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Here you can see all our three payline slots machines. All of which are entirely free to play, in keeping with our site. Currently, we only have 4 three payline slots. They fall into some of the best slots categories, such as pet and monster slots.

Free Fruit Slots Game
Free Lucky 8s Slot Game
Free Monster Slot Game
Free Pet Slot Game

Both our Pet Slot and Monster slot were added to the site when we launched back in August 2018. They are part of the original seven slots that started the site. However, over the years, they have had an upgrade or two!

Three paylines are not the most popular number of paylines for a slot to have. However, they can still be just as fun!

The Lucky 8's, Pet, and Monster slots machines are more like classic slots machines. They each have three reels with the paytable alongside them. Like you would find on an old classic slot in a casino or arcade.

The Fruit Slot machine, on the other hand, is a bit more of a modern slot machine. It is the newest slot in the group, launched in July 2011. The slot has five reels, a modern paytable, and features a unique skill-based bonus round that is not typical in even the most advanced slots found in a casino.

3 Payline Sponsored Slots

Unfortunately, as yet, we do not have any three payline sponsored slot machines. However, if this changes we will let you know!

3 Payline Progressive Slots

Our three payline slots are not progressive slot machines. We may create a three payline slot machine in the future, though, so watch this space!

3 Payline Mobile and Desktop Slots

All the slots started as flash slots and were all upgraded to be mobile slots. Along with the mobile upgrade, they got updated graphics too. So not only can they now work on all modern mobiles, but they look great also.

Click or tap on the game you want to play and give them a spin. Remember to let us know which one you like best and also if you have any themes you would like to see in this category.

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