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Reels: 3.Paylines: 3
Bonus Games: 0
Starting Credits: 2000.
Coin Value: 50 Credits.
Maximum Bet: 300 Coins

HTML 5 Game

Overview: Welcome to Monster Slot machine. A 3 reels, 3 payline slot that's packed full of strange looking monsters and freaky critters. There are eight creatures in total, each one offering rewards. When you hit 3 of the same on a winning payline.

Our Free Monster Slot machine has a lot of 'monster' to shout about. We have made the coin values a monster 50 credits and give players a massive 2000 credits to start with. But watch out because if you bet max with all 3 pay lines activated you will be out of cash in just over 3 spins!

But if you do bet max you also stand to win a monster jackpot of 20,000 credits! Get 3 of the same monster on an activated pay line and this game pays out. All 8 of the monsters make up their own winning combination.

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We have even changed the display colours to be a gory green and red. We think this game would be great to play as a Free Halloween Slots machine and hope you enjoy it.

The Monster Slot machine is a classic style slot and is very easy to play. There is no wild, scatter, free spins or bonus features. It's a good game to play if you're new to slots.

Mobile Compatible! As with most of our other slot machines, our Monsters Slots can be played, with no need to download any apps, on your iPhone / iPad / Android phones and tablets. Both versions play exactly the same. The only difference is in the graphics with the Mobile version having a slighly different logo and control panel area.

Both games share the same leaderboard and if you login and play you can save your scores and could win real money if you're our "Lucky Player of the Week" in our Friday newsletter!

Monster Slot Machine Paytables


monster Slots Desktop Paytables Screenshot


monster Slots Desktop Paytables Screenshot

Monster Slot Machine Symbols Guide


Highest Monster Symbol Highest Monster SymbolHighest Paying Symbol The highest paying symbol on the Monster slot machine is the winged monster which pays out 20000 credits if you are betting the maximum amount.

How to Wager on Monster Slots

Monster Bet Buttons

Monster Slots Betting Buttons Under the reels, you will see a "Bet" button and a "Max" Button. Press the Bet button to cycle through the available bet amounts. For example, if you have one payline selected, you can opt to bet either 50 or 100 credits. Pressing the Max button will automatically choose the maximum bet for you, depending on how many paylines you've selected:
1 payline selected: Max Bet = 100.
2 paylines selected: Max Bet = 200.
3 paytline selected: Max Bet = 300.

Monster Paylines Buttons

Monster Slots Paylines Buttons On the right of the game, you will see the paylines options. Choose to wager on 1, 2 or 3 paylines.

The more paylines you wager on, the greater the chance of winning but the more you will risk.

Monster Fun Fact: The Loch Ness Monster was named the most famous Scot in a 2006 survey!

Why did the monster knit herself three socks?
Because she grew another foot.

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