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Reels: 5.Paylines: 3
Features: Wild. Scatter.
Bonus Games: 1
Starting Credits: 2000.
Coin Value: 1 Credit.
Maximum Bet: 10 Coins

HTML 5 Game

Overview: The Fruit Slot machine has 5 reels and 3 paylines. It also features a unique Berry Good bonus game and a loyalty feature. There are also video symbols which move when they activate a win. Also, a negative symbol which causes losses. So you do not want the lemon symbol to appear on the reels too often.

This is so much more than a video slot. Its got a unique arcade style bonus game. It also has friendly little fruit characters that even talk to you when they land on a winning payline make it a fun game.

Mobile Friendly When it came to making this game, the bonus game was the trickiest bit. Making it also work as a mobile slot also took some doing. However, we have managed to get the bonus game working just as good as it does on a desktop. This means you can now play this game on your iPhone, iPad, or latest Android device whenever, where ever you want!

Win Prizes To make this game even sweeter. You can win real cash prizes simply by playing this game. See our free prizes page for more information on how to win!

Fruit Slot Machine Bonus Game

Fruit Slots Bonus Game The bonus game is activated by turning all 4 blue berries in the logo purple.

Berries of various sizes (red and blue) will drop from the spout at the top of the game you need to use your mouse to deflect or shoot the berries and protect your Bonus Round Logo.

The longer you can protect it the better as each berry hitting it will lower your life gauge and just for fun the berries increase in speed as time goes on.

The smaller the berry the high the points you get for hitting or blocking it, red berries are worth the most.

When the berries hit your Bonus Round logo at the bottom they knock off a bit of your life bar under the bonus round logo. Shooting a red berry will refill your life bar, enabling you to keep playing for longer and thus score more points.

Fruit Slot Machine Paytables


Fruit Slots Desktop Paytable


Fruit Slots Mobile Paytable

Fruit Slot Machine Symbols Guide


Fruit Slots Wild Symbol Fruit Slots Wild SymbolWild Symbol The Gold Star symbol is a wild symbol and substitutes any other symbol. When this symbol is part of a winning combination it bounces around on the reels, at the same time a "woohoo" or "alright" sound effect can be heard.

Fruit Slots Bonus Symbol Fruit Slots Bonus Symbol Bonus Symbol The blackcurrant symbol if you get 4 anywhere on the reels one of the blue berries in the logo will turn purple, turn all 4 purple to access the Berry Good Bonus game. When four of the berries land on the reels they jump around and say "berry good".

Fruit Slots Penalty Symbol Fruit Slots Penalty SymbolPenalty Symbol 3 or more lemon symbols in a row will remove a purple berry from the logo.

Fruit Slots Highest Paying Symbol Fruit Slots Highest Paying SymbolHighest Paying Symbol On the Fruit Slots Machine the highest paying symbol is the Orange, getting 5 of them on an active payline pays 500 points.

Fruit Fun Fact: A strawberry is not a berry, but a banana is.

What's the quickest way to make Strawberry shake?
Put them in the freezer!

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