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Free Snow Ball Slots

Overview: Our Free Snow Ball Slots is a fantastic free slots game to play at any time of the year despite the winter theme. This is a 25 payline, 5 reel slots game with a fun packed snowball fight theme. There is a fantastic bonus game in Snow Ball Slots and this gets triggered when 3 or more Bonus Scatter Evil Faced Snow Ball symbols appear on the reels.

You are then able to take part in a spectacular multi-level, skill-based bonus feature with great sound effects where you get to fight evil snowmen. In the final level, you will even get to fight against the Yeti!

There are even Free Spins in Snow Ball Slots and these are triggered by the Smiling Snow Ball symbol and the Cool Snow Ball symbol (wearing shades). You could win up to 4 Free Spins with this bonus feature.

However, there is a Splat Ball symbol which can cut your winnings in half if you get 3 or more, this is a really exciting feature which really spices up the gameplay and keeps you on your toes!

Note: Our free Snowball Slot game can now be played on both desktop computers that support Flash. and also mobile devices + browsers without Flash support thanks to a new HTML 5 version. Both versions of the game look and play the same, and use the same leaderboard. Your computer/device will auto-detect which version to run and there is no need to install or download any software or apps.

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Wild Symbol: The Happy Snow Ball symbol is a wild symbol and substitutes any other symbol symbols to create a win.

Scatter Symbol: The Cool Snow Ball symbol that is wearing shades is a scatter symbol and two or more anywhere on the reels will trigger the Free Spins.

Bonus Scatter Symbol: The Evil Faced Snow Ball symbol is a bonus scatter symbol and two or more anywhere on the reels will cause the bonus feature to be activated.

Free Spins: When you get 2 or more Cool Snow Ball symbols the background color will change you get some music and sound effects. A snowball will fly across the reels and this signifies that you are now in the free spins mode. The number of free spins you win will depend on the number of Cool Snow Ball symbols that appear on the reels as listed below, it is important to note that you can win more free spins during the free spins feature itself!

2 Cool Snow Balls = 1 Free Spin

3 Cool Snow Balls = 2 Free Spins

4 Cool Snow Balls = 3 Free Spins

5 Cool Snow Balls = 4 Free Spins

Bonus Game: The bonus game is one of the best on our site. It is triggered when you get two or more Evil Faced Snow Ball symbols on an active payline. This is multi-level skill based bonus game where you get to have a snowball fight against the evil snowmen. Each level is progressively harder than the next with the climax being a snow fight against the Yeti.

The aim is to inflict as much damage as possible on your opponents while dodging the blows from their snowballs, however, you will need to be faster the higher up you get. Points are awarded accordingly.

There are great features in this bonus game such as power-ups:

H20 - This will add 5 points to your health

The Mud Ball - This brings the enemy down to half speed

The Yellow Ball - This reduces the enemies accuracy

Also, it is worth noting that the number of Evil Faced Snow Ball symbols that trigger the bonus game will determine the number of lives you get in the bonus game.

2 Evil Snow Balls = 1 Life

3 Evil Snow Balls = 2 Lives

4 Evil Snow Balls = 3 Lives

5 Evil Snow Balls = 4 Lives

Maximum Coins Bet: 125 coins (a value of 125 credits as 5 coins per payline on 25 paylines 5 x 25 = 125).

Coin Value: 1 credits

Starting Credits: 3500

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