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Free Monopoly Slots

Overview: Our new Free Monopoly Slots game was inspired by the financial 'excitements' of the recent times, from the great boom to the 'liquidity crisis'.

As such we have introduced some unique features into this game including our Stock Market Sky Rocket which if you get 3 or more of them on an active payline will cause your entire credit balance to be boosted by 25 percent! But beware of our Stock Market Crash symbol because getting 3 or more of them on an active payline will cause your entire credit balance to be chopped in half!

Our Monopoly slot game comes in both Flash and HTML 5 formats so it can now be played on both desktop PCs and also mobile devices including iPads. There's no need to install any software or download apps. The game detects what type of device you are playing on and will load right in your browser. If you're playing on a computer with Flash enabled you will see the Flash version, otherwise you will see the HTML 5 version.

In this game we also let you play with really big numbers, it is very easy to become a millionaire in this game but then it is also easy to lose it all! Thank goodness your just playing a game.

This game should not be confused with the Monopoly Slots Game based on the board game which can be played at Virgin Casino.

Wild Symbol: The Diamond symbol is a wild symbol and substitutes any other symbol to create a winning combination. When the Diamond symbol makes up a winning combination it rotates.

Bonus Symbol: The Light Bulb symbol is the bonus symbol and as long as you get 3 or more Light Bulbs visible on the reels at any one time, the pick an item bonus game is activated.

Bonus Game: The bonus game is activated by getting 3 or more Light Bulb symbols and is a Pick an Item style game. The number of items you will get to pick will depend on how many Light Bulbs you had on the reels to activate the game as shown below.

If you get 3 Light Bulb symbols then you can pick 1 gift boxes.

If you get 4 Light Bulb symbols then you can pick 3 gift boxes.

If you get 5 Light Bulb symbols then you can pick 5 gift boxes.

Behind each item in the game is a mystery amount which will be revealed when you click on the item, once you have clicked on all the items you are allowed to your mystery bonus amounts will be added together and added to your existing credits.

Maximum Coins Bet: 100 coins (5 coins per payline X 20 paylines = 5 x 100 credits x 20 paylines = 10,000).

Coin Value: 100 credits

Starting Credits: 25,000

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