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Free 7 Reel Slots Game

Overview: As far as we know our Free 7 Reel Slots game is the first and only 100% Free 7 Reel Slots Game available on the web.

The symbols used in this game are all 7's, really helping with the '7 Reel Slots' theme. Getting three of The 7 Reel symbol (on flash version) or three of the star 7 symbol (html5 version) will win the top jackpot of 7000 coins.

As suggested there are 2 versions of this game, the original version is Flash powered, the game has then been recreated to work on mobiles and tablets. The two versions are the same game but they feature different symbols, with the HTML5 version having a more modern look and feel.

The Flash version features a range of 7's including flag type 7's, rainbow 7's and the flaming 7's we used in our first ever slots game Hot Slots. The HTML5 version features the number 7 in different colors and styles.

7 is considered by many to be a lucky number and in slots games 7 crops up a lot. It is often a winning symbol, so it seemed only natural to create a free online slots game that is dedicated to Lucky Number 7.

It was also only right that our 7 Reel Slot game has 7 paylines and you will notice the jackpots values either contain a 7 or are a multiple of 7. The game goes for the amount you can bet on 1 payline which is 7 or 14.

Free 7 Reel Slot games are very rare. There are only three 7 reel slots games available online other than ours that we know of. Two of them (Farming Futures and Lucky Sevens both powered by WGS Technology) can be played at Liberty Slots Casino. whilst the other is called IRIS 3000, powered by Real Time Gaming is a unique game. Although it has 7 reels you have to close two of them off before each spin. If you want to play IRIS 3000 you can do so for free or real money at Slots Plus Casino.

Maximum Coins Bet: 14 coins (a value of 98 credits)

Coin Value: 7 credits (You could have guessed that already right?)

Starting Credits: 2000

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