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Below you can see our current range of 30 payline slots. We currently have two exclusive slots for you to try. We are aiming to add more slots to these soon.

Free Comeon Slot Game
Free Domgame Slot Game

Although there are only two slots here, these two slots pack a punch. They have some excellent bonus rounds. The Comeon slot, sponsored by Comeon Casino, has a Football bonus game. In which you get to place bets on which team will win and which players will score. It also has a Texas Holdem poker bonus game as well as a high or low gamble bonus game.

Domgame slot has an Archery game for one of its bonus rounds. In this skill-based bonus round, you aim and shoot at the target, taking into account wind direction, wind strength, and strength of your shot. The other bonus round is a hidden treasure bonus round.

30 Paylines Sponsored Slots

Casinos have sponsored both of our 30 payline slots.

30 Paylines Progressive Slots

Both 30 payline slots are progressive jackpot slots. Comeon slot also has a loyalty jackpot.

30 Paylines Mobile Slots and Desktop Slots

Unfortunately, currently, our 30 payline slots are desktop-only slot machines. To play them, you need Flash installed and enabled. This requirement means they are not playable on mobile devices.

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