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Overview: Get ready for action and adventure with our Viking Gods slot machine. One of our most exciting slot games yet! This awesome looking 12 payline, 5 reels slot. Features Gods and Goddesses from Norse mythology. 4 bonus games, special Odin and Thor free spins features. It also has a loyalty feature that sets you on a quest to achieve 9 Viking Virtues.

On the reels, there are nine different Viking themed icons. Starting with the Gods Odin, Thor, Loki, and the Goddess Hel. Each of these special symbols brings different rewards. Such as free spins or access to one of the Viking themed bonus games. Also, on the reels, you'll find Thor's Hammer, which is the game's scatter symbol. There's also a Viking horn, Viking shields, and a Wild dragon symbol.

Odin and Thor both trigger their own free spins feature when you hit 4 or more on the reels. Odin rewards with 5 free spins plus extra points for every Odin symbol which appears on the reels during Odin's free spins. Thor rewards with 4 free spins plus extra points for every Thor symbol which appears on the reels during his free spins rounds.

Thor's arch-rival Loki, the trickster god, is a bonus symbol. If you hit 4 or more on a winning payline, you'll get to go head to head with Loki in the Loki Battle Bonus game.

Viking Gods Slot Machine Youtube Video

Viking Gods Slot Machine by on Youtube.

In Norse mythology, Hel rules over Helheim, the underworld. Hit 3 or more Goddess Hel symbols. She will transport you to the Halls of Valhalla and challenge you to make your way across a booby-trapped floor.

Last but not least, the beautiful Goddess Eir. The Norse goddess associated with healing. It is summoned by hitting 3 of the Viking Horns symbols on the reels. She will grant your desires in the form of one of 3 potions.

Are you ready to embark on your quest and take on the Viking God's challenge? Think you've got what it takes to collect all nine Viking Virtues? Then get spinning! Our Viking Gods slot machine can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. You can consult the in-game paytables for help at any time. See the details below for more info. If you log in, you can even save your scores on the paytable.

As with all our games, no sign up is required to play our Viking Gods slot machine. Plus, you can log in and save your scores on the leaderboard for the chance to win a real cash prize! For more details of how you can win money playing our exclusive slots, see our free prizes page.

Thor's Hammer Bonus Game:

Viking Gods Bonus Game

Hit 4 or more of the Thor's Hammer scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to play the Thor's Hammer Bonus game. This is a gambling game in which you must choose which chest to smash open with Thor's hammer. One chest only will reward with bonus points.

Godess Eir Bonus Game:

Viking Gods Bonus Game

Hitting 3 or more of the Viking Horn symbols will summon the Goddess Eir. This is a classic "pick item" type game on which Eir will present you with a choice of three magic potions to choose from Courage, Healing, or Stamina. The potions rewarding with a random bonus score.

Loki Battle Bonus Game:

Bonus Game

Hit 4 or more Loki symbols on the reels to trigger the Loki Battle Bonus game in which you must take on and defeat Loki. In this game, you'll see 8 Battle Icons, and you will strike Loki every time you flip over one that says "Hit!". Each successful strike you make against Loki wins you 200 points.

You'll need to be lucky in battle, though, as some of the Icons say "Miss!" when turned over. Hitting 2 of these means Loki has outwitted you in battle, and the bonus round ends. But, hopefully, you'll be able to defeat Loki in future matches!

Halls of Valhalla Game:

Bonus Game

This bonus round is triggered when you get 3 or more of the Goddess Hel symbols on a winning payline. (This game is the key to the 9 Viking Virtues loyalty feature, which is described in more detail further down this page).

When you enter the Halls of Valhalla, you will see a top-down view of the flagstone floor. Your challenge is to make it from the left of the hall to the right. To move from left to right, you simply need to pick one of the 3 flagstones in the first column, then the second, third, etc., until you make it to the ninth.

Each flagstone you tread on will reveal either a gold ring that rewards bonus points or a skeleton, which ends the bonus game, or an empty flagstone (moving you one step to the right).

Make it to the flagstone furthest on the right, without hitting a skeleton, and you will be rewarded by the Gods for your skill and courage! (See below for more details).

Viking Virtues Loyalty Feature:

Bonus Game

Each time you make it across the Halls of Valhalla, you will earn one of nine Viking Virtues (and a gold goblet!). If you can collect all nine of the Viking Virtues, the Gods will reward you with the jackpot prize: 5000 credits! (and you'll probably earn a place on the leaderboard as well!)

The nine Viking Virtues you need to collect to win the jackpot are Courage. Truth. Honour. Fidelity. Discipline. Hospitality. Self Reliance. Industriousness. Perseverance.

Viking Gods Slot Machine Symbols Guide

Special Wild Symbol Odin Free Spins Symbol: Hit 4 or more Odin symbols on the reels to win 6 free spins. Every Odin who appears anywhere on the reels during free spins rewards extra points.

SpecialSymbol Thor Free Spins Symbol: Hit 4 or more Thor symbols on the reels to win 4 free spins. Every Thor who appears anywhere on the reels during free spins mode rewards extra points.

wild Symbol Hel Bonus Symbol: Hit 3 or more of the Goddess Hel symbols to take on the Halls of Valhalla challenge and the chance to win one of nine Viking Virtues.

Special bonus Symbol Loki Bonus: Hit 4 or more of the Loki Bonus symbols to play the Loki Battle Bonus game.

Special Symbol Scatter Symbol: Thor's Hammer is the scatter symbol. Hit 4 or more anywhere on the reels to trigger the Thor's Hammer bonus round.

Special bonus Symbol Wild Symbol: The Dragon symbol is Wild and substitutes for all other symbols except scatter.

Special bonus Symbol Bonus Symbol: Hit 3 or more of the Viking Horn symbols to summon the Goddess Eir and play the pick item bonus round.

Special bonus Symbol Highest Paying Symbol: Odin and Thor are both highest paying symbols rewarding 2000 points when you get 5 or more.

Top Viking Gods Slots!

On this page, we've got what we believe are currently the best slots games featuring the Norse God Thor. This is our top 4 free Thor slots games. We also think our very own Viking God's slot is certainly worth a mention in any list of slots games featuring Thor. So we've added that at the bottom as a bonus game. Make sure you take it for a spin if you haven't already!

Note that our list of games does not feature Playtech's Thor the Mighty Avenger slot game. Because it was discontinued in 2017 (you can read more about that further below).

Free Thor Slots Machine Viking Runecraft

Overview: Next up in the free Thor slots fun with Viking Runecraft slot game. Played on a grid of 7x7 symbols, Viking Runecraft, from developers Play 'N Go. It is a stunning cascading symbols style video slot where symbols drop down in the grid to form winning combinations?

With each winning combo, the winning symbols are removed, and new ones drop in to replace them. Hopefully, triggering off more wins and more cascades. Winning combinations can be achieved by getting 5 or more symbols adjacent to each other, horizontally or vertically.

Viking Runecraft Game Modes

To make things even more exciting, a neat 'Charge of Destruction' meter increases with an ever winning combo. When the charge meter is fully charged, and there are no more combo wins, the charge is activated. Triggering a feature that impacts the layout of the symbols of the reels: Fury of Fenrir, Judgment of Jormungandr, Scorching of Surtr, Lure of Loki, and Ragnarok feature.

With the right combination of symbols, instead of the above modes, the game's Ragnarok free spins feature is triggered. Where the Charge of Destruction meter transforms into an End of the World Bonus meter. With 1 free spin is awarded. If you don't get a winning spin, then a Charge of Destruction feature is triggered (starting with Fury of Fenrir). When all 4 of the Charge of Destruction features have been triggered, then the free spins round ends.

Thor, Odin, Heimdall, and Frey appear in each of the games' four levels (standing to the right of the grid of symbols). Each of the Gods brings a different Wild feature to the reels.

Thor brings you 5 to 9 random symbols that become wild. To move up a level, you must turn a pattern of blue symbols on the grid yellow by landing combos in those spaces on the grid.

Each time you move up a level, you get the chance to play the Runes of Valhalla bonus game, which involves spinning a wheel. You'll win a bonus amount when you hit any segment of the wheel with a lit-up rune. You build your bonus up during the main game by landing winning symbols.

Odin brings 4 wild symbols in 2 pairs where the wilds in each pair are vertically next to each other.

Freya offers Wild symbols as 4 different clusters in a random position on the inner 5x5 area.

Heimdall offers you 7 wilds, 1 wild in each row of the grid.

Overall, Viking Runecraft is a fantastic game and no run of the mill slot. It's a fast-paced, exciting slot game. When you're in the mood, give this one a try. However, there's a lot to take in on this screen, you've been warned. So it's definitely worth playing in free play mode first until you've picked up the basics.

Where to play Viking Runecraft Slot? Free Slots 4U members can play Viking Runecraft for free at Spinit Casino (Not suitable for US players)

Who was Thor?

Thor is one of the most famous characters in Norse mythology and a source of inspiration for films, comics, games, and more today. He was the son of Odin and Fyorgyn. Thor was the God of sky and thunder and also a fertility god. He is perhaps most famous for his fearsome hammer known as Mjolnir. A weapon that is so powerful that it can flatten mountains!

Free Thor Slots Machine Ragnarok Slot

Overview: Developer Genesis Gaming enters our top 4 Thor slots with their 5 reels, 25 payline Ragnarok video slot!

Odin, Thor, and Freyr feature in this action-packed game that sees you collecting runes to unlock different levels and different bonus features.

During play, you will randomly collect runes that light up on the left of the screen. As you collect runes, you unlock levels and features, which helps keeps things interesting as you get to choose which way you want to play.

The longer you play, the more chance you have to unlock the levels and get the three battle bonus games. Thor vs Jor, Freyr vs Surtr, and finally Odin vs, Fenrir.

Ragnarox Slot Bonus Levels

At level one, hitting three or more of the scatters to trigger Thor vs Jor free spins feature with 10 spins each with an x2 multiplier.

Level 2 is activated when you have 15 runes under your belt. You can choose to play Thor's feature, which will give you 15 free spins and an x3 multiplier. Or opt for the Freyr vs Surtr battle bonus game in which you attempt to hit Surtr in a "pick 'em" style game.

Collect 30 runes to unlock the final level. Here Thor's feature gives you 8 free spins with x3 multiplier, and every spin will add a random wild to the reels. You can opt to play the Freyr Surtr game or Odin vs Fennir game. Which is a free spins game offering you 8 free spins with magic rune symbols.

This is a true video slot with plenty of attention-grabbing animations on the reels. In the bonus features, there's lots of cinematic music and sound FX too. All in all, Genesis Gaming has done a fantastic job with this one.

Where to play Ragnarok Slot? Free Slots 4U members can play Ragnarok with $30 free at Genesis Casino (Not suitable for US players)

Free Thor Slots Machine Thunderstruck Slot

Overview: No list of Thor games would be complete without two of Microgaming's most popular slots games of all time. Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck 2.

The original Thunderstruck is the simplest of the two games and is something of a Microgaming "Golden Oldie".

It's a 5 reel, 9 payline game starring Thor as a wild symbol. He substitutes for any other symbol combinations (except the Scatter Horn symbol). If he makes up a winning, payline then he doubles the payout.

You'll get 15 free spins when you hit 3 or more Rams symbols anywhere on the reels. During the free spins, you can land 3 or more Rams symbols again to trigger another 15 free spins.

This game features a gamble game you can opt to play after any win. It's a guess the card color/suit game. Predicting the correct color doubles your winnings. Guess the correct suit & your winnings will be quadrupled. Obviously, if you guess wrong, then you get the hammer blow of losing your latest win.

Where to play Thunderstruck Slot? Free Slots 4U members can play Thunderstruck for free at all Microgaming casinos, including Luxury Casino and Golden Tiger.

Free Thor Slots Machine Thunderstruck 2 Slot - Action-Packed Sequel!

Overview: Launched in 2010. Thunderstruck 2 slot game took the original Thunderstruck game to a whole new level and remains one of Microgaming's most successful slots to date.

This 5 reel, 243 ways to win, delivers plenty of action with Wilds and Expanding Wilds. Also, four different Bonus rounds and 4 different Free Spins rewards, Scatter, and Multipliers.

Thunderstruck 2 Bonus Games

Hit three or more of Thor's hammer, Mjollnir, anywhere on the reels, to gain entry into the Great Hall of Spins. Each entry into this feature will also bring you closer to unlocking the chambers of the other ancient gods. Who rewards with greater features and even greater rewards:

Valkyrie can deliver 10 re-triggering free spins with a generous 5x multiplier. Loki offers 15 free spins, complete with an animated burst of lightning energy if the Wild Magic feature triggers. Transforming random symbols into additional Wilds.

Odin grants 20 free spins and sends out two ravens called Huginn and Muninn, to fly into random symbols. These symbols transform into 2x and 3x Wild Multipliers or - if both ravens land together - 6x.

Thor himself delivers 25 free spins with a Rolling Reels feature and 5x multiplier.

As if that wasn't enough, this game also has a randomly triggered WildStorm award withheld Wild reels. There is also a player Paytable Achievements structure, one of the first of its kind to appear in a slots game.

This is a must-play game for anyone with an interest in slots. So if you're in the minority of slots players who have yet to try this one, give it a spin for free!

Where to play Thunderstruck 2 Slot? Free Slots 4U members can play Thunderstruck 2 slot game for free at all Microgaming casinos, including Luxury Casino and Golden Tiger.

Viking Gods Fun Fact: Vikings are also known as the Norsemen which means "People from the North".

Why don't Vikings take things seriously? They are too busy Norsing around.

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