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Reels: 5.Paylines: 20
Features: Wild.
Bonus Games: 1
Starting Credits: 2000.
Coin Value: 2 Credit.
Maximum Bet: 10 Coins

HTML 5 Game

Overview: Our Free Flash Cash Slot machine is our first new slot game for 2015. The theme of this slot game is wealth and the high life with fast cars, gold watches, champagne and private jets making up the symbols.

Flash Cash slot is a 5 reel slot with 2 Wild symbols and a gamble feature. After every win, you choose to collect your winnings. Or live dangerously and gamble for the chance to double or quadruple your winnings!

Mobile Flash Cash: Flash Cash has been recreated and made mobile friendly. It now works on all the latest devices from Samsung, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. You can still play it on a desktop device with Flash installed. In this scenario, you will get the option to play the desktop version or the mobile slot version. If, however, you are on a handheld mobile device that doesn't have Flash support. You will only get the option to play the mobile version of the game.

There is very little difference between the two versions. Playing one over the other doesn't give you any advantage. The background image is slightly different but other than that. There are no other changes. As Flash comes pre-installed on desktop devices and HTML5 (the technology powering the mobile slot) is included in all modern browsers, no downloads are required to play either version.

Win Real Cash Free: What's better than a free slot about cash? A free slot that you can win real cash on of course! In fact, all of our slot machines offer you the chance to win real cash prizes. There are various different ways that you can win. From your username being picked off a leaderboard as the player of the week to winning a game of the month competition. Currently, there are 7 ways to win in total.

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Flash Cash Slot Gamble Bonus Game

Flash Cash Slot Bonus Game Screenshot The gamble bonus card game is activated on every winning spin. You have a choice to click either the Collect or Gamble buttons. Click gamble if you wish to enter the gamble bonus game.

If you decide to play for the color. Choosing either red or black. Your winnings double if you guess correctly.

If you choose a suit correctly your winnings are quadrupled.

Each time you predict correctly your winnings increase (either doubled or quadrupled depending on what you predicted). But if you guess wrong you lose all your winnings!

The maximum number of correct guesses you can have in a row is 5 before you are forced to collect your winnings and return to the reels.

You can collect after each guess by clicking on the collect button, this will add your winnings to your balance and return you back to the reels.

Flash Cash Slot Machine Paytables


Flash Cash Slot Paytable Screenshot


Flash Cash Slot Paytable Screenshot

Flash Cash Slot Game Symbols Guide


Flash Cash Purse Wild SymbolFlash Cash Purse Wild Symbol Wild Symbol One of the wild symbols is the golden clutch purse, it substitutes all other symbols to make a winning combination.

Flash Cash Wild Wine Symbol Flash Cash Wild Wine Symbol Wild Symbol The other wild symbol is the champagne in a bucket of ice, this also substitutes all other symbols to make a winning combination.

Flash Cash Private Jet Highest Symbol Flash Cash Private Jet Highest SymbolHighest Paying Symbol The highest paying symbol in Flash Cash has to be the most expensive, which is the private jet. Getting 5 of these on an active payline will net you a cool 10000 credits. Probably one of the largest payouts on our slot machines.

lightbulb Fun Money Fact: Romans first made coins in a temple called Juno Moneta. From the word Moneta the words "mint" and "money" were derived.

joker icon What's round, has a head and a tail but has no legs?
A coin!

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