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Free Sporty Slot Game

Overview: Our Free Sporty Slot is our slots game in honor of the Olympics and all the sportsmen and women who take part.

We could not include images of every sporting event but instead just chose 7 including, power lifting, cycling, swimming, canoeing, gymnastics (the beam to be more specific, it always impresses us how they do that), ski jump (looks like scary fun) and beach volleyball.

The second highest payout comes from our medals symbol and the top from our the games own logo symbol sporty slot which features the Olympic rings.

Part of the inspiration behind this game was that the date we launched this website was 8th August 2008 (or 08/08/08) which also happened to be the same date the Beijing Olympic games opened and according to the Chinese it was the luckiest date of the century. It was this little nugget of information that also inspired us to create our Lucky 8's Slots game which was launched on the same date as our Sporty Slot.

Note: Our free Sporty slot game now comes in two different versions with both the original Flash version, suitable for desktop computers, and a new HTML5, mobile friendly version. Both versions of the game play the same and share the same leaderboard and your computer/phone/tablet will detect which version to load.

We are amazed at just how many sports slots games are available online, there is Medal Tally and Field of Green at Slots Plus Casino, $5 Million Touchdown and Go for Gold at Liberty Slots Casino, Olympic Winners at EU Casino and Sports Night at Royal Vegas Casino!

Maximum Coins Bet: 10 coins (a value of 100 credits)

Coin Value: 10 credits

Starting Credits: 350

Gamble Bonus Game: The gamble bonus game is activated on every winning spin.

The rules to the gamble bonus game are really simple you either have to predict the color or the suit of the next card.

If you decide to play for the color (choosing either red or black) and you guess correctly your winnings are doubled.

If you choose a suit correctly your winnings are quadrupled.

Each time you predict correctly your winnings are increased (either doubled or quadrupled depending on what you predicted), but if you guess wrong you lose all your winning's from your winning spin.

If you guess correctly two times in a row you are congratulated and your winnings are added to your credits, we thought it only sporting that we did not tempt you to gamble (albeit your free credits) for too long.

You can collect after each guess by clicking on the collect button, this will add your winnings to your balance and return you back to the classic slot gamble game.

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