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Reels: 3.Paylines: 5
Bonus Games: 0
Starting Credits: 2000.
Coin Value: 5 Credit.
Maximum Bet: 75 Coins

HTML 5 Game

Overview: Our Free Hot Slot machine is smoking hot. This is the first slot machine we created. It has 5 pay lines, 3 reels, and allows players to bet up to 3 coins per pay line with each coin worth 5 credits.

Having a hot slots theme really allowed us to have some fun with the symbols. we have a lot of symbols you would normally find on a slots machine such as 7's and Bars's but they are all on fire. So we have flaming 7's (which have now also been used on our 7 Reel Slots Game. A burning slot machine, a flaming Bell, and a guy with smoke coming out of his ears. The other 'hot' symbols are chilies (Green Chillies, Red Chilies, and Scotch Bonnet chilies). You see we really did think of everything.

Mobile Friendly: our exclusive Hot Slot machine now comes in both Flash and HTML 5 versions. Being a mobile slot. You can play it on your mobile devices as well as on your computer. There is nothing to install or download. Our Hot Slot machine runs right in your browser!

Both versions of the game use the same sound effects but have different graphics. The general layout of the game is the same. But just about all the images have been changed or updated. To give them a modern look and feel. Although not really noticeable, the game is also a slightly different size to make it fit mobile displays better.

Win Real Prizes: Since this game was first created. There have been many updates and improvements. The main one is not only the ability to log in and save your scores but the addition of a monthly leaderboard. The monthly leaderboard lets you see how you're doing against the other players for the month. We also use it for monthly competitions where you can win $50 free.

To maximize your win on this game, and get you to the top of the leaderboard. You should play with the maximum number of paylines (five paylines). You should also play with the maximum coin value, which is fifteen. The reason for this is like other slots games. The more paylines you have activated the greater the chances of a win. The coin value that you play with affects the amount you get paid for a win. A bigger bet means a bigger win.

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Hot Slot Machine Paytables


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Hot Slot Machine Symbols Guide


Highest Hot Slot Desktop Symbol Highest Hot Slot Mobile Symbol Highest Paying Symbol The highest paying symbol in Hot slots is the, maybe not so lucky, flaming number 7. Like many of the other symbols in the game, this symbol has been updated for the mobile version of the game.

lightbulb Hot Fun Fact: There is a type of pepper called Shishito in Japan that you can play Chillie roulette with. For the most part they are mild, however roughly 1 in 10 of them will be hot!

joker icon What do you call a nosy chili?
Jalapeno Business!

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