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Overview: Our Superhero Slot game is a free to play 5 reel, 15 payline video slot. This awesome slot sees you leading a team of three Superheroes - Wild Fire, Tornado and Quantum - who are tasked with defending the world from a trio of three supervillians - Pea Brain, Stormy and Red Rogue - who are causing chaos and only you can stop them!

Spin the reels and get ready to take part in 3 Battle Bonus games, attempt to defuse a powerful energy bomb and hope your team can deliver you plenty of Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins to help you defeat the enemy.

Our exclusive Superhero slot game is one of our HTML5 mobile friendly games so you can play on both desktop computers and on suitable mobile devices including iPads.

Hit the 'Leaderboard' button on the bottom left of the game's control panel and you will be able to login and save your scores - then check our newsletter every Friday as we give a real cash prize to one lucky player on our leaderboards every week!

Superhero Slot Machine Youtube Video

SuperHero Slot Machine by on Youtube.

Pick Item Bonus Game:

Bonus Game

This is a classic "pick item" game. One supervillain has hidden an energy bomb but which one? Select one of the supervillains and if you guess correctly you will disarm the bomb for a 500 bonus.

Battle Bonus Games:

Bonus Game

Watch out for the 3 supervillain on the reels. Landing four Pea Brain, Red Rogue or Stormy symbols to trigger their Battle Bonus games.

In the Battle Bonus games you must select and tap - or click - on the icons to land blows on your enemy. If you reveal 4 'Hits!' icons then you will win the battle but if you reveal two 'Misses!' then you will lose the battle and return to the reels.

Superhero Slot Machine Paytables

superhero  slot  paytable superhero  slot  paytable

Superhero Slot Game Symbols Guide


 Special Wild Symbol Special Wild Symbol Wild Symbol 1: Wild Fire brings Wilds to the reels. He substitutes for all other symbols scatter.

Scatter Symbol Scatter Symbol Scatter Symbol: Quantum is Scatter symbol. Land 4 anywhere on the reels to trigger the bonus game.

Special Symbol Special Symbol Free Spins Symbol: Tornado rewards with 5 free spins when you land 4 or more on the reels.

special bonus symbol special bonus symbol Bonus Symbol: 4 or more Pea Brain symbols will trigger the Pea Brain Battle Bonus Game.

special bonus symbol special bonus symbol Bonus Symbol: 4 or more Red Rogue symbols will trigger the Red Rogue Battle Bonus Game.

special bonus symbol special bonus symbol Bonus Symbol: 4 or more Stormy symbols will trigger the Stormy Battle Bonus Game

Superhero Fun Fact: Namor the Submariner was the comic book world's first flying superhero, making his debut in 1939. Superman did not fly until 1941!
Why doesn't the Flash enjoy playing slots? Because he loses his money too fast!

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