this 5 reel slot an All-Ways feature means there are 1024 Ways to Win in the base game and 2400 Ways to Win in Batman Vs Mr. Freeze Free Games. Wins are triggered by landing 3 or more matching symbols anywhere on consecutive reels.

Batman, Mr. Freeze and Robin symbols can all appear as single symbols and also 2, 3 or 4 high stacked symbols

The Bat Wild symbol is the Wild symbol in the base game & will substitute for the other symbols (except Bonus symbol).

When you hit 3 or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels the Batman Vs Mr. Freeze Free Games mode is triggered.

These bonus symbols cannot land during a spin in which a Polar Prizes in-reel feature is triggered and also cannot land during Wild Freeze Spins feature or during Batman Vs Mr. Freeze Free Games mode.

Reels 2, 3 and 4 are split in the middle for the Polar Prize Vault. At the end of any main game spin the vault can open to reveal Polar Prizes: Multiplier Wild (Every wild symbol in the spin result gains a multiplier from 2X to 5X), Win Multiplier (multiplies wins by up to x10) , Mr. Freeze Symbol Transformation (All instances of one type of symbol in the spin result are transformed into the Mr. Freeze symbol.) and Wild Mr. Freeze Spins (Only triggers after a losing spin. The reels re-spin until a win occurs). As you can see, all four of these special prizes are useful.

Land 3, 4, and 5 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger 10, 12 or 15 Batman Vs Mr. Freeze Free Games. This mode takes part on a different screen with 2400 Ways to Win and all Wilds become Wild Multiplier symbols.

Where to play Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slot? Play for free at Betfair Casino UK players only can play w at Paddy Power Casino

Not suitable for US players

DC Super Heroes Jackpot:

All 7 Playtech Batman slots featured above come with The DC Super Heroes Jackpot which is a multi-level ( Mini, Minor, Major and Grand) progressive jackpot, linked to the DC Super Heroes series of games. The trigger that starts the Jackpot game is random and can occur after any spin in any of the linked games. Entering and playing the Jackpot game guarantees a win of one of the four jackpots.

NextGen Batman slots games

Batman Nextgen Slot
For an alternative to the Playtech Batman slot's above, you might like to try Nextgen's Batman game.

On the reels you'll find Batman, Joker, Jim Gordon, Batmobile and Batbike, Spotlight, Joker's Gun playing card and trick flower, as well as Bat tools such as the Boomerang and grappler.

This game has two special features with 'Descent into Madness' and additional Batman symbol on the 2nd 3rd and 4th reel activated when your Bonus Bet button is active.

You will win respins when Commissioner Gordon symbols appears on reel 1 and alao the Bat Signal spotlight appears on reel 5 (or vise versa). Stacked wilds appear at random during this feature and are sticky until the feature ends.

This round is shown in a new screen and is activated when 3 or more of the Bonus Logo symbols appear left to right on a winning payline. Batman must defeat the inmates of Arkham Asylum and if he does he gets to take on the Joker for a big cash reward of 100 times the triggering the bet,

Batman Gamble Game: After a win you can play a gamble game in which you pick card suit or card color to quadruple or double your win respectively. If you are successful you can gamble again or collect your winnings.

You can play this game for free at both Casino Cruise and Spinit Casino.

This game is not suitable for U.S. players.

A brief history of Batman Villains:

The Penguin

Real name: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Aliases: The Gentleman Of Crime, The King of Gotham
The Penguin is a notorious underworld crime boss with a disfigured face. Owner of the Iceberg Lounge nightclub. Weapon of choice is a customized umbrella with various gadgets hidden inside it.

The Penguin was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and made his first appearance in Detective Comics #58 in 1941.

The Joker

Real Name: unknown
Aliases: none.
Batman's most famous adversaries, Joker is a sadistic serial killer who spends much of his time in Arkham Asylum. Not much is known of the origins of the Joker although it is known that a chemical accident transformed the small time criminal Red Hood into The Joker who terrorizes Gotham City today.

Although the name Jack Napier is used in the Keaton Batman films, the Joker's real name has never been revealed in the comics,

Joker was created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane and made his first appearance in Batman #1, in 1940 a comic which have you lying around today could be worth $300k or more!

The Riddler

Real Name: Edward Nigma (AKA Edward Nashton)
Gotham City criminal mastermind The Riddler has a deep rooted need to prove himself smarter than everyone else which cause him to leave clues in the forms of riddles at his crime scenes.

The Riddler was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, and made his first appearance in Detective Comics #140 in 1948.


Real Name: Selina Kyle
Aliases: The Cat, Irena Dubrovna
Catwoman has been both a super-hero and super-villain and she maintains something of a love-hate relationship with Batman.

Catwoman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and made her debut as "the Cat" in Batman #1 in Spring 1940.

Mister Freeze

Real Name: Victor Fries
Aliases: Mister Zero.
Formerly a scientist working in the field of cryogenics, Mr Freeze suffered an accident in the lab which left him dependent on sub-zero temperatures to survive. He initially turned to crime to fund his research, over time becoming more and more dangerous as he lost touch with his humanity.

Mister Freeze was created by Bob Kane, Dave Wood and Sheldon Moldoff and made his first appearance in Batman #121 in 1959

That's it for our round up of the best Batman themed slots games. We hope you have found this overview useful. If you have any comments or questions then you can leave a comment below.

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