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Free Fireworks Slot

Overview: Our Free Fireworks Slots game is one we are sure you will love and is great for Fireworks Day in the UK, our little nod to the old Gunpowder Treason and Plot time of year! Choose from Catherine wheels, cake shape fireworks, speed boat fireworks launching and even launch fireworks of the London Eye big wheel! The Pets firework which you can locate anywhere in the sky allows you to have pet shape fireworks in the sky and which pet you get is totally random but are those same cute animals that you can see in our Pet Slots Game.

Note: Our explosive Fireworks slot game now comes in two different formats: Flash for desktop browsers with Flash enabled and also HTML5 for computers/devices without Flash. Both versions play the same and your computer/phone/tablet wil detect which version it needs to run.

Although our fireworks slot game is 100% unique we have found a nice game that features a fireworks video intro. It is called Lady Luck and has a great loyalty diamond collecting feature, stunning graphics, and a $120,000 jackpot! It can be played at EU Casino for fun (free) or for real money, although it is not available for players from the USA. Canadian players are welcome. If it is the skill or multi levels aspect of this game that you enjoy then you may like playing Cosmic Quest and Cosmic Quest 2 which are islots available at SlotoCash Casino that have some great skill based space rocket bonus games.

Wild Symbol: The red exploding firework symbol is a wild symbol and substitutes any other symbol except the scatter symbols to create a win.

Bonus Symbol: The Catherine Wheel symbol is a type of scatter symbol and as long as you get 2 or more Catherine Wheels visible on the reels at any one time the Free spins feature is activated.

Free Spins: When you get 2 or more Catherine Wheels scatter in any position on the reels. You will be rewarded with an over the reels fireworks display. The background color will change to a dark red and you will hear fireworks whizzing by (even when you're not spinning) and see fireworks going off around the reels. All of this along with the message in the message bar let you know that you have entered the free spins mode. During the free spins mode, your winnings will be added to your total but you will not be using any credits, you will notice the spinning sound changes to a whistling style fireworks sound too whilst spinning.

Fireworks Display Fund: In the top right-hand corner of the game you can view your fireworks display fund. This fund is what you spend during the build your own fireworks display bonus game detailed below. More credits are added to your fireworks display fund as follows;

1. Every time you spin the reels and do not make a winning combination 20 credits are added to your fireworks display fund. This means every losing spin wins, neat eh?

2. Every time the Fireworks Fund +10 symbol is displayed in any position on the reels 10 credits is added to your fireworks fund.

Build You own Fireworks Display Bonus Game: This is (in our opinion) our best bonus game yet and one of the best bonus games you will find on any online slots machine. As you can see we have based our game in London and you are looking across the River Thames with a perfect view of the London Eye.

Here is how it all works.

The objective of the game is to please the fans, the first time you play the game you only have to please 10 fans, but once you have achieved that the next time you play the number of fans you need to please are doubled.

If you please all the fans you will win a bigger bonus that if you do not please all the fans. For each fan you please you will earn 3 credits onto you slots playing fund. The sound effects are rewarding too as the crowd will cheer when they are happy and boo you when you fail to please them all.

To create a fireworks display you hover your mouse over the fireworks and you are shown information about the firework including how many fans it will please and the cost (which is deducted from your fireworks fund. Select the fireworks you want by clicking on them, this will make the firework appear on the timeline (a fuse). You can then move the firework on the fuse around to determine at what stage in the display it will be triggered, you then need to locate the duplicate of that firework on the ground to show the point where you want it to be fired from.

You repeat this until you are happy you have planned your fireworks display and then you click on the start show button and sit back and enjoy the fireworks display you have created.

The both the Pets firework and the Cake firework can be located in the sky as you are choosing the location they will display.

Most of the fireworks are bought using funds from your fireworks fund but some have to be won. This is done by playing the slots game, for example when the two or more speed boat symbols appear on the reels on an active payline you will win 1 more speed boat display.

Some of the symbols also show a % chance to please all. For example, when you hover the mouse over the 'The Eye' Firework you will notice that it reads,'10% Chance to please all.'. This means that when you use that firework there is a 10% chance that all of your fans watching will be pleased. If they are you will see a green exclamation mark appear along with the words 'please all' at the top center of the screen. This chance to please all feature means that even when your fireworks display fund is low yet the number of fans you need to please is high you still have a chance to please all your fans and win a bigger bonus.

Maximum Coins Bet: 75 coins (a value of 375 credits)

Coin Value: 5 credits

Starting Credits: 1875

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