Triple Red 7s Slot

Overview: If you're looking for luck, you've come to the right game! Our free Triple Red 7s Slots game is based on one of the original common classic slots symbols, the red number 7, also called the lucky number 7. However, this is not a classic slot - it's a 5 reel slots game with 9 paylines. Triple Red 7s was actually launched in July 2017 too - the 7th month of the year!

This game features lots of different styles of number 7s: red 7s, red 7s on fire, gold 7s, red 7s with lights on, a lucky red 7 in a horse shoe, and a symbol with three red 7s on it. There are also other symbols on the reels such as the gold crown, gold bell, gold coin, and the black top hat.

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Triple Red 7s Slot - Multi Select Bonus Game

Triple Red 7s Slot Bonus Game Triple Red 7s Slot is the first game on our site to feature a multi select bonus game. The game is activated by getting 4 or more Triple 7 bonus symbols on a winning payline.

The rules of the game are pretty simple, there are 15 question mark tiles, one for each position for the symbols on the reels. Hidden behind each question mark you will find either a triple 7s symbol, a top hat, a gold coin, or an orange symbol. Each symbol has points assigned to it with the exception of the orange.

The triple 7s symbol is worth 1000 points, the Top Hat is worth 200 points, and the gold coin is worth 100 points.

Watch out! Each time you click on a position where there is an orange you come one step closer to ending the bonus round.

The aim is to try and uncover all the positions that don't have an orange. Once you get 3 oranges the bonus game ends and you return back to the reels. All points from the other symbols that you uncovered are added up to create your bonus win.

Triple Red 7s Slot - Pick an Item Bonus Game

Triple Red 7s Slot Bonus Game The pick an item bonus game has featured in many of our bonus slots games. Getting 4 or more Top Hats on a winning payline will activate the game.

In this game you get to pick one of 4 Top Hats from a shelf to reveal your bonus win. Each Top Hat has a different value randomly assigned to it at the start of the round.

Triple Red 7s Slot Machine Paytables

slot game paytable
slot paytable

Triple Red 7s Game Symbols Guide


Special Symbol Special Symbol Wild Symbol: The Red 7 with flames symbol is the game's wild symbol and substitutes for any other symbol except the scatter symbols to create a win.

 Special Wild Symbol Special Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol: Triple Red 7s has one scatter symbols which is the red 7 inside a horse shoe and the word lucky at the bottom. Getting 4 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels will activate the free spins bonus feature.

Special Symbol Special Symbol Bonus Symbol: The black top hat is a bonus symbol and will activate the pick an item bonus round when you hit 3 or more on an active playline.

Special Symbol Special Symbol Bonus symbol: The other bonus symbol, and also the highest paying symbol in the game, is the triple red 7s symbol which activates the lucky click items round. Getting five of these on an active payline pays out 5000 credits, as well as activating the bonus game.

lightbulb Lucky 7 Fun Fact: Researchers have found that when asked to PICK a number between one and ten, a significant percentage of people will choose the number seven.

joker icon When is seven an even number?
When you remove the s!

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