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Free Hot Slot Game

Overview: Our Free Hot Slots game is smoking hot, this was actually the first slots game we created and has 5 pay lines and allows players to bet up to 3 coins per pay line.

Note: our exclusive Hot Slots game now comes in both Flash and HTML 5 versions so you can play it on your mobile devices as well as on your computer. There is nothing to install or download - Hot Slots run right in your browser!

Having a hot slots theme really allowed us to have some fun with the symbols, we have had a lot of symbols you would normally find on a slots machine such as 7's and Bars's but we did everything on fire, so we have flaming 7's (which have now also been used on our 7 Reel Slots Game), a burning slot machine, a flaming Bell and a guy with smoke coming out of his ears. The other 'hot' symbols are chillis, you see we really did think of everything.

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Maximum Coins Bet: 15 coins (a value of 75 credits)

Coin Value: 5 credits

Starting Credits: 300

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