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When it comes to animal slot machines, there is plenty to choose from. Whether you're a dog person, a cat person, or neither, chances are there is an animal that you do like. From pets to wild animals more commonly found in a Zoo, animals found on Safari, and even dinosaurs. Slot machines have been based on just about every animal you can think of.

With that said, if you're looking for dog-themed slot machines, head over to our dog slots article.

If you're looking for cat-themed slot machines, we also have a section for them too.

In this article, we have focused on other animals.

In an attempt to cover as many different animals as possible, we have categorized them. Pet slots, Farm slots, and Safari Slots. For each category, we've picked what we think are the top 3 slot machines in each. You must remember, there are always new slots coming out all the time and they include slot machines for all kinds of themes including animals.

Top 3 Pet Animal Slot Machines

Animal Slot Machines - Chase the Cheese Slot Machine

Overview: Although not everyone's cup of tea as a pet. Mice are kept as pets by many. Chase the Cheese slot machine, as the name suggests is based on a friendly little mouse that most of the time hides in his hole in the wall. When there's a win on the reels. The little mouse pops his head out his hole and has a look at the win. The little mouse reminds us of Jerry out of the classic Tom & Jerry cartoons.

The graphics and animation on this slot machine are great. Although, with it being a Betsoft game, we wouldn't expect anything less.

The game has four reels each with four rows, so not the usual slot layout. Each position on the reel spins as if it's a separate reel on its own. When you spin the reel, it looks like there are sixteen separate reels all spinning. All starting and stopping at slightly different times to reveal the results.

There are nine paylines. However, these are not the normal nine paylines that you would expect. There are four paylines running horizontally across the reels, one per row. Then there are another four paylines that are vertical running up and down each reel. The ninth payline runs diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Chase the Cheese has a progressive jackpot. From the start, it looks like that is the only bonus feature. However, the slot has another bonus game that is not clearly mentioned in the paytable. Apart from "four Chase the Cheese icons activate the bonus round", and what a bonus round it is!

The bonus round is a platform game. Think Mario Brothers but with a little mouse. You have to jump over and onto platforms, some of which are moving. Also, you have to avoid touching the spiders that are moving up and down and the wind-up mice that are running around on the platforms. The aim is to collect as much cheese as you can. If you get hit by a spider, a wind-up mouse, or if you fall into a hole in the floor then you lose a life. You have three lives, once they are all gone you return to the reels.

This is an extremely addictive game. Once you activate the bonus round, if you're like us, you will keep playing to get back into it to play again.

Where To play Chase The Cheese Slot?

You can play Chase the Cheese slot and other free animal slot machines at Box 24 Casino. USA players can play Betsoft games at 24 VIP Casino

Not suitable for UK players

Animal Slot Machines - Birdy Bucks Slot Machine!

Overview: While we've mentioned Tom and Jerry in relation to the previous slot. Birdy Bucks also has a character in it that looks like a character out of Tom and Jerry. Hopefully from the name you've guessed correctly, the loveable pet bird, Tweety Pie! However, the animal similarities stop there. The other animals in the game is an Eagle and a Beaver.

The slot has a more normal set of reels with five reels each with three rows and twenty-five paylines. The game is created by NuWorks and has two progressive jackpots, a major progressive jackpot, and a minor progressive jackpot.

There is also a unique bonus game called the hole in one feature. In the hole in one bonus game, you get to take your best swing to see if you can hit a hole in one. How well you do in the bonus round determines how many free spins you are awarded and the multiplier on the free spins straight after the bonus round.

Where To Birdy Bucks Slot? You can play Birdy Bucks and other free animal slot machines at Slot Madness Casino.

Not suitable for U.K. players

Animal Slot Machines - Ace Ventura Pet Detective Slot

Overview: Ace Ventura Pet Detective slot machine is based on the film of the same name. The game features various animals including a Rhino, a Shark, an Elephant, a Gorilla, a Bat, a Seagull, a Dolphin, and a Monkey.

The animals within the game come into play as modifiers within the free spins bonus round. The modifiers used in the free spins round are shown in the top left-hand corner. After each free spins bonus, the modifiers in the top left corner change at random.

The game is created by Playtech and has five reels with 243 ways wins.

The Rhino is the bonus symbol that activates the free spins bonus round. Ace Ventura himself is the wild symbol that substitutes all symbols except scatter and animal modifiers.

Where to Play Ace Ventura Pet Detective Slot?

Try Ace Ventura Pet Detective slot machine and other free animal slot machines at Paddy Power Casino.

Not suitable for USA or U.K. players

Animal Slot Machines - Balloonies Farm Slot

Overview: Let's face it, Farms can be a bit smelly and a bit boring. However, Balloonies farm is the complete opposite. All the animals are made from balloons, the ones that clowns use to make all sorts of wonderful things.

In this slot, all the symbols are made from balloons. The symbols include a balloon dog, balloon sheep, balloon cow, and a balloon pig. The wild and the bonus symbol are also balloons, and so are the high-value playing card symbols.

The slot has five reels with twenty paylines. The reels on this game spin backward. Whereas, symbols on slot machines normally spin downwards, on this slot the symbols go up off the top of the reels. It is more of a clear the reels and replaces type of spin rather than spinning reels.

When there is a winning payline, the symbols making up the winning line pop and more symbols from below float up to replace them. Once that has happened, that can create a new winning payline creating multiple wins.

The bonus round is a free spins bonus round where you get to pick the number of spins and the multiplier on the free spins. The more free spins you select, the less the multipliers are. Choosing a lower number of free spins gives higher multipliers.

Where To Play Balloonies Farm Slot?

Try Balloonies Farm slot and other free animal slot machines at Mr. Green Casino.

Not suitable for USA players

Animal Slot Machines - Crazy Cow Slot

Overview: Crazy Cows slot machine, as it says in its name is a bit crazy as far as slot machines go. The game features a whole host of different farm animals including Cows, a Dog, Sheep, Chickens, a Bull, Ducks, Pigs, and Donkeys.

The bull is the wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except the bonus symbol and the scatter symbol. When the wild symbol lands on the middle reel it becomes an expanding wild.

The scatter symbol is the farm Dog symbol. The scatter symbol multiplies the win by the total bet staked and adds it to the win.

When there is a winning payline popcorn sprays out from the bottom of the reels. We've seen slot machines do this with gold coins but never something as crazy as popcorn before.

The bonus round is activated by landing three of the barn house bonus symbols on the reels. At the start of the bonus round you a cow from a selection of three cows. The cow that you pick will compete in the high jump bonus round. Then the cow climbs up onto the roof of the barn and then jumps off performing "tricks" on the way down. Landing in a small wooden paddling pool below. The bull is the judge and scores the jump. The higher the score, the higher the reward and the higher the number of free spins you win. This, like all the other slot machines mentioned on this page, is classed as a video slot machine.

The game also has a gamble feature where you get to guess the suite or color of an unturned card. Guessing correctly doubles or triples your win depending on your selection. You can keep gambling your winnings, but as soon as you guess incorrectly you will lose your winnings.

The slot is created by the popular Play-n-Go software provider and has five reels with fifteen paylines.

Where To Play Crazy Cow Slot?

Try Crazy Cow slot and other free animal slot machines at Mr. Green Casino.

Not suitable for USA players

Animal Slot Machines - Buffalo Blitz Slot

Overview: Buffalo Blitz is another Playtech powered slot machine. It has six reels with 4096 ways to win. The game features a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and up to 100 free spins bonus.

The animals that feature in this slot machine include Moose, Bear, Racoon, Lynx, and of course Buffalo.

The diamond symbol is the wild symbol. It substitutes all other symbols except the scatter symbol which is the "Free Games" symbol. The wild symbol also awards a random multiplier of x2, x3, or x5 during the free spins mode.

You can pay as little as $0.40 per spin or as much as $200 per spin.

Where To Buffalo Blitz Slot?

Try Buffalo Blitz slot machine and other free animal slot machines at Paddy Power Casino.

Not suitable for USA or U.K. players

Top 3 Wild Animal Slot Machines

Animal Slot Machines - Great Blue Slot

Overview: If you're into marine animals, this slot is for you! The Great Blue slot machines name, as you might have guessed is referring to the great blue sea. As such it features a host of sea animals including a sea turtle, starfish, seahorse, a tropical fish, a killer whale and a shark.

The game has two bonus features. The first is the gamble feature that you can enter after every win on the reels. In the gamble feature you can double your win, but if you guess wrong you will lose your win!

The second bonus feature is a pick an item bonus round. Three or more clam shells with a pearl inside activate the pick an item bonus round. You pick two out of five shells. As you pick they open up to reveal your prize which is multipliers and number of free spins. When the pick an item bonus ends, you are taken back to the reels to play the free spins won in the pick an item bonus game.

Where To Play Great Blue Slot?

Try Great Blue slot machine and other free animal slot machines at Paddy Power Casino.

Not suitable for USA or U.K. players

Animal Slot Machines - Beetle Jewels Slot

Overview: Beetle Jewels is created by iSoftBet. It has five reels with just ten paylines. The graphics of the game give it a magical/fantasy type feel. Set in a mystical forest. The reel symbols feature different bugs that each have a jewel as their body. Curiously, the Beetles remind us of the Golden Arm out of Hell Boy as they look mechanical rather than real life beetles.

There are five beetles in total, the largest of which is the scatter symbol that also acts as a wild symbol. It awards ten free spins if three or more land anywhere on the reels.

Although, the other beetles are not special symbols such as bonus, scatters, or wilds. They are special in that you only need two of them on a line to have a winning combination. All the other symbols that are high-value playing card symbols require three or more on a payline to win.

Where To Play Beetle Jewels Slot? Try Beetle Jewels slot machine and other free animal slot machines at Paddy Power Casino.

Not suitable for USA or Australian players

Animal Slot Machines - Foxin Wins Slot

Overview: Foxin Wins slot machine is one of many in the Foxin Wins line. In the line up there's Foxin Wins, Foxin Wins Again, and Foxin Wins a Very Foxin Christmas.

Foxin Wins slot is the first of the three. Although we've listed it last on this page, that doesn't mean it's not one of the best! The slot is based on a wealthy charismatic little Fox. The setting for the slot is one of the large rooms in the Foxes mansion.

Powered by NextGen Gaming. It features their Super Bet feature that increases the number of wilds for an increased bet amount. It has five reels with twenty-five paylines. On the reels, you will find a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.

There is a free spins bonus round and another bonus round that involves a cheeky little Leprechaun! But we don't want to spoil the fun, so we will let you find the Leprechaun and see what happens.

Where To Play Foxin Wins Slot?

Try Foxin Wins slot machine and other free animal slot machines at Mr. Green Casino.

Not suitable for USA or players

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