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Free Lucky 8s Slot Machine

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Overview: Our Free Lucky 8s Slot machine was inspired by the date we launched the website (8th August 2008 or 08/08/08). A date which we later found out is considered by the Chinese to be the luckiest date of the century.

As chance would have it this was the same date the Beijing Olympic games opened. Which in turn inspired us to create our Free Sporty Slot. We released at the same time as this game.

In some ways, this game could be called similar to our game based on the number 7. Which we simply called The 7 Reel Slot (for very obvious reasons).

Every symbol in the Lucky 8s slot machine is an 8 of some description or another. Many featuring other 'lucky' images. Such as a white rabbit's foot, a horseshoe and 4 leaves clover! The top jackpot winning symbol is our moving 888 video image which is also our logo for this game.

If you do lose all your credits on this game do not worry as we have a little pleasant surprise in store for you on the 'Bust Out Screen'!

Want to play Lucky 8s on your mobile phone or tablet? You're in luck! Our Lucky 8s slot machine now comes in two versions. The original Flash version and a new and improved HTML5 version for computers/mobile devices that do support Flash. Both games play the same, and they both share the same leaderboard.

Spin to win cash! If you're a Free Slots 4U member. You can use the game's "Login" button to login and save your score on the Leaderboard. You could win a cash prize if your name is selected for the Player of the Week cash prize which can increase in value every week! See our Free Prizes for full details.

We have found a selection of 'Lucky' slots games for you that you can try out for free (or play for real money). These include Lucky Fruit 7's and Lucky Lagoon which can be played at Royal Vegas plus Lucky Eggsplorer and Lucky Shot which can be played at Casino Cruise.

Lucky8s Slot Machine Youtube Video

Lucky 8s Slot Machine by on Youtube.

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Lucky 8s Slot Machine Gamble Game

Gamble Game

The gamble bonus game is activated on every winning spin. The rules to the gamble bonus game are really simple. You simply have to predict which colour the next card is going to be either Red or Black.

Each time you predict correctly your winnings are doubled. But if you guess wrong you lose all your winning's from your winning spin. If you guess correctly 8 times in a row you will be congratulated and the gamble game will end. With all credits being added to you slot balance.

You can collect after each guess by clicking on the collect button. This will add your winnings to your balance and return you back to the main Lucky 8s game screen.

Lucky 8s Slot Machine Paytables

lucky 8s Slots Desktop Paytables Screenshot lucky 8s Slots Desktop Paytables Screenshot

Lucky 8s Slot Machine Symbols Guide


Highest Lucky 8s Symbol Highest Lucky 8s SymbolHighest Paying Symbol The highest paying symbol on the Lucky 8s slot machine is the Lucky 8s logo symbol whic pays out a lucky 888 credits.

Number 8 Fun Fact: Eight is considered a lucky number in China because it sounds very similar to the Chinese word meaning to generate wealth.

Why didn't the maths professors eat any dinner?
Because they had 8 already!

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