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Free Cleopatra Slots


Reels: 5. Paylines: 25
Features: Wild. Scatter. Freespins.
Bonus Games: 1
Starting Credits: 2000.
Coin Value: 1 Credit.
Maximum Bet: 75 Coins

Flash and HTML 5 Game

Overview: Enjoy our 5 reel, 25 payline Cleopatra Slots Game. Set in ancient Egypt, our Cleopatra slot features a pyramid bonus game and free spin bonus.

On the reels you'll find Cleopatra, the Sphinx, Tutankhamun and symbols inspired by heiroglyphics including the eye of Horus. Our Cleopatra slot has a wild symbol and Scatter symbol to aid you but watch out for the Egytptian dog heiroglyphic symbol as this is an unlucky symbol which causes losses so you do not want the dog symbol to appear on the reels too often!

This is one of our video slots games so when you get a win the symbols animate and there's Egyptian themed sounds and music too!

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Cleopatra Slot Game Symbols Guide

Cleopatra Slot Wild Symbol - Cleopatra HeadWild Symbol: The Cleopatra's Head symbol is a wild symbol and substitutes any other symbol except the scatter symbols (that's the Cleopatra or Eye symbols) to create a win. When the Cleopatra's Head symbol makes up a winning combination she will smile and wink at you.

Cleopatra Slot Scatter Symbol - Hierogliphic EyeCleopatra Slot Scatter SymbolScatter Symbols: This game has two scatter symbols. The Eye is the first and will activate the pyramid bonus game when 3 or more are present on the reels. The Cleopatra is the other and when you get 3 or more it will activate free spins bonus.

Bonus Symbol: In addition to being the scatter symbols the eye and the Cleopatra symbols are also the bonus symbols.

Cleopatra Slot Special Symbol - Hieroglicphic DogOther Feature Symbols: Watch out for the dog hieroglyphic - hitting 3 or more of these on a payline results in a loss.

Cleopatra Slot Highest Paying Symbol - TutankhamunHighest Paying Symbol: Tutankhamun is the highest paying symbol. Hit 5 of these on a winning payine to win 80000 credits.

Fun Fact: Tutankhamun - or King Tut - is the most famous of the Egyptian pharaohs, his tomb having been discovered by British archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. He became pharaoh (political and religious leader) at age of nine in 1337 BC and reigned until 1328 BC.

Cleopatra Slot Bonus Game

Cleopatra Slot Bonus Game The Cleopatra bonus game is just one of the free bonuses in the playing game and is activated by getting 3 or more Eye symbols and is a Pick a Block style game. The number of blocks you will get to pick will depend on what is behind the blocks you pick.

There are 6 rows of blocks in the pyramid and you start by selecting blocks from the bottom row. Behind each block you will either find a number which is the number of credits you have won for selecting that block, a Man which will advance you up to the next row, an Eye which will show you everything on your present row (and add all those credits to your bonus total) before upping you to the next level. Or you could find a dog behind a block which will instantly end the bonus round.

As you get higher up the rows the credit amounts get higher, so pick carefully!

Fun Fact: Although Cleopatra and the Pyramids are often put together in things such as films, games, and images. The Pyramids were actually built (2630BC - 2611BC) over 2400 years before Cleopatra died (30BC).

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