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Free Ancient Egypt Slot Machine

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Overview: Travel back in time to ancient Egypt and embark on a quest to discover the Gold of the Gods in this stunning 9 paylne, 5 reel slot game. Ancient Egypt Slot Machine takes you on an adventure where you encounter legendary Egyptian Gods Osiris, Horus, Anubis, Isis and Amun. All who will bring you gifts and challenges.

Get ready to do battle with Horus and enter the Temple of Aunbis where a treasure chest of gems and gold awaits but only if luck is on your side!

Complete with special Wild symbol, 3 scatter symbols, loyalty jackpot and a leaderboard, our Ancient Egypt: Gold of the Gods slot is a must play for slots fans!

Ancient Egypt slot machine is one of our exclusive HTML 5 powered mobile slots. Play on desktop or mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Android phones/tablets. No sign up or downloads required but our members can login at anytime to save their scores on the leaderboard for the chance to win a real cash prize on Fridays. See our free prizes page for all the info on how you can win cash prizes with our free to play games.

Ancient Egypt Slot Machine Youtube Video

Ancient Egypt Slot Machine by on Youtue.

Isis Goddess Game:

Ancient Egypt pick item Bonus Game

Your adventure into ancient Egypt can take its toll but when Isis she offers you the chance to boost your Stamina, Courage or Health. This bonus feature is a classic "Pick Item" style game. Simply tap one of the 3 healing potions to reveal your bonus score.

Temple of Anubis Bonus Game:

Ancient Temple of Anubis bonus Game

In this bonus game, triggered by hitting 4 or more of the Anubis scatter icon anywhere on the reels, you enter the mysterious Temple of Anubis. You will see 4 icons in front of you. 3 Icons hide a treasure chest and picking one of them will reveal your prize. But watch out as one the icons will reveal Anubis and you will not win a bonus - instead you will face his wrath!

Horus Battle game:

Horus Battle Bonus Game

In this bonus game, triggered by landing 4 or more Hourus Scatter symbols anywhereon the reels, you will see 9 icons arranged in a pyramid shape. To battle Horus you must choose icons and reveal either a "Hit" or "Miss". For each "Hit" you manage to inflict on Horus you will get bonus credits. If you reveal two "Miss" icons the battle ends and you will be returned to the reels with your winnings.

Ancient Egypt Loyalty Feature:

Ancient Egypt Ankh Loyalty Bonus Game

Ancient Egypt Loyalty Feature: Our Ancient Egypt slot game features a three level loyalty and jackpot feature. Landing 4 of the Ankh symbols on a winning payline will earn you one part of the Ankh Talisman. Collect all 3 parts and you will get the chance to play the Ankh Jackpot bonus feature. Here you will see the competed Ankh and must choose one of four glowing points on the Ankh to reveal either 250 points or the 2000 Jackpot. You have a one in four chance of winning the jackpot here.

After playing the jackpot round, your Ankh Talisman pieces are reset to zero ready for you to collect again.

Ancient Egypt Slot Machine Paytables

Ancient Egypt Paytable Ancient Egypt Paytable

Ancient Egypt Game Symbols Guide


 Special Wild Symbol Special Wild Symbol Wild Symbol Osiris is Wild. He substitutes for other symbols except the scatter.

 Special Scatter Symbol Special Scatter Symbol Bonus Scatter: Horus is Scatter. Landing 3 or more on a payline wins credits. Land 4 anywhere on the reels to trigger the Horus battle game.

special bonus symbol Special bonus Symbol Bonus Scatter: Isis is Scatter. Landing 3 or more on a payline wins credits. 4 or more anywhere on the reels triggers the Isis bonus game.

bonus symbol 2 Special Symbol Bonus Scatter: Landing 3 or more on a payline wins credits. 4 or more anywhere on the reels triggers the Temple of Anubis game.

bonus symbol 2 Special Symbol Loyalty Bonus Symbol: Land 4 or more Ankhs to win a piece of the Ankh Talisman. Collect all 3 pieces to play for the jackpot.

Ancient Egypt Fun Fact: Ancient Egypt's first king Narmer ruled in approximately 3100 BCE.

Which actress was the most popular in ancient Egypt? Pharaoh Fawcett.

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