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Free New Year Party Slots

Overview: Our Free New Year Party Slots is a New Year Party Slot we have created after the success of our Fireworks Slots game (which for a long time was the most popular slot game on the site). It appears that there are a lot of players out there who prefer a skills based bonus game. This great new game gives you bonus rounds that allow you to design one of four New Year Fireworks displays then awards point depending on how well you did, fancy a bit of pyrotechnics? A bonus round comes up after each 2500 credits wagered and of course there are scatter and wild symbols to add to the fun.

Note: Our exclusive New Year Party slot game now comes in two different formats: Flash and also HTML5 for computers/devices without Flash, so you can play it on both desktop computers and mobile devices such as iPads. Both versions of the game play the same and also share the same high scores leaderboard.

Wild Symbol: The champagne bottle with its cork about to pop symbol substitutes for any other symbol in the New Year Party slots game.

Scatter Symbols: The red starburst scatter symbol gives you free spins when two or more appear.

Bonus Games: New Year Party Slot gives you the choice after every 2500 credits wagered as to which of four locations you would like to create the New Year Party Fireworks Display for. You will be awarded credits dependent on how well you please the crowd !

The location gives you the backdrop but the size of the crowd, the difficulty rating, and the rewards change with every bonus round so choose carefully for the biggest bonus, your choice of location includes four of the best know cities in the world London, New York, Paris & Sydney.

If you choose London are your destination for the New Years Fireworks Game, you will be in charge of the fireworks at a fantastic New Years eve Party in London where you will have the houses of Parliament and Big Ben as the backdrop. The Country Special Fireworks sees fireworks being fired off Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and London Bridge, you also have the option to have fireworks launched from a speed boat which hurtles up the river Thames, and if you are lucky it will do a stunt and please up to 50% of your London Party goers!

Choose New York the city that never sleeps and your New York New Year Fireworks Display will be centered around what is probably it's most famous landmark the Statue of Liberty. With Liberty Island and the Stars and Stripes fluttering in the breeze you have a great backdrop, your task is to please the New Yorkers and give them a New Year Firework Display to remember will you choose the Jet Boat with its multiple rockets for this display or maybe it's Sweet Sixteen that floats your boat.

Paris with the river Seine, and iconic Eiffel Tower is the background for your Paris New Year Fireworks Display you just have to choose the Love Blast as at least part of you New Year Firework Display in the City of Love this amazing structure has been the focus of many new year celebrations over the decades can you top them all with your Parisian New Year Celebrations?

Sydney has possibly the world's most beautiful harbor and the Sydney Opera House forms the setting for your Sidney New Year Fireworks Display, now we all watch on the TV news each year as Sydney's display kicks off the world's New Year Fireworks celebrations but can you top the real thing. Our Aussie friends really know how to party but they will let you know if they don't approve so make sure that your Australian New Year Firework Display is up to the mark.

Free Spins: This feature is triggered by the Red Starburst symbol and comes into play when you get two or more symbols anywhere on the reels.

2 Red Starburst symbols win you 1 Free Spin.

3 Red Starburst symbols win you 3 Free Spins.

4 Red Starburst symbols win you 5 Free Spins.

5 Red Starburst symbols win you 7 Free Spins.

Maximum Coins Bet: 375 coins (a value of 375 credits 5 coins per pay line on 15 pay lines 5 x 5 x 15 = 375).

Coin Values: 5 credit

Starting Credits: 3000

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